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An initial coin offering or ICO is a way of fundraising that trades the future cryptocurrencies for those cryptos that are already well-established such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash or FIAT currencies. Investors fund these ICOs in order to get a higher return on their investment when the token is listed on exchanges and be available for trading.

During 2017, a significant exponential growth was observed in the crypto market and many investors benefited from the extreme volatile market. However, more than half of the ICOs were designed to raise the funds only with no clear purpose and it led to the loss of $2.76 billion. Thus the vetting is quite a challenge for the investors to evaluate which ICO to invest in to get returns on their investments because many new ICOs are coming up in the crypto market. There are some key factors that may lead to the success of an ICO, such as  it should solve real problems, the team should be credible, and should demonstrate commitment.

What is Vertex Market?

Vertex Market is the decentralized ICO aftermarket platform that makes this vetting process easier for you. The goal of the Vertex Market is to make sure that the investor participates in a genuine ICO and gets return on their investment. In the Vertex aftermarket, the ICOs that are successful, or have greater chance of success and likely to be listed to exchanges, can be bought. The ICO will be listed on the Vertex Market after an extensive vetting process.

What does Vertex Market offer to the investors?

Often times, investors find it difficult to participate in an ICO because the tokens are already sold out during the private sale, and never become public. Vertex Market offers an opportunity to the investors to buy tokens even after they are sold out, under much better conditions and price than the one during the ICO.

What does Vertex Market offer to the ICOs?

An ICO that meets the Vertex evaluation criteria will be bought by Vertex and listed on the aftermarket and will be open for Vertex investors to invest their funds in the project. The ICO will get free advertisement on the Vertex platform and Vertex Seal of Approval. ICOs will also get support and consultation from Vertex.

Type of ICOs approved by Vertex Market

Vertex will offer both utility and security tokens on the platform. Tokens that are related to gambling or any addictive substances will not be approved by Vertex.

How does the Vertex platform work?

Vertex platform will be powered by Vertex tokens. These tokens will be used to invest in the vetted tokens; thus, investors who wish to make investment in an ICO project should own Vertex tokens, which will be used to purchase the desired ICO tokens. Vertex will get the ICO tokens at a discounted price at the time of ICO sale, and Vertex token holders can only purchase these vetted tokens after the public sale is over.

The Vertex Token

Vertex tokens (VTEX) are ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum blockchain. The total supply of VTEX is 300 million and 60% of it will be available for public sale. 

The Vertex Wallet

Vertex will offer its own ERC-20 compatible wallet, where the users will store their ERC-20 tokens. The wallets will be secured with private keys and users accounts with 2FA.

Video Review

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The Task

Write in your own words about Vertex Market, its vision and mission, and what type of benefits it would offer for the users; who will benefit from Vertex Market, and how would the platform and the aftermarket work? What are the current problems in the crypto world that Vertex Market would solve? You can also write about your own feelings when investing in an ICO, and how will you benefit from Vertex Market.

The Rules

  •  Join the airdrop of the Vertex Market (Optional, but recommended).
  • Write about Vertex Market. Your writing should be original; you can use the VertexMarket website and the whitepaper but don't copy paste and don't forget to add all the sources you used at the end of your article.
  • Pay special attention to the format.
  • Maximum words : 1200.
  • Write in English.
  • Create a separate post. The post should start as follows: "This is my entry for the sponsored writing contest organized by @monajam. You can find the contest here". Link to this contest must be provided in your post.
  • Drop the URL of your post in the comment section below.

The Reward

  • 1st place - 30 Steem
  • 2nd place - 25 Steem
  • 3rd place - 20 Steem
  • 4th, 5th, 6th place - 15 Steem each
  • 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th place - 10 Steem each
  • 20 Honorable Mentions - 1 Steem each

Additional Rewards

YouTube Video - 2 Steem each for top 10 videos

  • Make a video about Vertex Market and upload it on your YouTube channel

Upvote from @monajam

  • Use my app to post about Vertex Market on Steemit and get a 50% to 100% upvote from me, if I like your writing. Please note that I will get back my SP, that I delegated, in a day or two, so I will upvote your post then. If you use my app, one of your tags should be 'rewardhub', so I can find your post.

