SteemMonsters Golem Give Away Win All 3 and maybe a SBI Share(Closed)

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I hope you are all doing well today. I have been lucky enough to win some cards in the Steem Monsters giveaways so today I am going to do a give away of my own. I am going to give one lucky person all 3 of the Golems. That is right you get a Flesh Golem, a Stone Golem and then that Golem that joined a different team aka the Clay Golem.

To Enter

  1. Upvote the post.

  2. Optional Resteem the post.

  3. Write a comment with your Steem Monsters user name and a random number 1 to 1000.

  4. Can't use a number someone else has picked so check the comments.

  5. After voting locks I will pick a winner with a random number generator. Winner is the closest without going over.

  6. Bonus possible of 1 SBI Share if you guess the exact number.

Those are the rules.

Please check out the kickstarter for Steem Monsters and support if you can KickStarter

Also if you don't know what and SBI share is please check it out here

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Thank you for the opportunity @stever82. My steem monsters name is gillianpearce. And my guess is


Steemmonster username @masterthematrix Number 111

Its cool @stever82. Thank you . my user name bhaski . Number 10

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476 - @rentmoney

Thanks for the giveaway !

Really appreciate the gesture buddy

SM Username : rehan12

no 12

number 670.... my steemmonsters user name funnel ...
....very nice contest....good luck to everybody

username= gduran number 961

Have you ever used steem comment picker to choose a winner it saves you the work of having to go through every comment and looking to see what number people selected.

chuck your link into the bar with this format stever82/steemmonsters-golem-give-away-win-all-3-and-maybe-a-sbi-share and hit random comment and bobs your aunty


I don't mind to see the work but I will check it out.

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kristves & 666

geekpowered 23

502 @mimismartypants

Thanks for the contest. Holding thumbs!!

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Hi @stever82, long time my friend.... Howbare you doing?
Steem monster name @adeoyesteem
Thank you for the giveaway.

Nice one! Steemmonsters name @pardinus, and I choose 833.

@yuriks2000 and the number is 750

My username is herbertholmes and I’m glad I scrolled through the comments because someone already picked my OG choice so


SM Username: onefatindian

Number: 69

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