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RE: 🏆 New Week, New Steemit Contest! 50 XMV to be won!

in #contest2 years ago

Answer is: BRH
Address: 463vSNtPhoRAhkBUzm8RQwZ1LFoyHiTLvhRCDC1bUDfXAU2ZP1WDznDBpqnkUPyBmxSxyQFpEmDymYMhTcJaZus6TobM9hL

Are you planning to address my concern regarding you last competition?


Hi @johnd0e sorry about that, I replied to your comment, please check!

Thank you very much for your reply, I appreciate your openness.

Totally agree with your concern from the last contest.

@donald.porter please check the response I wrote to @johnd0e you also received the consolidation price.

@monerov Thanks guys, much respect!