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Our players are registered and the fun has begun!

This is an elimination game where only those who already registered and signed up can participate. Each day there will be an official contest post made from the @papa-pepper account, and the registered players will have 24 hours to take a qualifying selfie. Failing to reply to the contest post with a qualifying selfie within the time allowed will cause the players to be eliminated.

Once all players have been eliminated except for one, the last remaining player will receive 75% of the prize pool while those eliminated last will receive 25% of the same. Also, two outstanding selfies will be picked each round to receive bonus points. The bonus points will be paid out in SBD as well, so get creative, but keep it safe.

As always, @papa-pepper prefers his contests to be G-rated and family friendly, so keep things modest. Thanks.


For our first round, players will have 24 hours to take a selfie with a plant in the photo. As long as the plant is alive, it counts. Remember that you are competing with the other entries for bonus points, so feel free to get creative. Also, please do not edit your photos, just enter the selfies as they were taken. You have until 11:00 am CST tomorrow to reply with your qualifying selfie. Here is my example.

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

GIF provided by @malos10



If my post want to be count, am i to post my picture in the comment box?

Yes, the photos can go in the comment box. @papa-pepper says a separate post is also possible, but it looks nicer if we can see all the photos together (as long as they are optimized for size).

thank you for the enlightenment , i will post my picture under this in some hours , its already dawn here

Am i yo poat my picture on comment box ?

Here is my selfie with a living plant.

Does that count? ;-)


I just saw this in the post today for bonus points and it made me laugh out loud. So I wnated to drop in now and make sure to upvote it. Well done fellow "Plant" lover.

hehehe thanks ;-)

LOL! Might get a bonus point!

Hahahaha! Robert!

Just for you @papa-pepper.....

Pepper trees in SoCal....and a little dog to boot, who isn't thrilled by the high winds we're having today.

2017-10-09 17.18.24.jpg


Red and green against a whitish makes a cheery combination. Was that a deliberate choice?

No, it was not. I just happened to wear a bordeaux t-shirt and in the office in New York where I am today all the walls are white.

Maybe I shouldn't...but I thought hmm that comment's a little off and then I looked at vcelier's wallet. 🙄

You made me look. lol

No editing!? But but but! It's so much more fun that way. No words, no emojis, no background blurring?! 😮

Fine, fine. 😃Here it is. I DID make it smaller. No one needs to see my nose that big! LOL!🤣

Here I am with one of the ladies. They are inside because it's SUDDENLY 🌨️snowing🌨️!

selfie contest day 1.png

I know! I love it! I totally bought it months ago for a $1 from Wish. It took a couple of months to arrive... but it's the BEST! Just now getting cool enough to live in it. 😎

Lol I'm in love @carrieallen scroll up a few pics and see why... Cheer$;)


For my entry I went on a trip to the Botanical Garden, University of Ibadan Nigeria. I was using a selfie stick and one of those trees behind me is 'Igi Aye'.

'Igi Aye' is the tree of life or the magical tree of life and wealth. You can read more about my trip and 'Igi Aye' in this post.

Thank you @papa-pepper for this awesome contest.

Goodluck to everyone.

You said hat, right?
FullSizeRender (5).jpg


Good work storm trooper!

The brown man on a Red Santan flower🌸🌸🌸

@papa-pepper It seems as if the very first challenge was custom fit and right up my alley... Loving it.

Marijuana plant, home grown ;)



Awe! You have a little wee one! Congrats!😍

You may wanna follow my Cannabis Curation page @transientflowers and join me in or Discord to promote yourself.😃

Of course, go check out that page to see if it's your thang.
Oh! And good luck in the contest. I shall DESTROY YOU.😎 MUAUAHAHAHA!

heheehehe game on .. Doubt that I have all year;) I followed you a few days ago actually an am on steemit chat often too. Tell me more about discord people throw this name around often? Nice to meet carrie Cheer$;)

I was already following you too.... Lol!

I normally have Steemit chat and Discord open, as I'm curating or helping when/where I can. 😃

Discord is just a chat server with several more options. They JUST launched the voice option. I think up to 10 people can actually chat at a time. I haven't used it yet. You can also set up individual channels within server pages, which is REALLY nice for organizing.

There are TONS of Steemit Users. TONS. I know people are active in all places all the time. LOL! Maximum exposure. 😉

I JUST added you to the channel, though it's new and not hoppin' yet. 🙃

And nice to meet YOU, sir.

Oh wow thats amazing .. like a conference voip type setup? That sounds great... Well this should be fun may the best man/lady win.. hehe.. Cheers;)

Do you know if the chat option can be recorded?

