#HandFace ✋Silly Game 😀

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1.5 SBD in Prizes. Easy game for @NewbieGames❤️


✋How To Play✋

  • Dress up your hand any way you wish. Be creative. Lol!

  • Post a picture on your own blog. A narrative is optional. If you tell a little story, it will be even funnier. You can include video, gifs, signs, backgrounds, art, music, or anything you wish as long as 1 photo of your #HandFace is included.

  • Use the word #HandFace in the body of your post.

  • Tag your post #HandFace first— then any other tags you wish. I recommend #photography be at least one. Please do not tag spam.

  • Post the picture AND a link to your post in the comments below. This is mandatory.

You are NOT required to follow, upvote, or resteem.
However, doing so makes contests like this possible.

Let's make this as popular as #GooglyEyes!

✋Prizes ✋

This is the first contest so it will be small, but if it's a success, the next one will be bigger.

  1. There is a 0.5 @steem-bounty bounty on the comments.

  2. The comment that has a valid entry AND the most number upvotes will win 0.5 so tell your friends to come upvote your entry! Remember, this is number of votes, not vote payout. So they can vote with 1% and that's fine. You get the money from your votes anyway. Ties will be split evenly.

  3. A random selection from all valid entries this round will win 0.3 SBD. I use a tool to select a random comment.

  4. And I will pick a favorite to win 0.2 SBD. Hint: The funnier and more elaborate the entry the better.

Yes, the same person can technically win all of the prizes if they're lucky. Total prize value 1.5 SBD.

SBD Author Payouts EXCEEDING the Total Prize Value (1.5 SBD) will ROLL to the following week and be divided among the 4 prizes! So in theory, if the post gets a lot of upvotes, each week should get better.

✋Permissions ✋

By participating you grant me permission to use your entry pictures and content (quotes, videos, etc.) to promote the contest, feature winners, etc.— solely in connection with #HandFace contest.

✋Sponsors ✋

If you want to sponsor the NEXT ROUND, send .5 SBD to me with the memo HandFace. Your sponsorship goes directly to prizes in the next round. And you'll get a fancy shout out in the next post.

If you want to offer a different prize such as SP Delegation, @Steembasicincome, or another prize— contact me on Discord at https://discordapp.com/invite/gcZkjH4

✋Rules ✋

Your own post (on your blog) may get upvoted, and you're welcome to promote your own post as you wish. But please do not use bid-bots on my comments below. Using a bid-bot below to vote for you will disqualify you. I have most of the bid-bots names in a spreadsheet so please don't try to cheat...lol

Anything overly sexual will disqualify you. Please no hands giving a carrot a happy ending. Thanks. Lol.

You may NOT use #GooglyEyes on your #HandFace. Sorry. Not allowed. But you can use other things. You can draw eyes, use raisins, paint your entire hand, etc.

You DO NOT have to make your hand into a FIST FACE. you can make your hand into ANY kind of FACE or use any hand gesture. And it can have more than 2 eyes or just one. For this contest, a face is defined as having at least one eye and a mouth. Yes, it can have teeth, eyelashes, tentacles, hair, warts, or anything else you can think of.

✋Summoning Judges ✋

If you wish to help me judge next week (using a few of your upvotes) let me know in the comments.

Judges cannot enter a contest they are judging. Judges get a shout out in the next post too!

Good Luck!


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This contest is closed. Thanks for playing. I'll be manually adjusting the bounty/payouts since a non-participant received most due to upvotes. ♥️

Haha... I need a drink before I can wrap my head around this one!! :) Cute idea tho.... :) I will ask Ploi to enter this one when she's back on Wednesday. :)

  ·  last year (edited)

This one cannot be possibly more silly than googlyeyes lol. Actually, I'm hoping eventually it inspires people to get creative and absurd. Loosen up the rigid brain a bit. If you look up Handimals and Painted Hand on Google image search, there's so many really cool HandFaces. My kids like to do puppet shows with them. But some really great body artists and tatooists have done incredible hand art work too. We'll see. I hope people see the viral potential of this. :)

And you should have good odds with this one since thus far the post is undiscovered.

