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Hello Steemians! MakersPlace is curious to know...


1st place will win 70% of the post rewards, and 30 Steem from MakersPlace.

2nd place will receive 20% of the post rewards, and 15 Steem from MakersPlace.

3rd place will receive 10% of the post rewards, and 5 Steem from MakersPlace.

DEADLINE: May 9th, 2019


Leave a comment on this post, attaching a piece of artwork, and explain why you like it. If you can link to the original artwork, even better!

The artwork does not need to be your own. You may submit as many pieces as you want, but you will only be eligible for one prize. For example, if you submit two pieces of art, you cannot win both 1st and 3rd prizes. Only one of your pieces will be selected to win a prize. So submitting more art may increase your chances of winning a prize, but it's impossible to win extra prizes.

Upvote and Resteem this post.

Promote your submission to friends and followers, to get more upvotes! Entries will be evaluated based on the combination of the art piece, the reason, and the number of upvotes.

If you have any questions about the contest, or want to join a community of art enthusiasts to chat with, feel free to drop by the MakersPlace Discord Channel.


  • You must submit artwork by leaving a comment on this post, explaining why you like it.
  • You must Upvote and Resteem this post to be eligible to win.
  • Submissions are closed once this post pays out in 7 days.

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I love pencildrawing art which is full of details but this painting at a completely different level ..
you can see the realism in lighting more than perfect ,details of the face , eyes, hair and beard are just amazing...
The gray background gives another dimension of the image...
This painting managed to move a lot of emotions inside me...

I do not know this artist personally,but I really respect him and appreciate time he spent in this creation

Img Source:https://www.instagram.com/p/BxIgnQOpay2/



I am giving this beautiful piece my like simply because it is an amazing and fantastic sand sculpture which the artist has shared for us to enjoy. I am very much impressed with the fact that they look larger at the bottom and pointy at the top. This proves the obeisance of his sculpture to science in relation to the law of gravity which makes it even more interesting. The creativity put into this is something that wow me. I also love the way the light and shadows reflect and refract in its caverns when the sculpture is shown some light at night as shown in this piece. The fact that it was sculpted in an upside position makes it quite outstanding and it really amazes me and shows the amount of creativity and time put into this by the artist.

The artwork is taken from here

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This is a really beautiful work of art.
It entails the African culture.

I love this piece of art for its bold representation of the people of the Black race.
The necklace, the hair plaiting design and the body wrapper all transcribe the way of life and cladding of the African people.

The piece of art was crafted from the perception of the Maasai people of Kenya.

Originally posted by @elsiekjay on steemit.
Post source: https://partiko.app/@elsiekjay/anundervaluedartyaffairmarketfridayspart2nairobikenya15artanyone-e6emw87e0k

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Art title "Why?"

Medium: charcoal and graphite pencil on paper

I like this beautiful and amazing artwork simply because it embodies the feeling and regrets of war... Why do we kill and slaughter ourselves when we can all show love and End the cycle of hate......This artwork was prepared as a measure to ensure peace reign in our various society so that we can have a better world together as one. This artwork is produced and owned by a close friend of mine called Ojumu Victor from college.

The Potato Eaters (Dutch: De Aardappeleters)

I like this because artist Vincent van Gogh is my all time favorite artist and his work is resplendent. This piece of art has a quaint history attached to it, what fascinates me is how this creation was recovered a couple of times. There's many versions of this painting, each one is a masterpiece. The wikipedia page shared as 'source' contains many other wonderful arts by this artist too. Thank you very much and good luck everyone.

Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Potato_Eaters

Image Source

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I don't know the the exact meaning that artist tried to convey ...
But, this painting ignited in me only one feeling which is the concept of cooperation and assistance among people...

It is simple and does not contain many colors or effects, but simply speaks about the talent and professionalism of the painter
I really love it...

Source: http://www.hawaalive.net/women/showthread.php?p=3276847

I love this painting because of the colours & flowers. The flowers are Suriname’s national flowers, called the ‘Palulu’ also known as Heliconia bihai. For me this painting expresses Crazy Beautiful World.

This is one of the many artworks from my sister in law. She is very creative and talented.unnamed.jpg

I like this artworks because they are very beautiful and natural with lots of details with cute and pleasant colors.

