DRESS ME-LUIGI CONTEST - round 2 DRAW ME A NEW HAT - 4 SBDs to share =))

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Hi creative fellows !

Seems to be time for another round of DRESS ME-LUIGI CONTEST ! =)) After the beautiful propositions of suits you made to me in the last one (see the results here),
I'm impatient to see what you will create with this new theme, illustrated with this unachieved drawing by my human artist @barbara-orenya :



See Barbara 's post on the Work In Process for this drawing...

Well the aim is for me to have new hats, so make whatever you want with my body,

so it could as well only be a portrait ,
if you don't feel the skills for drawing a body ;-)

On the other hand, you have to keep my face quite the way it is and draw me a new hat !

Of course you are free to create a whole scene or imagine whatever else you want, the only mandatory thing is an hat, a cap, a sombrero, a borsalino, a clafouti or any whimsies on my head, whatever !


Indeed, we are used to wear some cool hats here...;-)

points roses.png

Here is the drawing you can start with


Now you have my face, be free, playful, creative and happy !


  • Make a post with title "DRESS ME-LUIGI CONTEST - round 2 DRAW ME A NEW HAT by @luigi-the-gnome"
    and add a link to this post
  • Leave a link to your post on the comments below + a photo of your drawing, to make sure I won't miss your proposition ;-)
  • Not mandatory but always much appreciated : resteem this post for more participants,
    I might cancelled the contest if there are not a minimum of ten participants and report the prizes to the next week
  • there will be a pool of 4 sbd shared between the winners, the judges will be me @luigi-the-gnome and @barbara-orenya and anyone we find to help us, from the neighbour to the red fish ;-)
  • You have till next friday 4th May until midnight Paris time to play =p

so unleash your creativity, make it your way, and mostly have fun and pleasure =D

points roses.png


And follow us for more gnomely adventures =))


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@kalemandra, this is so gorgeous wow! The details in the hat, and the hat itself are absolutely amazing! This is a winner friend love it 😍!

very nice hat:) and i love the pants with little hearts:)

What a colorful joyous scene @kalemandra ! ^_^

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi! this is my entry! in the post you can see a gif to the process :3

l final.jpg


Wow @itachi24j, this is amazing work!! Love it 😍 the details you put into this drawing blows me away, great job friend ❣️

Thank you my friend! :3

Awsome hat!!!!well done:D

Thank you! :3

Luigi looks so whimsical, and happy! Love the “gnome forest 🌳 hat” very clever friend!

Haha. Yea, Thank you so much! ^_^

Beautiful drawing! good luck :3


Hey @e-rich friend wow Luigi looks fantastic! Love ❤️ It! Good luck friend!

Nice hat @marianvirginia! Love the blue Levi blue color.

  ·  last year (edited)

hola muy bonito y colorido sombrero

great idea clown hat:) and very nice background as well:)the little girl is so cute

Thank you @drawmeaship, thank you for your kind comments friend, bless you!

This is extremely cute, love the colors

Thank you @meme.elena! I hope our having fun here on Steemit!

Hi @meme.elena, I see you’ve entered this contest to! Love your sombrero so beautiful 😍! The way you colored his face makes him look so nice. Well done friend! Blessings

You are super sweet, thank you very much, friend! <3

You are so welcome, good luck with this contest ❣️

That hat is drawn perfectly, goes well with the color of the beard @drawmeaship! Wonderful job.

thank you :)

You are so welcome @drawmeaship, love your username very clever and easy to remember!

Thank you that is so nice :D

  ·  last year (edited)

Coucou Luigi et Barbara,
Voici ma petite proposition, j'espère que ce chapeau plaira à Luigi. Bon weekend les amis,

Je vois que beaucoup me prenne pour un fou...LoL...
merci pour votre participation Miss Helena ! =))

Beautifully drawn @helena-m, love the colors you chose against the black background!

Love this adorable green and yellow outfit @ikar59!

thank you @lildebbiecakes

Your welcome @lkar59, good luck with the contest friend!

Hey @izaid friend, you posted something here to! This was a really clever idea! He’s graduating from gnome University. Ha ha ! Looks amazing great job, GOOD LUCK, and blessings to you!

Thank you so much @lildebbiecakes!

You are so welcome @izaid!

great idea!!!graduation hat:)

You looks pretty handsome Luigi!!! 💗

Thank you miss Maru =)) I wanted to have a new hat for sooo long ! ;-)

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
Check the rules of the Daily Spotlights if you want to nominate someone!

The tinfoil effect is amazing @losthippie, like I’ve said I’m a big fan of yours, awsome looking hat❣️

Looking cool

This is my entry to the contest. I think Luigi would love being a war hero with a German war Hat.



Hello everyone! here I show you my participation, good luck for everyone


sombrero 1.PNG

Hello @josyweed! Hey we’ve both entered this contest. Beautiful hat, he looks amazing in pink sequins! That was a awsome idea friend. Your a lovely artist, Good Luck, and Blessings❣️

Thank you i really appreciate your comment:) good luck too.greetings.

Hello @dexter.weed! Wonderful looking straw hat, especially like the added red flower 🌺 most lovely 😊! Good luck to you in this contest!

Thanks Friends. Good luck

Hi @tonie, wonderful outfit especially the sombrero, this drawing makes me feel like dancing, why not Luigi is! Good luck friend, and blessings to you!

Hello @ lildebbiecakes, thank you... :)

You are so welcome @tonie friend!

how good! I'll try to make a nice hat for Luigi

With pleasure ! I'm looking forward =))

Buenos días @luigi-the-gnome ,quisiera saber si entre al concurso....saludos

Sympa le challenge, vraiment une bonne idée 👍

Hehe merci ;-) Le premier a vraiment bien marché avec une trentaine d'entrées, pas facile de n'en choisir que quelques uns... et encore, j'en ai selectionné 10 pour récompenser plus de steemians, et non pas faire un classement de 3 .. ;-)

I see, you're filling your closet with goodies!

Haha ! Exactly Miss Luz ! =)) This is such a fun =D Hope you will draw me an hat, if you have time for that of course ;-)

Thanks for a fun contest ..love to participate too! @luigi-the-gnome

Signor Luigi, what's the contest's main tag?

Ooh I don't have a contest tag, I want the links and photos to be together in the comments of this post, so that I don't have to go every place to collect them, and also because the tags are not lasting very long : when you do a research few days later, there are no more entries, unless you are a super popular extra famous tag =D

I'm happy of this baker hat Miss E ! Thank you =))
Can you also put the image here ..? or maybe it is on purpose you did not show it in the comment, if it is the case, forget my demand, it's not mandatory, I just think it can make more advertising for you lovely drawing ;-)

Thank you Mr Luigi! Yes, there's a reason why I never upload my image 😊

ok this is just fine for me ;-) fantastic dayredim.png