🔥Do you enjoy art? - Winners🔥 [Contest #1]

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Hello Steemians! A big thanks to all the participants in MakersPlace's "Do you enjoy art?" contest. The submissions were great! Here are the winners for this contest:

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Special Mentions

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What a surprise :) I am very happy that I was chosen as the winner. I also want to congratulate the other winners and participants for their entrys, because all these participations were inspiring <3

I have participated in this contest without hope. There are so many people with wonderful works that inspire, that I underestimated my work. This second position is helping me to increase my confidence a little. Cheer up ... !!! I have found my miracle.

Felicidadessss a todos. @makersplace. tuvo un trabajo duro la anterior semana. Muy buenos artistas expresando su arte. Gracias por la labor.

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