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Since the introduction or should I say creation of Bitcoin the cryptoshere has experienced massive appreciation and adoption. This has led to the daily introduction of different projects and teams who invest into ICOs with the hope of gaining returns from their invesents when their token becomes available for trading.
With the introduction of blockchain technology it has put other industry on check as new solutions are daily introduced rapidly. This is driven by the teams desire to produce specific decentralised applications that will help provide better solutions.


The challenge however is that as projects are being introduced, of course competition is tight as teams are working endlessly to be and provide the best solutions, it becomes a challenge decifering which has the adequate know how, knowledge and qualifications to deliver on its promises.

In 2017 the cryptosphere experiences massive growth and success as investors gained good returns on investments on ICOs but reverse has been the case as these ICOs didn't encompass sustainable plans towards growth. They concentrated more on raising funds for the ICOs thereby neglecting the most important aspects of sustainability. This led to a loss amounting to about $2.76 Billion.

Now investors who look to investing in upcoming ICOs are faced with the challenge of vetting which ICO can be invested in. This is a rigorous process as it also one that comes with a lot of risk and is delicate as investors stands the risk of loosing valuable investment peradventure the invest In the wrong ICO.

This as led to a decline in ICO investments are growing/upcoming ICO find it difficult to gain investors ready to support their project but who would blame them. No sane business person wants to run into a loss. What's the solution?

How can this be Made easy?

Vertex Market

Vertex Market is a decentralized platform that has the investors interest at heart by making sure proper vetting is done to ensure that the Investors Invests in the ICO that can bring returns to investments. ICOs that successfully goes through the vertex vetting procedures stands a better chance of gaining approval on the exchange.

How does Vertex works

One of the problems faced by investors is that purchasing ICO tokens because these tokens get sold out during the private sales given investors no chance at purchasing them. Vertex gives investors a better purchasing opportunity of purchasing tokens even when they are sold out and at a more affordable rate.

Okay let me break it down for you

It works this way...
Vertex first purchases the tokens during the ICO period, and the put is up for sale before the token gets to the exchange. This implies that in every ICO it vets vertex will be one of the early participants in the tokens purchase thereby allowing users liberty to purchase on the vertex platform at a discounted price and also because vertex runs a decentralized platform users can purchase using any wallet.
well the purchase isn't all discounted. The first 50% of the token will be sold at 10% discount which goes to the early birds and the next 25% wouldn't be discounted and the last 25% will be increase by 10% in the vertex market.


How does this benefits the ICO

ICOs that passes the vetting stage, or that meet the vertex criteria will experience more investment expo in the sense that vertex will advertise them free off charge on the vertex aftermarket platform and also vertex investors will be free to invest in the ICO. These ICOs will get firsthand treatment from vertex.

Vision and Purpose of Vertex

Vertex is working towards becoming the first platform that protects users investments in acquiring ICO tokens by carefully vetting these ICOs before they get to the exchange. It then becomes easier for investors to put their money having full assurance that they will get returns from investment thereby avoiding low quality ICO projects. Vertex is motivated to help users with little or no knowledge about projects make quality decisions regarding their investment by helping through the decision process. They do this by directly acquiring all informations necessary about the project and its management processes too.

The Mission

The mission is to make sure that ICOs and projects gets good funding thereby showcasing the good ones with great potential to investors and users. This will help easen the process of deciding what ICO is best to invest in with huge prospects and also help save users the risks of making wrong decisions with their investments. Also it plans on helping suffering ICOs who are not receiving adequate supports and investment which most projects now suffer.


The getting process is broken down into 6 basic steps that will help rank and differentiate ICO with high potentials to those of lower potentials. Also projects that promotes the use of Tobacco and alcohol will be rejected by vertex.

The vetting Steps


Vertex will first be sure to collate all information as regards the ICO projects and all management procedures involved.


Then they will proceed to evaluate data collected with eyes on weak spots that might dimerit the project or that might disqualify the projects potential to deliver.


The Third step is one of the most important step that will involve the expacts analyzing the nature of the project and measure in which they plan to adopt in achieving success. If the plan isn't a realistic one the project will be dumped. In fact most of the Projects will be rejected at this stage.


This is a cross examination stage similar to the third stage where a large number of projects will be vetted out.


This is a very important phase as it involves face to face communication. this stage involves having a personal meeting with the brains behind the project and the team. At the stage a deeper assessment is carried out to understanding how the team works and at this stage 50% of the ICO will be vetted out.


This final step is the agreement stage is it involves practically explaining to the team how the ICO works and how investment will be made into the project. also the use of the VTEX token will be deliberated upon.


VTEX token is a blockchain ERC-20 token which is the purchasing power on the Vertex market. Users looking to purchase other ICO will need this token to execute exchange on the platform.

Who Benefits from this

Users and investors who look at making deliberately and profitable investment in ICOs will benefit from vertex as it prevents them from running into a loss by properly vetting these iCos.

How does this benefits the cryptosphere?

vertex directly benefits the entire crypto community because it help crypto users know what ICO they can invest in and also help vet out undeserving ICOs squandering investments. This will reduce the loss the industry currently suffers. Also ICOs that scales through the vetting process will get the investment and exposure they deserve. This also cuts down the fear most users have in ICOs and crypto at large where people will be excited and look forward to investing so as to make profits.


The current loss in the industry or should I say failure of ICOs to meet their expectations have sent wrong signals to investors thereby short changing successful projects and ICOs of worthy investments and investors due to fear. Most individual do not posses the know how to differentiate between these ICOs which has been the problem.
Vertex is a platform that is specially designed with You in mind.
By creating a platform that will help you with the vetting process where a team of experts in their field will intensively evaluate these ICO thereby securing its users from making future bad investments. The platform also provides users with the right knowledge of what Projects can be invested in with the right prospects. This is the solution we've all been waiting for, as ICOs who are vetted out can go back to the drawing board and working on their applications so as to achieve success and meet users needs adequately and also will also help push progress and profit in the industry at large.



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