Not sure ? Chat on steemitchat?

Are you asking for us to chat on steemchat? Or if I am talking about steemchat? I haven't been able to get on steemchat yet. I was wondering about discord voice chat.
I have looked for steemchat but it always says that "this site can't be reached :(

no explanation needed

Are those huge and fat peppers???? I need some seeds!

Almost forgot to check today, so glad I'm still on time!

My selfie with a gorgeous Autumn plant in our garden :)

Thanks papa-pepper!

Selfie with my Aloe Vera plant!

Thank you dear xxx..

It looks like they will soon need transpanting.

Yes have too😊

ledis-self orquidea.jpg
Orquidea florecida de nuestra colección

I found you my beautiful wife!

Alex selfie concrete castor tree day 1.jpg

This is my monster! I am standing six feet up, am nearly six feet tall and the castor tree continues for 10ish or so feet above me. This was a barren concrete patio when I met it 5 years ago.

Me gusta la manera en que transformaste la última letra en una planta, pero ya no necesitas añadir tu nombre en las fotos.

Inspired by Papa Pepper's sponsorship, I decided to take a pepper-themed selfie: Mama Pepper (orange, short and squat), Papa Pepper (green, tall and thin ;-) and lots of cute Baby Peppers!

It took me a while to properly letter the tags: I used French cursive script, but I couldn't find the right pen for calligraphic strokes, so I did a rough job darkening the strokes by hand.

I then spent more time to prop up the three cards. I experimented with various devices to hold them in place (including magnets and a reading stand) and finally decided to use my laptop to position and hold things in place.

File Size
The file size was a bit too large, so I used to reduce my photo by 58%: 593.5 kB squeezed down to 255.7 kB.

Last Two Steps:

I uploaded my photo to and pasted the link into this document that I composed on my laptop.

I have documented all of my steps to provide guidance for any newbies who are a bit unsure what they should be doing.

I still remember 30+ years ago, when I was a newbie:

(1) afraid to appear stupid by doing the wrong thing (some experts love to sneer and laugh at your mistakes)

(2) afraid of damaging the computer by doing the wrong thing (in retrospect, that was quite foolish: it takes years of study to do serious damage)


I am still playing shy but Bahbahra isnt, raining pretty steady here so had to make use of one of the plants in the office

Hey @tattoodjay small world lol, good luck!

Thanks and good luck to you also

I think Bahbahra might like to meet Hamish the Scottish Blackface sheep! I was going to photograph him at every location in Scotland, but the only shot I took of him was at the Jacksonville, Florida airport as I was preparing to leave! LOL!

LOL ON Flick r a few year back there was a whole group that spun off from bahabahra I think there were about 10 people with little toys it was fun while it lasted

Maybe we should start something then. LOL!

NO I think the opposite, maybe we should start and have on some of the posts be like them sending messages to each other, you never know it may be fun and get popular

What do you mean the opposite? you have lost me now.

I mean maybe it is a good thing to do to post photos of our sheep and maybe have some interaction between them occasionally you never know it may amuse some people and generate upvotes for us :)

Ah, yes. That was kinda what I meant too. I posted that one pic the day I left for Scotland and then he was never heard of again! LOL!

Here's my entry sir @papa-peper . daily 1: plant

Here's my first entry with some ferns in the mountains, finally got a break from the rain!

A plant @papa-pepper should know well. It may be snowin, but I am still growin!


That's my man. May the odds be in your favor

Hello this is my post, caption this picture with
carica papaya


Mate nice pic I am from South Africa are you too? Cheer$;)

Thank you so much , i am from nigeria.

Mind if we can talk more better , perharps on discord

Glad you are playing!! We get to know each other in our best (or not) selfie moments :)

Haha this is such a bad photo of me. I am terrible at taking selfies. Also amidst my busy schedule, I had completely forgotten about the contest. The moment I remembered, I rushed outside to find a plant and just took a selfie to post haha


Down to the wire, lol! ^_^

Way not to get eliminated!


Looking out through the forest

Dog Berries. Great for wine and selfies ;)20171010_105907.jpg

never heard of dog berries!

I thought I would do a more appropriate selfie. This first one was a little rushed :)

it frosted last night...but i think my pumpkins live on...


Chillin' with a pepper plant! I swear I'm going to get this selfie to orient the right way one of these days! I tried flipping, rotating, resaving...

I spotted a dandelion today, and realised it's the first time I've ever seen one in Korea... Serendipity, since I needed a plant anyway.