Congratulations! Your submission earned you 0.119 SBD from this bounty. You have received 0.081 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.038 SBD from the community!

wow. thank you. we've just finished moving house and both Ploi and I struggling a little with routine and finding our feet. We're both steeming solidly everyday again and looking fwd to your next contest! :) x

I put the description of this handface in my post.

This handface rocks!!!


Thank you @dinglehopper!

Congratulations! Your submission earned you 0.104 SBD from this bounty. You have received 0.071 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.032 SBD from the community!

Forgive me, it was my first handface ever... and probably my last... She’s one hell of an ugly MF



That's awesome!

Yey! My very first handface ever, and I got paid for it. We should do this more often ;0)

Congratulations! Your submission earned you 0.094 SBD from this bounty. You have received 0.071 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.023 SBD from the community!

  ·  last year (edited)

Omg I love it! Thanks for participating.

Congratulations! Your submission earned you 0.119 SBD from this bounty. You have received 0.119 SBD from the creator of the bounty and 0.000 SBD from the community!

Thank you so much

that's a very handsome contest :D

You may NOT use #GooglyEyes on your #HandFace.

but... but... awwww :( why not?

Hey @googlyeyes! 👀 I am honored to make your acquaintance. 😍

I'm a BIG FAN!!!

There's two reasons I made that a rule:

  1. Because I didn't want you (@googlyeyes) to feel I was stepping your shoes ♥️

  2. I didn't want any cross entries to both contests, or people to use previous entries from #GooglyEyes in #HandFace — in case you license all former entries for the promotion of #GooglyEyes and its future entries.

I saw you showcasing former entries, as I probably will as well.

Since I have your attention (and I'm fan-girling right now)

  • I joined your Discord server
  • Thank you for commenting faints
  • Is there any advice you could offer to help this get off the ground?

Thanks for commenting. I feel like I just got a popstar autograph. 😎


Wow... I didn't know I was such a big deal! Maybe I should print this comment on a t-shirt and go crib-walking now... krkrkr :P

If you ask me, I think cross-contest-entries are a great way to spread the word and get new people aware of your contest, too... and I wouldn't felt like anyone's stepping on my shoes either. I understand the concern about people reusing old entries, but that is easy to avoid by requiring new and original work to be submitted.

What kind of advice can I gice?!

  • Make sure you organize this in a way so that you can continue having fun curating it. You'll be the soul of this thing and your attitude will carry the show.

  • Big prizes certainly help to boost popularity... but it also comes with some downsides like "low-effort-lottery-ticket-entries". That said, the #GooglyPrize owes a lot of it's popularity to the generous support of my witness supporters

  • Foster engagement in between the contestants themselves to make it less of a frontal stage show and more of a community activity, I think that's probably the best way to keep it a fruitful and fun past-time for everyone involved.

You might have read the posts about the Googly Prize History and Prize-Pool-Ethics, if not, these go into a lot more details about my little contest.

Reading your links now :)

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Such a funny idea - lol

I hope someone tries it. Would be a shame for the bounty to go to waste.

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Thank you so much for resteeming @newbiegames !!!

You’re welcome
*(Ooops, wrong account - lol)


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thank you!

Thanks, @omitaylor, for setting up this bounty. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, but I always need an example to get how these things work.
From this contest I learned that if I set it up and ask people to do something particular, I need to be careful not to throw around upvotes to all comments like I normally do. Good to know!

Yeah I mad that mistake also...sigh... but it's a learning process.

That’s what you get for being a pioneer ;0)
Fortunately you didn’t set a 20sbd bounty

Haha! Very true. There is a way to award the bounty before it's automatically divided. I just have to figure it out haha. And now I have a reminder thing to tell me when it's the last minute so the next bounty should be okay. haaha.. oh man, and I want to try that steemit auction bot too. I'm just getting ahead of myself.

Going to manually make up for it this time. Next time no boo boo hahaha

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This sounds like an awesome contest! How long does each contest run?

Each contest runs the length of the contest post. This one has about 4.5 days left. :)
The next one will start about a week after this one ends.

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lol what a funny contest

Takes spunk to enter ;)