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RE: 🏆 New Week, New Steemit Contest! 50 XMV to be won!

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My response: HBR

My address: 4Cd7rzeiqwQJe8dCZbQeQxeNHUV4P4w7hAJ2g8U2ciiEao2AmqN9tXEfngQaPGV6T2Sx9mEtCaEMzaCR53iQRJqEgg9opSDVtvi89rNdin

My Twitter account:

Please retweet the contests on Twitter.

Good luck to all!

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🏆 Congratulations @elreydelkaos you won!

50 XMV have been already sent to your Wallet.
Winner Announcement:

Thanks!!! #XMV received!