We draw the letters M contest

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Ciao a tutti

We draw the letters M contest

Another contest, a new alphabetical contest .... this time we are at the letter M.
I think it's a really fun letter to create and you can really do a thousand combinations and really a lot of style ... a very versatile letter!
I'm curious how you will be able to work out this drawing ....

Below I leave you my drawing of the letter M

Below I leave you my drawing of the letter M, with the link, so if you like you can see its various steps to achieve it ..




The rules for participating:

The competition consists in designing the letter M in any style with any artistic form, creating a post with the various steps of design ... I ask you a minimum of commitment

You must do the resteem of this post and create a post by citing the contest, so other people will be invited to participate

Leave your link below and design in the comments ..

One design for user, no double accounts ...


*Le regole per partecipare:

-Il concorso consiste nel progettare la lettera M in qualsiasi stile con qualsiasi forma artistica, creando un post con i vari passaggi del design ... Ti chiedo un minimo di impegno-

Si deve fare il resteem di questo post e creare un post citando il concorso, così anche le altre persone saranno invitate a partecipare

-Lascia il tuo link qui sotto e Il disegno nei commenti ..

Un solo disegno per utente , no doppi account...


1 prize: 3 STEEM

2 prize: 2 STEEM

3 prizes: 1 STEEM


The contest ends-

Contest offered by


Hi Ran Man
I just wanted to drop you a line. I like your contest.
The last 2 weeks I have made an attempt at doing an entry post, I just haven't quite managed to get the job completed, but I wanted you to know that within the context of my week, your art task has contributed to my reengagement with creativity, and has influenced the quality of my existence as a result.
Perhaps it is difficult for most people to imagine drawing a letter would be so monumental, but I have been kinda unwell. I told myself if I was able to return to any kind of creative pursuit I would be content with my circumstance. I like that your contest presents an inclusiveness, its potental simplicity and how far the participant takes the task is up to them. Your style of post is welcoming to all too. So I drew an L, in the process I did some learning about celtic lettering, I had a look at, The book of kells which is amazing. I did the L drawing with my son which was nice, he is 5 and likes a show, The lion guard. He drew the L from the logo for the show, he is obsessed with it.
The M contest helped me find words again somehow, I wrote verse as well, comprised mostly of M words...
Maybe I'll post them at some point, or join in soon.
I have forwarded 6 steem to you to sponsorship the future contest., and to say thanks.

Hi, you have been very kind ...
It would be nice to see the results of your drawings and if I managed to get you back to artistic activity, I'm really happy:
I thought that if you want I can offer you a drawing of mine with your child's name, or your name ... I'm not very good at writing, but your message really struck me so much ... thank you :))))) :P

I'll wait for the next contests

Sorry for late reply, I am not a very predictable steemer... person. Sorry to see that you have stopped your contest, I hope you are doing ok.
I like your work, I hope you keep posting. If you are in a space that lends itself to creating a tag for my boy, his steemit name is @littleblue.
No worries though, all good, take care.

Here is the drawing


spero ti possa piacere...

un saluto :P

This is amazing, my husband is printing it off at work for him today. He has a ninja turtle wall sticker they just put up, it is going next to it,
thank you xxxxxxxxx

Of course, as soon as I can I create the drawing .... with great pleasure ...... I send it to you under one of your posts ..... :)

Hey @ran.koree
Thank you for your contribution to the crowd. We are the Steem community project dedicated to empowering The Wisdom of Crowds. You can find more about us on our official website or whitepaper and you can support us by voting for our witness and joining our curation trail on Steemauto . We are also inviting you to join Crowdmind Discord server. Don't forget to use the #crowdmind hashtag and happy crowdsourcing!

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