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This is rather coincidental, and I will like to draw wisdom from it.

You see, I was playing BEACH BUGGY RACING, so I've come to this mission that has refused me to scale through, I taught it right to buy another car, to me, a more strong and fast car, I went to the car shop, I saw this big car, with high strength percentage than the other, I bought that car, and it tore me 3days to build the car to 1000HP that's require to compete in that race, only for me to discover that the car is just I was of time and my precious coin, it pained me so bad because I have invested my time and coin in the wrong car.

This prompted me actually to liken this happened to the market of crptocurrencies. Crptocoins has the tendency of changing an individuals life for good and also the high chances of breaking it for sad when you invest in the wrong coin token,
Not the fact that there is high scam in fake coin, there is also high Percentage increases in the depression in values of coins these day, and I call it BAD MARKET.
The rate at which coins value depreciate, its made it almost impossible for investors to invest in any ICOs. Because this is @steemit, you will agree with me that most persons would rather choose to mining it that investing in it, so to that, person's are taking profit and there is no injection of new fund, which is why steem/ SBD which are official coin for this platform is falling everyday.

Every day we see New airdrops of different coins, that wants to be listed in the exchange market, but how many has the tendency to remain relevant, what is the chances that if I invest I would get return for my investment?
that is why I introduce to you vertex

What is vertex market?

Vertex Market is the decentralized ICO aftermarket platform that makes the vetting of ICOs easier for you.
The goal is to restore investors confidence, to make sure that investors only invest in genure and profitable ICO.


In vextex Market community there are group of individuals, highly rated investors, whom has be in the game before you, there are person that had invested in so many businesses/capacities, and are expect in determining a profitable investments. Their work is to recommend a genuine ICO that has the capacity to stand the sound of time, they do the vetting for your, and list it is the vertex platform for you to choose which to put your money into.
Remember again, investors confidence and returns for invest is the soul aim, so you don't have to invest in the wrong token.

Mission and Vision of vertex

The mission and vision is quite understandable even for a merely layman.
Not everybody can ascertain profitable ventures, but the need to venture is almost irresistible. So let the able professional team in vertex do the vetting for you, why you invest and get your returns. So I will say

  • To restore investor confidence in ICO investment.

  • Eliminate fake token from coin market

_ this is because vertex only list genuine and certified ICO on their platform, so those person that wish to invest, invest in only genuinely enlist ICO

Actually, there is a lot of improvement that vertex could offer in the digital money market.
Because of it ability to vet genuine coin for it user, future coin tech developer could access the expertise of vertex professionals to give advice before any ICO can be deployed for purchase.
Also I minimal level of successful vetting could inject more money into ICO trading, by creating investment in digital coin market.

So user of vertex market
platform has a lot to gain, because you are given the best offer of coin even when they have been purchase, with a return to your invest,

So how does the vertex market

platform work

platform has what is called a vertex token, so potential investors that wish to invest in vetted token will have to purchase a vertex token which will be used to buy any vetted token on the vertex market at a discount price, but only after the ICO is been sold out.

So sources of information about vertex are from

Vertex white paper

Vertex website

It a contest and you can join here


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