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As a token of my appreciation to the fellow Steemians that helped me fight my way to RANK 50

i would like to just do a small giveaway of 10 Steem Monster booster packs for a thanks to all of you that helped me get here! if you are unfamiliar with Steem monsters, i would urge you to go check them out here SteemMonsters and go check out their Steemit Page for updates on the project HERE

Here are the Rules!

  • Make sure you have logged in Steem Monsters, otherwise you won’t be able to receive the cards.
  • Upvote and Resteem this post
  • Comment on the post with your favorite Steem Monster when you're done!


When this post hits its 5 day mark, i will randomly select one Steemian to receive 10 Booster packs that has my favorite comment with a nice picture of their favorite SteemMonster!


Right now, my favorite card has to be REXXIE!!!


Once again! thank you guys so much for helping me hit this milestone, and i hope to see you on the Steem Monster battlefield soon!

(photos were taken from


Hola @procaptainjoe! First off, congrats on reaching reputation 50 and cheers for this opportunity.

As for my favorite card it's Selenia Sky, not only was she my first legendary but, she was also my second legendary. Also, just look at her dude, she looks gracious af! Plus it's already been revealed she gon be an all around badass! So yeah, Selenia it is for me. P.S: she also seems to have a thing for me, so I'm positive one of these days I'll be pulling the gold foil! ;)

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entree accepted! thanks for your comment! oh man do i hope you open the gold foil Selenia!!! if i could be the one to give that to you it would be even better!!!

Hehehehe yeah, that sure would be dope as hell :)

My favourite card is the Cerberus. Mean looking beast with scary, crazy eyes that looks like it just smoked a joint!

Only thing better than a mean looking beast with scary, crazy eye's, is a three headed mean looking beast with scary, crazy eye's that looks like it just smoked a joint!


Congrats and thanks for the contest!

haha thanks and entree accepted! hahaha looks like he just smoked a joint. he does look mean as hell! im happy i have a gold card of him! im lucky i guess!! thanks for your submission!

i love orcs and i choose orcs

entree accepted! are you a big fan of the lord of the rings?!?! im a big fan of orcs too! hahah im excited to see who wins!!!

yes i love that movie too i see all the chapter on that movie lord of the rings....yeah will hope we win ha ha h thank you @procaptainjoe god bless.

Upvoted and resteemed.
My favorite card is the Elemental Phoenix.

entree accepted!! wow i wish i had an elemental phoenix! they are freaking badass.... i hope you have one! and hey, if you win the packs and you get one that will be one of the coolest things i have ever seen!

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 18.04.38.png

Today I would pick the Air Elemental as my favourite! Haha - there are so many cards and I honestly DO love the Rexxie as well! But gosh, this thing is beautiful, I have a hard time imagining how it would look like if it could exist in our world :')

Good luck on your giveaway!

entree accepted! thanks for your comment. Yeah that air elemental is pretty cool, hopefully just be able to blow over all of the other cards and call it a day right? and thanks, im excited to see who wins, hopefully someone gets a pretty badass card somewhere!

Silvershield Paladin

entree accepted! thanks for your comment! i love all of the human "factor" cards! they are all awesome!

I can't wait to try this game out. Right now this is just based on the artwork and names for me so it might change once we see what each card can do. But I am going to go with my first Epic gift that really got me into plans to play this game.
Swamp Thing

entree accepted! thanks for your comment. yeah the swamp think is pretty awesome, just full of muck and stuff! maybe he will have a skill that lets him dodge attacks because he can just shrink down! and congrats on your first epic! im excited to see who wins!

👹Awe! thats so awesome of you @procaptainjoe ! Wow it would be awesome to win some booster packs , im still searching for that ever elusive Gold Legendary! Upped , resteemed, and followed!
🐲 I Choose: Selenia Sky Legendary For these exact reasons explained here in the Gameplay Machanics Post by @steemmonsters !
🐉"Selenia Sky the only currently known Gloridrax (Dragon) Summoner, can summon Gloridrax Monsters as well as Monsters from any other Splinter currently known. However, Monsters from the other Splinters will not fight on the same Team as Monsters from a different Splinter, except for the Gloridrax. That means that a Team with Selenia Sky as the Summoner may contain a combination of Gloridrax Monsters as well as Monsters from exactly one of the other Splinters."
👹😃 I am lucky and happy to own just one of these awesome summoners, lol!
Selenia Sky.png

entree accepted! thanks for your comment. its nice to get a nice thoughtful comment every once in a while, and who knows, maybe you'll be the lucky one! Gosh if you get that gold Selenia im gunna be so pumped for you!!! i know a lot of people want her, and lets hope someone gets her! thanks for the follow, i followed back and im excited to add some nice value and comments to the hard work you put into your posts! thank you!

