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So it was a suprisingly difficult choice but #1 has to go to @gamsam just because his post makes me vaguely happy, slightly confused and abnormally gregarious much like mixing benzos and booze. Witness:

"1011100011001010101110001101001010100101010101010101010001010101011010101001010000110101001001111100010101110001110001010101010010100001101000010100101101110001100101010111000110100101010010101010101010101000101010101101010100101000011010100100111110001010111000111000101010101001010000110100001010010110111000110010101011100011010010101001010101010101010100010101010110101010010100001101010010011111000101011100011100010101010100101000011010000101001011011100011001010101110001101001010100101010101010101010001010101011010101001010000110101001001111100010101110001110001010101010010100001101000010100101 *res1t * r0set *reset 1101

Sorry, first paragraph was in codes
Hello 1100100 people of planet earth, I am Paul and I am not a robot. I guess I have to prove that to @mitthradiumn and not y'all so let's get to it. What kind of name is that by the way😒

Disclaimer - That was the second paragraph in case you didn't notice.
Now lemme proof myself. Robots don't go through shit, I've been through shit....
....and piss.
Hit the hood when I was 6 with no one to fend for (robo-boys always got someone to fend for them. Them scientists on white coats and funny glasses)

Made the streets home and still surviving, found a living and now gotta go through school. Why do people even have to go to school? Robots don't go to school, and they know everything. The tiny chips in their small heads that holds tons of books.
I guess the hardship of school alone is enough to proof I am human.

by @gamsam

I mean, how can you not like this guy?

5 SBD is yours buddy, lemme know the URLs of the posts you want upvoted.

The initial contest post can be found here I think it's definitley worth a read, shit got weird fast and excessively. Lots of new interesting posters and me being charmingly irreverent but warm as usual. The @mitthradiumn special. People say that.


What a code of contact you have mention

Hello weird m-named guy. You finally believed I'm not a robot huh? I was a able to get rid of the code language and fully got integrated with the language of you humans.

I tricked you all. 😂😂

Thanks a lot for the selection. I believe it was really hard making a selection from the tons of high level weird stuff that was submitted.

Appreciate your efforts to make steem super fun as well.
Links coming up.

man, i should have poster a picture of me before and after... that is definitely non robot like... its not like we can change skins or anything... oh

:P Congrats @gamsam! you are the non-botiest bot :)

You really should do😀
Thanks a lot @ankapolo

I'm glad you are giving it to him, that was also my choice!
I approve of your biases and your congruency and integrity of character.
You have done well. Good little contest and looking forward to the next one x
Peace @mitthradiumm (yeah, seriously, what kind of a name is that?)

Mithril Radium bra you need to stop playing runescape

Myth-ray-di-um! It rolls off the tongue!

Which is a bastardized spelling of Mithradates not some base rune scaping... rune word together namer.

n for the record 60 troll backstab rogue horde vanilla pvp rank 11 ambush build ON DIALUP



I'm sorry it took me 4 days to LOL at this

LOL. Fucking OG eyyy

I never got passed level 47 with a mount in Vanilla... I was too young LOL

Pretty sure I worked harder for my first mount than my first car.

Lied, 100% sure.

Yo I know right

Gold in vanilla ^^

Mind fuck

People say that huh?, you are a trip.

Good pick on your contest, he gave you a run for the money.

Well, people say that people say that. I've heard.

I believe they's that draw to the unique special-ness you have that keeps me clicking. I must admit a touch of sarcasm mixed with warmth has a particular draw for me.

I believe the french or some other deviant language calls it j'nes c'est quai - rough translation I can get away with saying anything due to adopting an irrestibly amicable tone.

He's actually just an asshole though.

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