The Deadline

1st September 2018

Thanks to...

I am really grateful to @aschatria who has created this app for me on github.


Thanks for sharing this interesting platform, i like the concept which is double useful, once providinng some quality rating of ICOs and then improving accessibility. It means, the platform itself will participate in the icos to gain the tokens to sell on later?

Having serious power issues. Happy I could still make an entry

Here's my link. https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@donnest/meet-vertex-the-future-and-solution-to-ico-s

I love this.

My entry is loading.... 2%.

Hope it will be loaded 100% before the deadline ;)

Awesome :)
Results will be published on Monday, next week.

Okay. Thanks for the feedback :)

Here is my Entry:


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Thanks @monajam for making this app available to us. Sadly, I was not able to use it while posting my contest despite how hard I tried. I've seen others using it here. I think the problem is from my browser. Below is a picture of the error message. I'll continue to try it in my subsequent posts.

No problem :)

Happy day @monajam, this is my entry to the contest, I love this type of writing but I got it late, I hope the next one is with more time, thanks for reading me and for the opportunity


Ofcourse i will drop a little review...

Very interesting contest @monajam :)

Great contest and project @monajam and congrats on your new app

I still dont understand

Create a separate post

Are contestants to write two post?

No, one post :)
Just make a post about Vertex Market and post, and then drop ur link in the comments section of the contest post.

Okay thanks @monajam
My entry soon to come

I have to try

Hello @monajam i was completed article writting about #vertex market..

And also join #airdrop and doing to increaseing referral
my telegram ID -https://t.me/abulhasanat47

This my entry


@monajam check my Entry please

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Would love to enter but I’d rather not post using someone’s app.

Im glad to see @monajam that you're organizing another contest.

Im not much of a writter myself but I will be happy to help you and get some extra traffic if you like me to. Im personally in touch with over 50 bloggers on Steemit and I can email them and share this link.


Very cool, i will try to post something, hope it can be soon, this contest and Vertex seems very interesting, in deed i would join on the airdrop using myetherwallet.

Nice and very good post, thankyou for sharing @monajam

Hi @monajam. I'm done with my entry. Here it is; https://steemit.com/rewardhub/@justinayomide/vertex-worlds-first-ico-aftermarket

I joined the airdrop too.😋😋

mmm good! I like it, I'll do it @monajam

This Is awesome... Let's get started

Thanks for this opportunity @monajam. I'll get right to writing mine immediately.

Awesome :) Looking forward to your entry @davonicera

@monajam, well done.
You did a brilliant work up there earnestly.
I am proud of Vertex token for not encouraging activities which could be harmful and injurious to our state of socialisation. Not supportting 'gambling' is a bold decision to be direct.

I pray that you win. I really do!
I have curated you and I am sharing for others to acknowldge your clean article and/or pertake in the contest.
͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

@monajam, have you seen my entry??

I used your app, and i didn't get an upvote from you. I wonder why

Great contest @monajam! I will be writing my entry soon.

What happens if the entry has more than 1200 words?

Hi @dedicatedguy
That's no problem :)

Do join the airdrop and also spread your link. The tokens will be released after 6th September.
Good luck :)

I like the Vertex Market project. I really believe that it is important for investors to receive aid on which ICO's have the best project and which ones are more likely to succeed.

Good information what you are going through, and especially the contest. I will surely be participating.


Yes, that's what interests me the most about Vertex. I will look forward to your entry :)

@monajam..... I think vertex will surely solve problems related to ICOs and it will also be a great benefit for ICOs investors as they will be able know how genuine such ICOs are before investing.

I can't really wait to take part in this contest 😀

Thanks for sharing this great post with love [email protected] in courtesy of @crypto.piotr.

Until what hour of September 1 will we have the chance to upload our post? Thanks for this contest!

It's flexible. In the last contest, we accepted someone's post that was submitted after the deadline. So few hours, it is not a problem.

This is an interesting contest.