Awe thanks for such a kind reply, the follow and upvote, its much appreciated! Hahaha , my fingers are always crossed for Her or even any Gold Legendary @procaptainjoe ! Best of luck to you as well, Hope you find Legendary gold some day!👹👺👿👾💁💕👍

hahaha i could only hope! for both of our sakes!

We must pray to the Steem Monster God's if there is such a thing lol😂👍🙏🙏🙏

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@karenmckersie, I just wanted to say that your replies, (such as this one here), are such an inspiration to me. Your style, with your set of custom personalised images, is something that I aspire to. I can see that you have put a lot of effort into developing your personal brand here on Steem, and I am so inspired by what you do. I hope, over the coming months, that you might see some of your influence shining through in my own posts and replies, as I try to emulate your style, but with my own twist to it. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

Awe ! Such an awesome comment @trisquelwhare , wow! Thank you very much I will follow you now, although I rarely check my feed I follow soooo many people now and im so busy! I wish you all the best on Steemit and in life! keep up the great work and you will go far!😄💕💕💕✌👍👌

Resteemed and upvoted. My favorite is the Fire Demon.

entree accepted! Yeah i like the fire demon! the graphics are all so cool for all of them!


Hey there @procaptainjoe, congratulations on achieving Reputation 50. I'm not too far behind you there, and I hope to achieve it myself by the time that I manage to pay off the automatic delegation from Steem Inc. through my post creation and curation rewards.

Thanks for this awesome competition, it is such a cool way to be celebrating your achievement here. My favourite #steemmonsters character is the Gloridrax Summoner, Selenia Sky. She is arguably the most powerful character in the game at present, and with the release of the gameplay details, she will be a very valuable addition to any team.

thanks for your entree and accepted!!Im excited for you to get to 50! we are gunna have a party when you get there also! so pumped for you. and yes!!! i have been blessed with TWO of these legendary cards!! i hope that you get chosen and you get one! ill be assigning a number with everyone that is accepted into the contest and put them into a random number generator to find the winner!

Thank you! I hope I win too, haha. I've already started preparing my celebration post for when I finally pay off the initial Steem Inc. delegation.

The hellhound Cerberus has to rank up in my top 3. How can you not love this guy?

thanks! entree accepted! I actually have two of these Gold cards! im excited about that! how are you doing? i feel like i haven't talked to you in ages in steem some reason! thanks for the comment, and love that card!

Congrats on reaching rank 50. I wanted to check what I was, and it turns out I'm rank 50 too!!! Wow.

I'm trying to sell some cards to get some steem, but they're only commons so they're not worth much and nobody is buying them. :/
As a result I have a grand total of less than .5 liquid steem XD.

Nevertheless, my favorite card is the gold divine healer. Mostly because it's the first (and only) gold foil card I've gotten.

PS: The main thing I do on the blockchain is stream, but Overwatch is frustrating and unbalanced and all the other games are boring, so I'm trying to get card packs so I can stream something that I won't get mad at :P

Hey there @buddyboyb, congratulations to you as well, on reaching Reputation 50. I'm currently at 47.1 but getting up there swiftly, thanks to a lot of input from the community here.

you'll get there! just give it some time. Im just excited i feel like i hit a new point in steem, hopefully im there when you reach 50! following to track your progress haha

Thanks for the follow! I hope that I can make it to Rep 50 before I've been on here for 100 days. That would be cool.

wow you whooped my ass in time! good for you man!

I'm at day 104, I don't know when I hit 50, but it had to be close to that.
Also, @trisquelwhare, I upvoted you to (minimally) raise your rep :D

Thank you for that, @buddyboyb. Not sure why I didn't get a notification of that mention. I normally get them, as I use SteemPeak, Steemworld, and GINAbot, so one or the other of them should notify me.

Maybe because it wasn't a direct reply to your comment

thanks for your comment! my first gold card was the saber shark! thanks for your comment! dont forget to resteem and your contest entree is accepted! congrats to you on 50 also i guess!! exciting stuff isn't it! Maybe you'll even be the only one to comment then the packs are yours!

Haha, silly me. I did forget to resteem :P
There, it's done now

awesome! i am excited to see who wins!

congratulation on your 50 hits! I really expect to start steem monster game! I also love REXXIE.

awesome! entree accepted! haha dont you just love the graphics for him? its so badass.. i need to buy a gold foil rexxie before they get to expensive!!! thanks for your comment!

entree accepted!!! thank you for that! Spirit of the forest! thats a new one. around here we have usually been getting dragons and the divine healer, but spirit of the forest is new! thanks for the comment and i look foreword to seeing who the winner is!


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Elemental Phoenix.png

I love Elemental Phoenix... the ability to be reborn from ashes is the coolest.

