The AI-Powered Art Contest Gallery and Winners (Everybody's a Winner!)

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The AI-Powered Art Contest got some really nice entries, but unfortunately there were some serious technical problems that surely precluded many people from participating properly. The AI-powered tool that people had to use in order to create their entires turned out buggier and more unreliable than expected. There were people who mentioned not participating because of that in the comments, but I'm sure that there were many others who tried the tool, saw that it's not working very well for them and just abandoned it. I'd like to apologize to anybody that wanted to participate but just could get the buggy web-tool to work for them.


Still, the contest managed to get 6 awesome entries and a few more interesting pieces of AI-assited artwork that did not constitute a full entry for one reason or another. Since there are only six contestants and since getting an entry in was such a challenge, I decided that I'm not going to pick only half of them to win something. Instead I decided that I'm going to distribute the reward pool of 60% of the SBDs generated by this post evenly among them.


This means 1.329 SBD each and the winnings have already been paid out!


But this should not stop you from checking out their awesome entires:

@kaliyuga - Entry


@ecoinstant - Entry (Warning: post contains super funny commentary!)


@rabihfarhat - Entry


@sumdumphok - Entry


@fatimamortada - Entry


@tpkidkai - Entry


Thank you for your entries once more!


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