I am happy to participate in this contest,thanks for the opportunity @monajam

You are welcome :)

Join this airdrop because it will end soon

Hello friend how are you, I hope I'm not too late to the contest, I'm from Venezuela and we've had big problems with light and to put together this post you need to investigate, Regards

Nice :) Thanks for your participation. Results will be published on Monday, next week.

I like it, it looks very interesting the vertex project thanks @monajam

Great thing that you are encouraging us with this amazing contest. It's not much time remain but I will surely try this @monajam.


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hello @monajam , Thanks for organising this beautiful contest this is my entry for the contest😁


Here is my entry

Thanks for organizing the contest @monajam!

Awesome I will try to post my review hopefully I'm still on time

My entry here.

Thanks for the contest!

Wow, time to sharpen my writing skills.

This is an interesting contest @monajam

...and this project is also really great! I hope you would like it. Looking forward to your entry :)

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My entry on its way.

Looking forward :)

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Hey @monajam,
This is my entry, Tried posting with your app but it didn't go through, got some error messages. Thanks for the Contest though.


hi @monajam

I tried using your platform but it kept giving me an error. anyways here is my submission for the writing competition https://steemit.com/rewardhub/@chekohler/vertex-aftersale-token-market-and-ico-vetting-ecosytem

Hello @monajam, thank you very much for this opportunity and this excellent initiative to learn more about these projects.

Here I leave my participation for the contest


Hi @monajam

I find the project interesting, and although it is not my mother tongue, I will participate in it, I hope to do it well.

Note: You know about other writing projects like this, apart from @originalworks. I'm from Venezuela and these contests help us a lot to win Steem and improve our finances. Thank you.

Hi @trituratusmiedos,

I know 2 more accounts that are related to @originalworks

  1. https://steemit.com/@mediaworks (Graphic design contests)
  2. https://steemit.com/@bountyworks (This account posts about airdrops/ bounties sometimes)

I look forward to your entry.

THANK YOU. I already knew about @mediaworks from the other one is the first news I have. See you in the contest

There are not too many of them. But always go to the contest tag as you can stumbble into one from time to time.

Thanks so much for this contest!!

Looking forward to your entry :)

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Oh friend, you've been away for sometime, happy you are back with this amazing project. I will be glad to look at it. Hope you are doing great.

Hey :)

Yes, I am good!
Thanks you like this project. Hope to see your entry :)

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This was such a wonderful contest. I was not yet conversant with the app created by @aschatria. I promise to get more used to it with ntime, I just hope it does not affect my performance.

Here is the link to my post


I will try to submit an entry soon. Thanks @monajam.

Looking forward to it.
Do join the airdrop now because it will end soon.

Sure. I have joined the airdrop but I'm a bit confused because after joining their telegram, I went back to check for my referral link and how to login to their official platform to get my referral link which I couldn't @monajam. Please help.

The airdrop will end on 6th September, so try to share your referral link, as you will get 6 tokens for each referral. They said they will send the tokens after 6th September to the ETH wallet.

I'm working towards the refferals. Thanks.

Here is my entry with the Video Bonus, thanks @monajam and Vertex for this Contest!


(I use your app)

Hello @monajam...
Thanks for this contest, I hope these word length rules apply because it would be unfair if some of us work our ass out trying to limit the flow of our creativity 😂😂and some others just let it out and we get Judged equally.
I'm just appealing for a fair play and let max 1200 words be max 1200words.
Thanks sir ...

This will be the second of your contest I'll be participating in...😏

The decision will be their's :) But write as you like; I think 1200 words are OK, but I will also ask them to make sure.

Below is my entry for the 200 Steem Sponsored Writing Contest - Vertex Market


I posted using your app

Happy to find this contest. Hmm, are there any other aftermarkets in the crypto space?

So far as I know, this is the first aftermarket :)

You are welcome :)
Results will be published on Monday, next week.

@monajam This is my publication on Vertex. Vertex seemed to me a platform with great potential because it will allow people to invest their money safely.

Yes, I hope so. It will do all the research about an ICO that we should do, so will make things easier for us :)

it is learn for new comer.hope we learn.