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Day 15 of the Daily Steemit Selfie Challenge begins now!

Our registered players are competing against each other in an elimination endurance contest where their selfies must be posted on a daily basis and must meet the theme qualifications. Not only must they post their qualifying selfies prior to the deadline to avoid elimination, they are also competing against one another for bonus points. In each round, I will reward at least two selfies with bonus points.


Each day, I will be rewarding one player each day with a "quick draw" bonus point for being the first to reply with a qualifying selfie. Yesterday, our QUICK DRAW WINNER was:




Each day I will notify you of your current Bonus Point Leader. Remember, whoever gets the most by the end of the contest will win 1 Limited Edition STEEM "COMMUNITY" 1 oz Silver Round! Here is your current leader:

@bluelightbandit with 11 total Bonus Points










The secret Bonus Bonus Point thing for the last round was sunglasses. Any selfie that had at least one pair of sunglasses in it wins a Bonus Bonus Point.





@sharoonyasir – I found four comments from you interacting with others, but no selfie? Oh no.


Has anyone ever seen a seal balance a ball on its nose? For Round 15, you must try to balance a ball on your nose. Have fun, be safe, and get those balls on your noses!


Please remember as well, that the goal is to have all players take a new, qualifying selfie each day to enter into this contest.

Reply to this post with your qualifying selfie by 9:00 am (CST) tomorrow to avoid elimination. As always, no entry post is required, but you are free to make a post featuring your entry if you want to. By entering this contest you are giving me full permission to use your entries in future contest posts. Thanks and have fun!


The current prize pool is 265 SBD, not including Bonus Points. It will continue to grow on a daily basis! That means that the longer you hang in there, the larger it gets!

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

GIF provided by @malos10



Wow! Where did you find that thing?

This is the only ball I have and it belongs to my 115 pound Rottweiler. My wife ran outside to get it for me. While holding it on my face, I noticed that he likes to pee on it a lot!

LOL! I grabbed a dog ball too!! My stash of 60 dodgeballs are in storage!

Hehehehe good you noticed that while holding it and not before

Nailed another bonus, greta job your crushing the bonus’s and deservedly

hahahaha - the things we do for this challenge! Hope you are okay - not because of the pee - the MRI

Have an MRI appointment at 1030 and cuttin it really close on time, now my face smells so, so pleasant! I had fun though! Couldnt have done it without my wife getting it for me and it actually took me 3 tries to ballance it.

Congratulations! 😊

I dont have a ball or i dont know where it is so i need to wait till i buy one 😂

This is brilliant! You come up with new ideas fast which is why you are leading the bonus point scorecard.

@papa-pepper!!!! Your selfie challenge is getting harder and harder, lol. I'm not good in balancing that's why this challenge is hard for me but for this challenge I made it, but it's not totally a long duration balancing it's just a matter of quick snap shot of my phone camera.


This is cute!!


Thats super big.. lol

Extremely large


Now thats some balancing skills

And some unseen falling 😂

Did you continue to smile while falling?

I somehow imagine she would have been

You should join the circus!

Lol.. ive got a child and feels like im in circus everyday😂

I prefer the big ball cutipie of yours! (Huuuuge!)

I was trying to get more things in the background. I'm losing hope on catching up on bonus points. But I DO got that sweet sweet longevity motivation. 😎

But I too, liked the big ball better. LOL!

good seal!!! :)

Yes, i told my photographer (hubby) he will repeat and repeat if i not make that selfie lol.. 😂

You look perfectly posed in this photo: really admirable!

Ohhh thank you dear. Took plenty of shots to come up with that. Ball not easy to balance.

Wow! You are really good at balancing stuff. You'll definitely get a bonus point for creativity :D

Wow! You are really good at balancing stuff. You'll definitely get a bonus point for creativity :D

Really, Papa? A ball? Do you think I have any ball in our 22nd floor apartment?
Are you trying to eliminate me?
I have plenty of balls in my country house, but none here.
I had to go to a store to buy the cheapest ball.


You still not smiling but i understand that its hard to smile when you got ball on your nose trying to balance ! Youve got exercise going to shop☺

Damned! I forgot again to smile!

