March Madness Tourney Bracket-- 15 SBD Prize

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 March Madness is here and it is time to start filling out those brackets! 

@rawdawg is sponsoring a March Madness Bracket Pool-- 15 SBD Winner take all. 

This contest will be hosted on the site. 

 Get in the action now HERE !!! 

Group: Losers of Steemit 

Password: Blackhawks  

  • Group Name: Losers of Steemit
  • Group Motto: "Rape The Reward Pool"
  • Group Entries Per User: 1
  • Group Password: Blackhawks
  • Upvote and comment on this post with your bracket name. **Be sure to name your bracket**

**15 SBD rewards will be paid to 1 winner at the end of the March Madness Tourney**

If you would consider re-steeming it would be appreciated. 

Have Fun and Good luck!!!!

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Should of went with my gut. Kentucky going to make a run to the final 4!!


We’ll see. . :) :)


Great tournament though! Always is.

Joined and entry is boatsports90
Pumped for all of the madness! Thanks for organizing/offering a generous prize!


You too man!



YOur the man to beat!! lol


It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early lol


HAHAHAHA Great tournament so far!!! The best tourny in sports by far!

Im in Amos Eighteleven, Thanks for having these!

Im in my bracket name is simple its kingbum

Greer184. Looking forward to losing.


Good luck!

My Bracket is called B Ball Sucks
Screenshot-2018-3-14 ESPN Tournament Challenge.png

I'm in brother bracket name is Hendrix22


Congrats on taking down the win! I am doing the congratulations post now and will be sending your 15 SBD shortly! Awesome job!

I'm in there. Look for the bracket with all the losers. lol

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
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ResteemBot's Maker is Looking for Work

Thanks For Organizing. Let The Madness Begin!!!


Did you submit a bracket? If so, I will need the name. Thanks.


Hey! I did submit a bracket. It is under my handle name toddcast.


Heres my March Madness 2018 Podcast. Looking forward to tomorrow


Good luck!

Heck yes! Joining tonight, thanks for hosting!


Hoodish has entered

Good luck with your contest.

I'm trying to get established on Steemit and have since launched a free march madness pool with $500 worth of bitcoin for top 3 finishers. See my post here:

Username: RexlitoNCAAnoob

Bracket: Only Watches the Draft


I cant log in!!

Alright My brackett name is jonyoudyer. Hope kentucky wins it though!!

@GoldKey in the Game, with
Bracket: GoldKeyCoolPool
User: GoldKey

I'm in! You da man @rawdawg

B's Bodacious Bracket all set up and ready to CRUSH!!!

Celsius100 in there dawg!