ENTREE ACCEPTED! and right? isn't it the best that you can see all the abilities now? it was so difficult to just use your imagination to see oh what card is gunna be the best with the best attacks idk!

My favourite card is Malric Inferno because it was my first gold and my first summoner

Entree accepted! thanks for the comment! dang yeah that guy looks badass, i wonder what his abilities are going to be since he is a summoner. Probably just a ton of fireballs! hahaha

Nice man! Congrats on the Lvl 50. Cool contest, looks like you are getting lots of entries!

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Thanks dude! im enjoying all the comments and interactions.

I love this letter, it seems to me that it has very good characteristics and visually it is imposing.

entree accepted! hahah the LORD of darkness! freaking scary one hahahaha thanks for the comment!!

Congratulations on your milestone, @procaptainjoe. Keep steeming and stay awesome.

My favorite Steemmonsters card is the Mischievous Mermaid, for obvious reasons, we both have mermaids in our names. LOL . Also, I got it from my booster pack, the very first one. It was awesome because I know it's kinda rare for people to get Epic cards in the packs and I got 2 of them, the other one is the Naga Warrior. Thanks for this game, it gets me excited for the winner.


Entree accepted! thank you so much for your comment, and hahaha im not sure if i even have one of those!! what do you think some of her attacks will be? just crushing everyone with that crazy fin tail?!?!

favorite monster is Magi of the Forest

entree accepted! yeah that ones pretty awesome! im excited to see who is going to win! thanks for your submission!

@procaptainjoe my Favorite SteemMonster is my Legendary................

entree accepted! thanks for posting a picture of it also! The elemental phoenix would be so cool to have a golden foil of. gosh i would hold onto it forever! thanks for your comment!!!

Thank you for your awesomeness!! Monsters Packs are the craziest thing here in Steemit. I am not yet an addict, but if ever I will win some, I might be who knows. Hahahaha..

But nonetheless, here I am taking my chances! So here are my favorites.. Actually these are all that I have! Hahaha but Im loving it! Atleast I have 3 cards on hand.. not a bad start eh.. and one was given to me as a gift by my sissy @twodorks!

Animated Corpse.png

  • yep! Zombies are good soldiers! I bet he will be great in the tournament just like plants and zombies.. hahahaha OMG! I dont know what I am talking about... do forgive me, i am lost in between worlds.. 🤣😂😨

  • but i am hoping that he will level up at some point and have some powers that could be handy..

Well I do hope this is accepted! Hahaha.. Actually I am enjoying the hang of it.. I cant buy yet the Monster Starter kit, I need to earn more steem to get one..

Goodluck to all Monster addicts!!

entree accepted! of you and your sister! how badass, i wish i had a sibling that i could steem with hahaha thats so awesome. and hell yeah! do you think they should make the zombie a summoner, and then there could be a resurrection spell to bring one fallen friend back to life maybe with a little bit less health? haha if you are the lucky one you may have to share with your sister unfortunately!!! following y'all because im gunna have to battle you once you get some cards and an army of corpses!

Thank you!! Hahaha thats what sisters are for, constantly backing up each other..

I was hoping for that! 🤣😂 who knows what a Zombie can do. There maybe secret spells to unlock..

And I dont mind sharing! Or she can have it hahaha.. hopefully we do win it!

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Oh goodness!!! I have been sleeping for so long!! Thank u sister @maquemali for tagging me & you should login in steem monsters you might just win some cards & that could be the start, you’ll see you’ll be addicted just like me 👅

@procaptainjoe hey congrats in reaching rank 50!

My favorite in my collection of monster is:


I like dragons 🐉
If I’ll have all the dragons that would be amazing!

So far I don’t own any gold foil. But who knows if I win I just might! Yikes! 🤣

And my ultimate favorite is “Angel of light”, gosh she’s like a goddess! I don’t have her yet ☹️ Still trying to get her...


Do you like my selection? 🤪

This comment was made from

This comment was made from

entree accepted!!! I LOVE all the dragons, and luckily one of my last picks i actually got the legendary angel of light! and no gold legendary for me either! thanks for the comment and im so excited to see who the winner is gunna be!

My favorite one is Divine Healer :)

enteee accepted! i see a lot of people liking the divine healer!! why is that? thanks for your comment! i look foreword to seeing who wins!!!

thanks for your comment! and entree accepted! your favorite card is the divine healer? i love it! little old lady, about to bash dragons heads in!!!! thats what its all about!

entree accepted! Yeah the enchantress of the night is pretty awesome. lets hope she doesn't just dissolve like in the wizard of oz to any water monster!! thanks for the comment, i look foreword to seeing who wins!