Hahaha you are sweet and the ball is mostly balanced on your eye :P

Official Entry

Balancing cat toy (with bell inside) on nose.
Also in selfie:

  • Lamp
  • TWO ukuleles
  • A hula hoop
  • Sweet green washboard, for music, not washing
  • A plant
  • An alligators tooth
  • A tiny paw print

In case you're searching for something... 😏

Hehe nice one Carrie!

Hehe nice one Carrie!

Why thank ya. Not as good as you, it seems. 😉

But, really, will I ever be? 😏

Awww haha of course you are ...


Carrie the red nose cutie! 😄

You are so cute and funny which is such a good combo!

Thank you!
P.S. I'm so sad you got eliminated. 😟

I'm following you, just in case you get bored of this game. 😉

(Sheesh! Following will never NOT sound weird and stalker-y. LOL!)

Aww @carrieallen you are such a sweet heart! Thank youu. People like you and the many other friends I have made through this challenge won't let me get bored. :)

🎶"...and a partridge in a pear tree!"🎶@carrieallen Your list made me think of the lyrics 😀 Good plan using a kitty ball!

And tape! Shhhhhh! LOL!

Who can guess what my ball is made up of?

I threw in half a pepper face!

little 14 inch softball there

Yes it's a softball but 12 inch

ah - used to play in chicago - no gloves yea?

No gloves!

You are just creative, aren't you? 😀

Thanks you are too!


LOL as fate would have it here am in in y office leaning against a wall balancing a tennis ball and sheep fridge magnet on my nose

Good thing he always new I was crazy what can I say LOL

Sheep fridge magnet? But that's Bahbahra! I hope she didn't read this! Where did you find the tennis ball? Did you scrounge it from someone?

Off yes I should be more careful wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings LOL

I bought them for Doug massage on my feet when I have Planta Facia, fortunately this one was the spare and in the container still

Glad you had it on hand!

Hahahaha nice job man!!! The things you make Bahbara do for this contest or we could say the other way around because she wants to win it too :D

Ohh yes indeed she is a fierce competitor

I opted for a nose-crushing exercise ball

Lying on the floor was extremely uncomfortable, but the ball has a large surface area, which is much easier to balance on my nose than than a modest tennis ball.

Ouch is the word! And gurgle and snort and whew!

Looks rather prickly for my liking! :-)

I have one of those balls in my office somewhere but. Lot smaller one that I was going to use but just could not find it so had to resort to a tennis ball

Thats biggggggggggg!!!!


Ball balanced, with two seals in the background, just in case ;-)

haha I love that. Wonder if you are right..

I certainly hope so ;-)

Wow you are good at this!

Thank you)
I tried to do my best)

Alex selfie seal ball on face.jpg

This is my updated selfie - it is no longer a dried gourd mostly shaped like a ball - this is a ball - for sure.

For some reason I am balancing on the ball....

That was my initial thought, very cool look

Is that a dried gourd, or a ball?

It is a dried gourd! We are looking for balls still - no pun intended - we'll have something that qualifies by the cut off ;p


Isn't it supposed to be on your nose?

Wow good for you on balancing that. I was using a baseball and couldn't let go for the life of me cause it kept falling

I wasn't able to balance it for long :) And I deleted a lot of pictures:) I took another laying on the bed - that was easier. But it felt like cheating ....

Good job! I know I couldn't have pulled this off easily.

Miss you here!! And it wasn't easy :)

Miss being on the contest too :)

This definitely not easy. Mine fall many times before i got a good one lol.

This definitely not easy. Mine fall many times before i got a good one lol.

Accorrding to the timings, I had an hour left and steemit wasn't working the entire day here but it's okay, my bad. I feel so shitty right now

@papa-pepper, is it just ball we can use to balance in our nose?

Accorrding to the timings, I had an hour left and steemit wasn't working the entire day here but it's okay, my bad. I feel so shitty right now

Accorrding to the timings, I had an hour left and steemit was causing troubles for me to post the photos but it's okay, rules are rules my bad. I feel so shitty right now

Next time try and use, i'm typing this reply from it currently and it takes few seconds to load

I have one of those balls in blue in my office somewhere that I was going to use but just could not find it

Looks like yellow was the trick!

According to the timings, I thought I still had an hour. My bad I miscalculated it. Feeling shitty atm. Good luck to the remaining players. I even cried with real tears lol.

OHh no So sorry :(

I know. I am going to express my sentiments and what I did to myself in a post in a while. Feeling really crappy atm

That’s understandable, I feel for you

Awwwwe at least you fun while it lasted. Eventually everyone will be eliminated, so don't feel bad. You can always jump back in next season too.