Artist: Anastasia Morskaya
You can see other great artworks in this link
Source: https://www.instagram.com/maybenorma/



This is my latest artwork and I really love this drawing because it is almost perfect when I create this art work and also it is my first-time to use a new medium which is White charcoal pencil.


Some of my artwork are posted on my YouTube channel.
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3ndMCsw-BZUec9Rx2VcgA

Well, if we can submit as many pieces as we'd like, I may submit a handful.

I believe art is a primary aspect of existence, and that it goes beyond simply the needs of human beings. All things are engaged in a process of dislocation and earnest struggle to recoalesce to oneness, and return to the unified whole that is God/The Universe/I Am. Therefore, the longing for connection exists within everything, and artistic expression is a potent driver of emotional connection as well as an effective pressure release valve for personal catharsis.

That said, here are two pieces of original artwork I created in homage to one of my favorite actors. The first is called The Awakening of Cage, in which Nic opens his third eye and groks all. The title of the second is contained within the image itself.

IMG_9280_vectorized (Large).png

IMG_2512_vectorized (Large).png

I'll post some more soon.


I am doing some digital art myself and am already on a different platform. It's always hard explaining why you like your own artwork, but I would say because it is all about cryptolife and the simplicity.

Here is the link to the original artwork of mine.




Esta fotografía me parece excepcional ya que, muestra la obra y dentro de ella a su artista, literalmente hablando, con cierta sensación de mimetizarse entre sí.

Fuente: http://ramonconde.com/ramonconde/Bienvenida.html

Yes I enjoy art, knowing about artists and their techniques.


This is a piece by Tuncay Deniz.

You can see the quality of graphite pencil usage in black and gray tones. The realism in details and lighting are perfect. Images are very vivid but soft. In some of his works, I find it very contemporary to use Instagram Models as content and to work with his own technique.

He is one of my artist friend in İstanbul Turkey. We gather few times a year. We studied art in same highschool and university. We had a very traditional art training. As a curator this is why my eyes and knowledge accept his art. Ofcourse also you will like his drawing and painting skills (technique, lightining, composition, content) that i thought.

Knowing artist, adds more respect and senses to their art for me also.

You can visit my curation post and get more information about Tuncay Deniz's art.


Image Source:

Medium: Ink on Paper

This is a pen drawing i completed last two weeks. It took me a total of 7days with about 7-8hours daily. I love this particular one because of the efforts i put into it, ensuring it went perfect.
I prefer the cross-hatching technique in my drawings but this one i decided to use the hatching technique. I also made a post on its procedures. I love this art because it is a product of trying something new

The theme is centered on happiness. Happiness is exclusive, it cannot be bought nor sold. We must learn to see the good in everything, live for the present, do what makes us happy and live everyday like it is our last day on earth

"Paper and Pen"

This Is my choice. I was Just bored when i made it, and i was Just in love... That's why it's important to me.

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This picture proved to me that simple equipment can make a great art...

This old wire ,rusty screw and corroded mineral piece have gathered together in the hands of a genius artist to create a wonderful piece of art...


img source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/art-creative-creativity-exhibition-1660/

When I see this picture I hear it say:
The Real artist not only paints things correctly but puts them in their proper place as well...henry-co-591427-unsplash.jpg

Img source: https://unsplash.com/photos/9QAfsPuGFhs

I hate politics and I do not like talking about it , But We have to say "No" in some cases...
I think this person will not achieve any of his promises, and certainly will not make America great again ...
"Make America white again"

Source: https://www.newsweek.com/trump-art-make-america-white-again-pulled-exhibit-1394215

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Original job from @artmedina.

Hello to all the enthusiasts!

