ENDED - GIVEAWAY FINISHED: FREE Money for Newbies! Minnows Unite!! Free SBD just for upvoting, resteeming, following!

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This giveaway has ended!! It was an enourmous success!! I gained 375 followers in 7 days! I paid out over $60 to minnows!! Thank you to everyone who participated!!! I will be continuing to help new users to learn, grow and thrive on steemit.com!!!!

### I loaded more money in my account and I will catch up on all the payouts within 24hours of 6/29/17 7:30pm CST. There will be no payouts for comments after this time.

*Hello fellow Steemians!*

I got your attention! But wait! I really am going to send you $0.200 SBD to your account! Read on to find out how and why:

Most of you reading this are fairly new to this platform. Well, so am I! I created my account 8 days ago, right after I heard a podcast where one of the guest speakers was talking about steem, the cryptocurrency. He was saying that he felt like this was the currency of the future. Creating a social network that functions with the same freedoms that cryptocurrencies have has universal appeal. Steemit.com has an actual use and fills a need. Most cryptocurrencies don’t have any real tangible use that is driving their values. 

NO ADVERTISEMENTS!!! What?!?! Yeah, that’s pretty awesome. I’ll explain how and why there are no advertisements in an upcoming post. I’ll also explain where the money floating around steemit.com comes from in case you don’t already know. 

I have stopped playing Clash of Clans for a week and at this point, I don’t have any plans to go back. I figured I would just trade my mindless gaming time to try steemit.com out and I have already made a little money. My very first introduction post gained over $50 SBD! In just 1 week, I’ve gained  over 65 followers. I’ve created 5 posts which have generated about $81.00 so far. (My Posts: Intro, GunAshlyn, ContestFasting)

I will be making a lot more posts that are specifically targeted to help brand new users to get up and running in their first few weeks.  There are a lot of questions new users have and the search feature is somewhat lacking. I have had to stumble along and slowly figure most of these things out the hard way.  But I’m going to share my knowledge!

In the meantime, I want to support you and give you your first piece of the pie! I was gifted 0.001 SBD on my first day and I was excited to receive it. Now, I’ve received my first payout from my introduction post and I want to pay you 200x more than what I was gifted. 

Here’s how: 

Follow me, UpVote, AND Resteem this post so others will see it. Post a reply simply saying “Done, Done and Done”. I will verify that you did all three things, and I will send you 0.200 SBD. On top of sending you FREE money, I will follow you back!! This will go on for the next 7 days so tell any and all new users so they can get paid too!

There may be hundreds or thousands that I will be responding to so please be patient with me. I’ll send it immediately if I can, but I have a full time job and sleep a little too!

If this is successful, I will do it again and increase the amount I give away each time!

Much thanks to @reisolutions and @oaldamster for creating the CCL images in this post!!

Alright! That’s it! Follow, Upvote, Resteem, Reply get PAID!!! 

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!! 7 Days only!


Done, Done and Done

Money Sent!!! Thank you @gregory-f!!

Awesome tactic!

How many new followers did you get so far?

Smart to be involved in steem at 18! which this was available when i was 18... You going to be comfortable! ;-)

Done done and done

Sent! Thanks!!!!

About 200!!!

That's insane!
I have got to try it!

done, done and doneeee :) how many followers did you got from this post?

Money $ent!! Thank you!!

I've received over 30 new followers!!

hmmm not bad :D
thanks for the reward maybe I'll do such thing some time as well

nice idea! Done done done!

no wait...what does it mean to resteem?

It means to hit the share button. It's next to the "Reply"at the end of the original post.

Location of the Resteem icon...

Done, done and done! Thanks!

You're welcome! 0.200 SBD $ent!!! Thank you!!


upvoted, followed and resteemed . Keep up the good work

0.200 SBD $ent!!! Thank you!! I will!!

I like your intention but I think you won't be able to afford it.

That will be a good problem.

Wish you luck. It looks good already

Thank you!! I really appreciate it!

Welcome to Steemit @pippininja!
I'm a bot-helper, and I'm created to help. Congratulations on the registration on Steem - you really like it here! If you like me, make an upvote of my comment and follow me. Your upvote will allow you to give more money to new users, such as you. Let's make Steem better together!
I follow you, and to get more upvote and resteem - follow me!
All the money I earn will be donated to charity.
Steem on!

Done, done andddd doneeeeee

follow, up vote, resteem...