Here is my selfie with my gaillardia flower plant.

Tiny plants count, right?!!

Its so tiny and cute!

This is cute! 😍

Great idea!

I nearly forgot I needed to take this photo. So here is a night photo of something growing in our yard.


I need to remove it but I haven't yet. But it is alive and meets the requirements lol

Im hereeeeeeeeee!

With the saw palmetto in my Florida back yard!

selfie one.JPG

Well done! When I visit my Grandma in florida I always wish I had brought my machete for gardening! But they dont let me onto the plane with it...

You wish to chop down our beautiful saw palmettos? LOL! I have these growing in a wild natural area in my yard.

Just trim the lower leaves turning brown, maybe prune back some of the other tropical bushes, get some mulch or stone and re-establish the paths, maybe wash the bird feeder; theres always work to do ;p

I also keep some wild areas down here. Can't keep everything 'clean'! In permaculture they say its good to leave a 'zone 5' where we only observe and take selfies, no machetes allowed.

SEE! I did it right! I like my small wild natural area, and it was good for today's selfie contest! I'm not in the age group that normally does selfies, although many moons ago, I did have to do self portraits at college. :-)God knows what tomorrow's will be. Perhaps he will have us climbing a tree! LOL!

I will look forward to your upcoming selfie adventures ;p

Yours too! It's a fun idea. I hope I can do Wednesday's as I'm going to be away from home all day! I'd hate to be eliminated for missing a day!

Looks like he is giving us 24 hours, he said 10 or 11 am cst if I recall correctly, you might be able to sneak in thursday morning of you are an early riser ;p

Search the plant, feel the plant, be the plant.

I've found a papa pepper in the wild. Turns out he was hanging with a holy basil and a wandering jew...

Love chilli's nice pic mate. Cheer$;)

I like the composition in vertical thirds, with an uncluttered area on the right.

Banana Tree growing in the Ozarks 😀

Who knew....damn.

Huh! Even though it's in the south, I never thought bananas could grow up in the mountains. Live and learn.

You have to take special care of them in the winter to keep them warm. The trees are @mericanhomestead's, they could tell you for sure.

contest Day # 1IMG_0027 2.JPG
At work on my lunch break. I'm not sure what kind of plant that is.

Thats a nice picture!

Thanks i like you guy's pictures as well.

Our native maples are changing color and I'm working on fencing for the sheep, err pigs in wool clothing.

XD Pigs in wool clothing! I think sheep taste better, except for the bacon.

NOOOO! I eat pigs, but not little sheep. They are too cute! I have a soft spot for them! I did eat a lot of lamb growing up in Scotland, but I never liked it too much anyway!

Oddly I was raised on lamb due to allergies, but now it is one of my favorite meats ever. Many adults can't handle the foods they had on the restrictive diets from childhood, but I persevered and came to love it. My FAVORITE, most delicious of meats is the Alpaca followed closely by the Llama.

I have never tried alpaca or llama! Do you eat mint sauce with the lamb? We always had mint sauce made from garden mint. That was the part i enjoyed the most!

last night I put a lamb roast in the oven with our apples cut up and ringing the roast, then I juiced enough apples for 2 cups of juice which went over it. Covered and roasted in oven for 1.5 hrs. Outstanding!!!

My wife hates mint, otherwise I totally would!

Just reading about it makes my mouth water!

It does sound good.

Me with beautiful October plant, holding up my username ))

ok, first day done, loving all the other entries, especially the lady plants...

will have to count how many participants we have... we need to play the elimination game, dancing chairs... Start the music
I counted 93 participants in the original sign me up post (correct me if I am wrong). Lets see how many are left after day 1

I had somewhere around 90. Posted the list just now.

Had a great pic with a Ponderosa Pine that won't upload, so from the back yard... it counts, right?

Cuter'n shit! The other pic was cool, though.


I'm they taste as nice as they look? haha. Love this challenge :)
FullSizeRender 10.jpg

This was an sticky affair tanking this one ;)

for sure! did you get hurt?

lol no luckily only a couple of pinches

i am glad!! I would hate to see cactus all over your face in today's picture! lol

Big Smile !

We go on...

with my malabar spinach that will be dead in a month


What do you call these? I think we call them bore and chickens love the leaves and also the soft trunk if you chop it up for them. Pigs will eat the whole plant if it is what I think.


It was hard to find plant in 1 AM. So I draw the sun and entered in the some random yard and, here it is! Plant is here, me is here, my nick also. Need to sleep now. :D


Momma planted these beautiful flowers last week!