🏆 New Week, New Steemit Contest! 50 XMV to be won!

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The correct answers of our previous Steemit contest:


What's the name of this young Bitcoin Millionaire who bought Bitcoin when it was worth just 10 USD?

Erik Finman
Initial: F


What's the name of this "crypto" village, located in the heart of Europe?

Initial: Z


What's the name of the Rapper who recently launched his own Cryptocurrency?

Initial : Akon

The correct code was any combination of: FZA

🏆 Congratulations to @crypto-nuggets who got the right answer! 50 XMV have been already sent to your wallet.

Crypto Trivia

This week's Trivia is easy for everyone who is up to date with the latest Crypto Gossip 😉

Question #1: What's the name of this actor who will star in an upcoming Crypto inspired Thriller?


📝 Note: Take the initial of his last name. This movie is still in production.

Question #2: What's the name of the crypto exchange that recently sent 1 Million USD to help in disaster relief in West Japan?


📝 Note: It has been shared of Twitter.

Question #3: Which Car Company showcased their Blockchain Business in a recent TV Ad?


📝 Note: The ad was running during the world cup halftime break in the stadium and on TV.

Before submitting your answers, take the first letter of each answer and submit the 3 letter code in random order. Whoever posts the whole answer will be disqualified. For Example:

  • Answer #1: Gandalf
  • Answer #2: Tirol
  • Answer #3: Candy

In this example the initials would be GTC, to make it harder for anyone to crack your code, submit your answer in a random order like ALS. The initials of the correct answer are all unique.
Winner gets 50 XMV!

Contest Rules

  1. The contest runs from the 10th of July until the 15th of July.
  2. The Winner will be contacted directly and publicly announced on Steemit (16th of July).
  3. To participate, put your answer in the comment section below.
  4. Include your MoneroV Address so we can credit your win.
    The official Wallet is available on our Website: https://monerov.org/
  5. Upvote this post and follow @MoneroV on Steemit.
  6. Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/monero_v
  7. Your contest entry is only valid if you complete the 4 mentioned tasks.
  8. One Winner will receive the Grand prize of 50 XMV.
  9. If there are multiple correct answers, we will pick a random winner using https://www.random.org/
  10. If you submit the full answer of any of the questions you will be disqualified for this contest.
  11. Only one entry per user.

  12. thumbsup-200.gif

    Good Luck and have Fun 🙂

    I hope you enjoy this Crypto Trivia and don't forget to post your MoneroV Wallet Address so we can credit your win. Any questions, let me know in the comments below!


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XMV: 44Rx113MAMAaYXktzjAkguKe75j6dXKDRTmMWSVDkx9UiNarXVdgVAA5DxYVh9segFTJ4pVyNfUDXECZWauqGi6hLYNaQwy

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Crypto_Nuggets

Thanks for the last win - I just returned from camping and was happy to discover I'd won.

Followed you, good luck!

Answer: HRB

Address: 477F7Lo1LtDcrLaxSgq96TDDpMyNB1C817xNA3RyPLyQXqn2pyRZSmzJBKLqMdnRC7SQGmD389f2ze3MmvW1xvvr6NfMzvA

Answer is: BRH
Address: 463vSNtPhoRAhkBUzm8RQwZ1LFoyHiTLvhRCDC1bUDfXAU2ZP1WDznDBpqnkUPyBmxSxyQFpEmDymYMhTcJaZus6TobM9hL

Are you planning to address my concern regarding you last competition? https://steemit.com/contest/@monerov/re-crypto-nuggets-re-monerov-new-steemit-contest-solve-the-quiz-and-win-50-xmv-20180710t200814105z

Hi @johnd0e sorry about that, I replied to your comment, please check!

Thank you very much for your reply, I appreciate your openness.

Totally agree with your concern from the last contest.

@donald.porter please check the response I wrote to @johnd0e you also received the consolidation price.

@monerov Thanks guys, much respect!

My response: HBR

My address: 4Cd7rzeiqwQJe8dCZbQeQxeNHUV4P4w7hAJ2g8U2ciiEao2AmqN9tXEfngQaPGV6T2Sx9mEtCaEMzaCR53iQRJqEgg9opSDVtvi89rNdin

My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ELREYDELKAOS

Please retweet the contests on Twitter.

Good luck to all!

blockchain elreydelkaos.gif

🏆 Congratulations @elreydelkaos you won!

50 XMV have been already sent to your Wallet.
Winner Announcement: https://steemit.com/contest/@monerov/steemit-contest-winner-announcement

Thanks!!! #XMV received!

Answer: BHR

Address: 47XwvVJ5zWq5dS7xne4RLre6DNNm4u5RN9oLB76Lh6wuJZfR7sQ7xgfarH9F3EZXps9Sj17zpYZr9iePQ1z88fumAsVbPTC

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