I like it..... upvoted..... very creative..... if you want some good tips for new people… You can go to my page…talk about the pitfalls that I experienced in the first days of trading in steem. Learn from my mistakes… Everything from paying 100 times what a coin was worth… To almost losing my steem password... Plus I like contest to

Thank you for your post! I will definitely check out all your posts! Please follow me and I will follow you.

Done done andddd done :-) what a nice thing to do!

Thanks !!!

Hello kymaticus! I have added you to my follow list. Also gave you a small tip. Thank you

Hi thanks will add you too!

Done, Done aaaaaaaaand Done. Nice idea, and helps the little fish grow!

Thank you!! Money is in your account!

Done, done and done. Thanks.

0.200 SBD $ent!!! Thank you!!

Done, done, done thanks and very big pat on the back for your initiative here!! a sure winner ;)

Bless you thankyou mucho :)

Amazing, thanks so much :) x

Welcome to SteemIt :)

Done, Done and Done :)

Money Sent!!!

Well, you got my attention. Done, Done, and Done!

Thanks bro! 0.200 SBD $ent!!! Thank you!!

Done, Done, and Done Im still new to this site but love the way its set up and how you can make some money from commenting or even making post. Hopefully some of my followers will see this and stop on by.

Money $ent!! Thanks for your comments @tylersilver!!

“Done, Done and Done”. Great idea...it is a pleasure to see someone helping out the newbies without a thousand contest rules. Great Job!

The money is in my account. Thank You so much!!!

You are very welcome!!!!

Done, done and done! Awesome idea!
please upvote, reply, resteem and follow @victorvazco , thank you, you're awesome!

Following! Money Sent!!! Thank you!!

Done, done and done.
Anway, I find it a nice idea to get started. Let´s hope a whale or two see this post too and vote it ;) cheers

Done, Done and Done :)
I am the first to do it.....

I upliked your comment because you were the first. Happy Steemit...

Thanks..Action reciprocated :)

You need to follow me as well!

Thanks ninja for your efforts to bring originality to play! I am trying to get traction on steemit and still learning! ;-)

You are very welcome @higomex! 0.200 SBD $ent!!! Thank you!!

I got you bro and good support these minnows are hungry. We all are :) welcome to platform man

Thanks bro! Please follow!

Thank you @lisagenaille! It was my son's idea! @trippin98! He's doing it too. Check it out! Money $ent!!

Thank you and much appreciated!!

Done done and done pls check

Money $ent!! Thank you!!

Done, Done and Done

Money $ent!!!!

Done, Done and Done

Money Sent!!!

Got er Done, Done and Done.

pls follow me.

I am following you

I am following you! Thank you!

Money $ent!! Thanks @jezhead!!

Done, Done and Done

Money $ent!!!!

Done, Done and Done

Money $ent!!!!

Ayyyyyy Silverino, Feel like I see you everywhere

yeah, trying to make this work. Take care buddy

Money $ent!!!!

thank yu received :)

Thank you for letting me know!!!

Done done .. DONE!! nice to mee you man

0.200 SBD $ent!!! Thank you!! :)

Done done and done;)
Thanks :)

You're welcome!! 0.200 SBD $ent!!!

Thanks a lot. :)

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I like your style. Done, done and DONE.

0.200 SBD $ent!!! Thank you!!

Money $ent!! Thank you!!

Done, Done and Done

Money $ent!!!!

Awesome tactic!
Done, Done and Done

Thank you! Feel free to copy it! 0.200 SBD $ent!!!

Money Sent!!!! Following!

Thanks a lot my friend :)

0.200 SBD $ent!!! Thank you!!

Done, Done and Done

0.200 SBD $ent!!! Thank you!!

thank you money arrived

thank you I just saw that. I appreciate it.

You are a business man - this is much better than clash of clans 👍 Done, done and done

So true!! Thanks @orangeogre!! Money $ent!!

Welcome to Steemit @pippininja! Just wondering what poscast you're listening to?

Done done and done! :)

Money $ent!! Thank you!!

I've been listening to unchained, and dollar vigilante!

Thank you as well. :)

Dollar vigilante is the reason for me as well.

He is very inspiring.

Done, done and done ✅


Thank you @ozz!! Money $ent!! Have a nice day!

Wow, you are quick, thank you so much. Very cool!


I am still relatively new, and trying to learn as much as I can about this community, so any help is greatly appreciated! Done, Done, Done, and Done!

Money Sent!! Thank you for participating!! I wil lhelp as much as I can. Let me know if you have any questions.

Done, Done and Done. Followed you as well Brother! Thank you so much! You too Awesome for this =]

Money Sent! No! You're Awesome!!!