That as I decided to show why "Art" moves their hearts. At this moment I present to you one of my works done on canvas. Art is important in my life, since I was little. I do not really remember the reason for the age specified when you touch the paintings for the first time, you only have a need to draw and try to understand the world around me. I imagined capturing the beautiful, as it seemed to me, with the help of my eyes and my hands that seem to go in perfect synchrony. I refer to the information about the satisfaction of a finished work. He helped me to know more about myself, in the pasture extrapolate it for others to observe part of what I have inside. Thank you for reading. :D


This painting is titled "The ship of butterflies" author Salvador Dalí. This painter was of great artistic influence in my own works. When I saw your work, it was the first time I knew the surrealist term, identify me instantly. In this work it will be specified when I see the butterflies, the skies, the sea and the game with objects transforming them completely. It inspires me a lot, it helps me to imagine new worlds and a way of seeing things. "Art" according to me, which translates into the eras and the emotion of emotions. Thanks for reading me :D


Why do I like art? In other posts, I said that art inspires me a lot, it helps me to imagine new worlds and new ways of seeing things. I really feel very happy at the moment of painting, encouraging myself and raising my security to tell them that my works each contains fragments of me and that makes it special. For patience; for example, the fact of seeing the paint dry, so that we can understand the work better and focus on the relationship that exists between the elements of nature; As they are: water, air, fire and earth. I was surprised at how wonderful the ocean is. I consider majestic to witness the beautiful luminous reflection of the moon on the waves of the sea. It is the same effect that can be obtained with a mirror, when looking at our face in the mirror, the moon could reflect on the earth and why are the mountains that are seen inside the moon. Thanks for reading me!! :D
LUNA.jpgOriginal job from @artmedina.

My appreciation for art is partly because it is an intelligent way to take advantage of the spaces in our house or the abandoned land. Art steals our sighs wherever it goes and we find it. The pieces like this give me back the smile after a hard day and stress in the big city.
I admire the ability of urban artists to capture our attention. In things like these, I think when they tell me why I like art? in Rebellion, social feeling, embellishment, inspiration, dedication and effort. The author of this work I do not know because this work is able to observe in social networks.


In this second entry I reaffirm what I think and admire art. Wow, get the splendor of the simple! The work of art was developed by artists known around the world as (OS GEMEOS), They managed to delight me with this immense mural, but more magnificent is their creativity, that ability to convert an idea or sketch, materialize it through art. and the conversion into a work worthy of appreciation in every way. It obtains a great value due to the social connotation it reflects and flashes of colors that highlight the motive of the work.
os gemeos.png

Img source:https://theculturetrip.com/europe/italy/articles/street-art-twins-osgemeos-paint-large-mural-in-milan/

The sad death of king kong STEP BY STEP + ANIMATION GIF

gif deaht of king kong.gif

King Kong is one of my animated shorts, I liked it a lot for the time I dedicated to create it, in it you will be able to appreciate how man can treat animals unjustly.
The love for animation at a very young age was born in me, I had a dream and I still keep that dream of being a caricaturist alive.
My inspirations began when I saw the Walt Disney animations in movies. I remember that Pinocchio caught my attention at the cinema and I wanted to create cartoons and give them life.
I hope to make an animated short film in the old way, soon I will be sharing more Gif animation works in this beautiful Steemit community and in this fantastic Marketplace contest.

Graphite Art GIF the dinosaurs The End

The end of the dinosaurs is one of my works where I wanted to imply that we will not always have control over the existence in this world, the end is near that God has mercy on humanity.
As I speak to you in the entrance 1 I hope to have a lot of inspiration to be able to share my art with you, I am @jesusmedit I love you so much until the next <3

300 Spartans VS Thousands of Persians- by andreasalas


It has been almost a year since I started sharing content on this platform and I want to highlight this gif as one of the first jobs I wanted to give movement. I found it very comical after it was finished and I realized that you can always do something new with our work. For me it is not about innovating but about exploring things that I did not know and enjoying the process.

Jhon coffey
After I was characterized by my work always in graphite I was encouraged to try the color and it is something that I have loved and I have not been able to stop since then.
This is a kind of tribute to a movie that really struck me "The Green Mile". I wanted to represent in a graphic way a "miracle" happening. It has been a very enriching journey and I hope to continue collecting pearls of wisdom and artistic style in my future works.
Milagro gif.gif

Next vision from some alien planet far far away. But in fact just a long exposure sunset at Baltic Sea using some colored filters. And yes, sometimes even the stones have own faces, like particular one. Do you see it? :)

Well, my photography style could be quite easily recognized by boosted colors. And sometimes even using some additional color filters is just a lot of fun trying to get something.. unusual

Enjoy the scenery!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


I love this painting
The artwork above is a amazing and beautiful digital painting showing the foothills eye that is tearing and forming a river.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/aquasixio/

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