Aah you have no idea of how I feel lol. My husband has been laughing at my crying face. But that's okay, it was all my mistake. I feel like blaming it on others but I am going to be decent about it or try to be lol. I am quite emotional so that's why I am feeling this way.

Please try not to beat yourself up too bad over this, it could have happend to anyone of us and espcially me. I almost posted on the wrong challenge the other day, if that tells ya how stupid I am! But I understand how you feel about getting emotionally engaged in the contest and I'm emotionally invested as well. I've met some really cool people here but just because the contest is over doesn't mean that interactions with people have to stop. And you know @papa-pepper never sleeps and has contests after contests so that won't ever be an issue. Don't worry about it and I hope to see you in your future blogs and in big popas future contests!

Heyy that's so sweet of you to take out the time to reply to my comment. Love you for this!<3 Haha, yeah could have happened to anyone of us and I am fine now. I usually get invested in stuff and then feel bad when things don't go my way but it's alright. It is a part of life. Of course, I'll be visiting the blogs and interacting with people. @papa-pepper is really cool and i like how he is trying to bring people together through his work. :D

You were doing so well before. I feel sad for you, too!

Yeah I was but it's alright. Better luck next time to me :) And thank you for the support :)

It's amaze me can i participates in this

This is an elimination contest. The registration deadline was two weeks ago, but maybe you could try again next time ( @papa-pepper might run this contest again ).

Look! No hands, @papa-pepper! I had to scratch my head for this one, and then remembered I had this beginner's soccer ball ready in a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child! Some little kid somewhere in the world will be playing with this ball this Christmas!
selfie ball.jpg

That’s a cool ball and fun shot :)

Well thanks! At least I could do it in private today! LOL!

That’s a plus for sure :)

What about tomorrow though? Will I have it so easy then?

That we will have to wait and see 😎

It's here! Tiny people? OK!

Awesome! say to go wow.

Accorrding to the timings, I had an hour left and steemit wasn't working the entire day here but it's okay, my bad. I feel so shitty right now

I know that steemit has been acting up, but the time limit ended a half hour ago, about 15 minuted before I posted.

Reply to this post with your qualifying selfie by 8:00 am (CST) tomorrow to avoid elimination.

The cutoff for this round was 8 am CST and I posted the cutoff just after, and the new post about 15 minuted later. I too was sad to see you go. I am sorry that you feel bad.

Very Creative people, the steemians.

I used a tennis ball and tried for close to half an hour to balance it and my little sheep but failed miserably so in the end had to use a wall, so kudos great balancing

Thanks! Maybe your sheep should have balanced a cotton ball!

Now that would have bene a good idea LOL

Thanks! Maybe your sheep should have balanced a cotton ball!

Awesome balancing 🙄

Thanks! This one was hard!

Edited and decided to show off my other decal in the process.

It will not count.

thanks for the heads up, I will get out and about later and go to the store and get one from those machines out front. Cause you didn't say it has to be a big ball. lol

Good luck finding one and getting an entry in on time

found and edited

👍😎good balancing

It took a few tries before I got it.

Of course I know that. I was just teasing and and adding to the comments! They had transitioned on many other selfie shots though! They are great. I never lose my sunglasses now! :-)

I always wanted some of those!

My best ever investment. I don't need distance glasses, but was always losing my reading glasses, so the lenses are clear at the top!

Great contast. @cryptomaker upvote & resteem your post,,,,

MAN! I almost put on sunglasses thinking they might be the bonus! Darn!

a very good post I like my friend to hope one day can be like you

Airwheel Self balancing scooter (Segway) peppers, fire, ball on nose, reflection... Cheer$:)


No matter what pose it is, you always manage to look beautiful because you glow from within.

That's one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me!! Thank you! :D

Great contast. @cryptomaker upvote & resteem your post,,,,

Hehe, @papa-pepper. I was wearing my sunglasses in yesterday's shot, but you couldn't tell because they are transition lenses! LOL!

I would have bonused you if they had transitioned.

I am waiting for that one day with a very special selfie....Good luck and stay healthy ;)


your post is always good.i always resteem upvote you.i also follow you

@papa-pepper, please confirm if this will work or i need to capture more of the ball portion in my selfie?