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AND THE WINNER OF THE 10 @steemmonsters PACKS

Screen Shot 20180902 at 8.18.19 PM.png

Drum roll please!!!

drum roll

Screen Shot 20180902 at 8.17.01 PM.png

Thankyou for your entry and CONGRATULATIONS!

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 8.38.46 PM.png

PLEASE make sure to comment back on this post with the cards you got! i would love to know!

To all you other Steemians out there that entered

thank you so much for participating. Im so thankful i got to hangout with you guys for the 5 days it took, and comment and get to know each one of you!

I hope to keep in touch with each one of you guys and gals!

gif 2

How i determined the winner incase y'all were curious! i hand entered each one of the accepted entrees and clicked the button! (if you're curious where your name is, the list there scrolls up and down! Dont worry, i didn't miss anyones name!
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Congratulations @stever82, and thanks for this contest @procaptainjoe. I'm still a way off from achieving that 50 Reputation score that this contest was a celebration of for you, but I'm still hoping to make it within my first 100 days on the Steem blockchain. I'm pretty sure that I will at least have paid off the initial delegation from Steem Inc. by then, anyway.

stay active man! you'll freaking get there!! i love commenting back and forth with you you're awesome nice and intentional! you'll make it in no time!

Speaking of staying active, and of your very kind encouragement here, I just received an @archdruid Curie for one of my SteemMonsters posts! I'm so stoked right now! 😍

Thank you for that encouragement! 👍

Congrats on 48!see you're freaking getting there! See staying active together and we are gunna make it! And heck yeah I'm. Glad you won! I really wanted you to win but I also didn't want to cheat lol

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im excited to see what he says and what he got!

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Thank you a lot I opened them and while I didn't pull any epics or legendary cards I got a lot of summoners. 3 Lyanna, 2 Tyrus,1 Aldric along with a lot of clay golem and stone golem, as got peacebringer and shivershield so it was a good pull for my white deck. Really cool man I might have to do a give away soon I have been really lucky and winning things. Few others I got where cerberus and twisted jester.

Heck yeah! Well sorry my decks didn't get you that gold legendary :( but let me know when you do a giveaway I'll have to enter of course!! Thanks for participating man, I appreciate you! Stay active and keep it up!

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It was a good for rares cause 2 packs had 2 and one had 3 so I got all rares but 15 from 10 packs not bad at all.

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