My favourite steem monster is @doomsdaychassis, lord of !pancakes

hahaha whats your actual favorite Monster! i would still love to know! but entree accepted, thank you! i hope you didn't cause my friend @doomsdaychassis to much trouble!

@doomsdaychassis is the only steem monster I know XD

lol, I tried giving him a card. he sent it back.

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Lol. I got max downvoted by some whale d bag for the pancakes on the slaughterhouse post. It took way longer than I thought it would. I will probably bump it back up later today. :)

Awwwww thanks :)

My favorite has to be Zintar Mortalis for being a summoner with the ability to both reduce speed and melee attacks.

entree accepted! thanks for your comment! any other reasons its medusa! what abilities do you think she will have?!

Maybe snake bite🐍

I like the look of Feral Spirit. Screenshot_20180829-232651~2.png

ENTREE ACCEPTED! and yeah ill admit the feral spirit is pretty awesome..... fantastic choice!!

I like rexxie too!!!!

Can you give away cards once you've opened them? Or only sell them?

ahh yeah you're right, thanks! ooo maybe I should make an official entry. Like with a picture and longer explanation and everything (although the reason I like rexxie is kinda lame lol)

you dont have to admit you only like rexxie because he is my favorite.... hahaha jk! its up to you! anyone is welcome and im super excited to see who wins!

I will say that my favorite monster is my Gold Elemental Phoenix.
Mainly because I just got him and he's worth crazy money and I'm trying to decide to hang on to him or not.

post accepted! and no way!!!!! congratulations on getting one! thats so awesome! i hope you get another!

oooo congrats!!!!


dont forget to resteem and your entree will be accepted!! the spineback turtle is crazy! Do you think he will be more of a tank when all the stats come out? i think so. thanks for your comment!

Turtle is crazy, I like it.

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entree accepted! thanks buddy! i cant wait to see who wins!

my favorite card by far!! is twisted the first moment i saw that card i fell in love with it...
....when i read the story of twisted jester it was magic!!!!...upvote and resteem!!!

Twisted Jester.png

Entree accepted! Thanks for your comment end exploration why. Yeah the twisted jester reminds me a lot of a character in a video game I used to play.. His name was shaco. So badass! He is pretty cool isn't he!!

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My favorite card is the frost giant i couldnt figure out to screen shot the card??

I want this very badly 😍😍😍😍😍

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then enter to win!

Spineback Wolf.png
My favorite card is the spineback wolf...

thanks for your input! just resteem and entree accepted! that wolf looks freaking badass too, im a big fan!

@twodorks you might want to check this out.. i know how addicted you are to this monsters!! Hahaha

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haha hey, if you guys both do it more of an opportunity for you to give her the cards! i may be quite obsessed myself but whatever :P

Oh really is that allowed??! Haha i have no idea how to play these monsters! ill head over and register now because you said so..hahaha

This comment was made from

yeah if i send them to you because you win you can always send them straight to her! sending packs everywhere!

This is the coolest!! I have entered... 😊😍

This comment was made from

Oh goodness!!! I have been sleeping for so long!! Thank u sister @maquemali for tagging me & you should login in steem monsters you might just win some cards & that could be the start, you’ll see you’ll be addicted just like me 👅

@procaptainjoe hey congrats in reaching rank 50!

My favorite in my collection of monster is:


I like dragons 🐉
If I’ll have all the dragons that would be amazing!

So far I don’t own any gold foil. But who knows if I win I just might! Yikes! 🤣

And my ultimate favorite is “Angel of light”, gosh she’s like a goddess! I don’t have her yet ☹️ Still trying to get her...


Do you like my selection? 🤪

This comment was made from

My favorite @steemmonster is The gold foil legendary dragon because I received one yesterday in the only booster pack that I have purchased thus far.

Very nice of you! My favorite card I have is


Not sure why, just looks cool I guess!!

Congrats @procaptainjoe on clawing your way to 50.

One of my favorite things to witness on Steemit is when people pay it forward. I love that there seems to be more nice people on this platform than there are in real life. Nice people rock in my book.

Thanks for hosting this contest. You will make one Steemian very happy. All the best on the battle field.

My favorite monster is the Skeleton Assassin.

Entree accepted! And Thankyou very much for your comment, means alot! And yeah I'm so excited to give out the 10 packs at the end of the day! I know most people are on a completely different time zone, so one person is gunna wake up with a nice surprise! I'll be posting who won soon, and who knows maybe it'll be you, but I really appreciate your comment and hey, I hope you like my content enough to follow it also! I'm looking for the active followers to interact with and have a conversation with. The active steem family!

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I love good content, and I too am looking to add some quality folks to my Steemit circle to share and grow together. My mellofello account is mainly dedicated to contests, but my group account beeyou is my content account. My teammate on our beeyou account is very active and particular about promoting quality content.

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