Are you FRUSTRATED because your posts aren't getting noticed????!!!! Let me HELP!!!

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Have you put your heart and soul into creating a post only to have hardly anyone see it?


Have you created quality, original content that only gets short replies by people who don't really care, or sharks that just upvote their own comments and not even your original post?

Are you tired of getting hardly any votes that are only worth 0.01 cent anyway?

I want to help YOU!!

I have recently given over $60 away completely for free to brand new users and minnows because I want to encourage, teach, assist, inspire, and uplift anyone who is becoming frustrated at not being noticed for their hard work. I am a true believer in this platform, it's income generating potential, and the ability for anyone and everyone to achieve their goals and dreams here.

I talk to people every day about and I have brought several onto the platform. I went from 75 followers to 525 in just a week by helping new users. I have donated to over 300 different steemers as well as replied to and followed every one of them. My posts have gotten up to 952 unique visitors, 399 votes, and 705 comments. And I believe that you can achieve better results than you are currently getting.

Here is what I'm going to do to help you...
IF you have a decent post that is ORIGINAL,
IF you put a little time and creativity into making it,
And IF you are proud of it, I will do the following to help your post:

  • I will read it entirely.
  • I will 100% UPVOTE it.
  • I will resteem it.
  • I will critique it.
  • I will look at some of your previous posts to see if there are other issues that I need to include in my critique.
  • I will create a comment in your post that details my critique.
  • I will submit your post to at least 2 different link promotion venues for review and possible UPVOTE cascade from many users.
  • I will pay to promote your post to 1 upvoting bot.

So how serious are you?!?
The only requirement for me to know you are serious and committed to creating quality, original posts now and into the future is to show me by putting your steem where your mouth is and donate at least 4 SBD or Steem to @pippininja. Make sure you remember to put the link to your post in the memo. If you donate at least 6 SBD or Steem, I will submit your post to 2 upvoting bots.

Here is a recent mini-critique I gave to @oddreality when he created a post that expressed his frustration with his payouts going down:FullSizeRender 5.jpg You can see his full post with my comments here.

This is no guarantee that you are going to make a huge amount of money on any particular post. What I can guarantee you is that you will receive real honest advice on how to improve your post which can translate into creating better, more noticeable posts in the future.

If I get more than 20 requests in a day to critique posts, I will have to raise the donation, and keep raising it until I no longer receive that many requests. Otherwise I won't have time to give the highest quality critiques that I am known for.


If you don't think your post is worth paying 4 SBD, don't. You are probably right.

If you liked this post, please support me with an upvote, follow, and leave a comment to let me know what you think!


Great Encouragement! I believe with persistance, all of us will succeed! Have a great weekend!

Thank you!!! I'll be in the Caribbean all week!!

Yes when people are not appreciating your hard work you get discouraged. I felt that so many times. But I'm not going to quit. I'm a little bit silent these day because of my studies. But I will come back strong. :D

That's awesome!! Try to make one post a day even if it's short. Or find other people's good posts and comment on them! You will begin building relationships that will be valuable to you one day!!

Thanks for the valuable advice. :)

Steemit has given a good opportunity to many...

Steemit does not work like this. Me too can upvote for 2 SBD for all post!

Actually, it does. Check out @randowhale.

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Nice Post
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Cool idea! I follow progresive thinkers like this which means also I follow you. Will be happy if u follow me too. I am a steemit believer too.

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