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This week I’m mixing things up and DOUBLING the prize pool to 10SBD as part of my efforts to support genre-bending, multidisciplinary artists of all stripes!

I love art that mixes genres, breaks expectations, and tries to contribute something new to art forms that have been around for centuries! Innovation is essential. See the results of the ART MIX-UP CONTEST | 02.

I often find myself wondering questions like...

What happens when a poet adds video and animation to their work?
What happens when a photographer and a dancer collaborate?
What happens when a rapper meets a puppeteer?
What happens when a sculptor becomes a choreographer?

Multidisciplinary art shows up in a lot of different ways -- so rather than making a single post about it, I’ve decided to RUN AN ONGOING CONTEST FOR ARTISTS OF ALL STRIPES to share work that blends two or more artistic genres!


(1) Follow me. Upvote this post. Resteem this post. And...

(2) Create a post sharing a piece of your own work (or a collaboration you played a key role in) that mixes 2 or more artistic genres! This might mean sharing a video, an image, writing, a sound clip, or something else (who knows!). And...

(3) Write AT LEAST 100 WORDS describing the work and the artistic techniques at play. And...

(4) Document your process! Previously, I’ve called this “extra credit”, but I am making it a contest requirement. And...

(5) Use the hashtag #artmixupcontest. And...

(6) Drop the link to your post here in the comments. This is the only way I will accept submissions! Deadline is when this post expires.

Please note: the strongest entries from the last two weeks have been those posts written specifically for this contest that future great art, interesting writing, good formatting, and demonstrable process!

Winners will be selected as follows:

First Place - 4sbd
Second Place - 3bd
Three Honorable Mentions - 3sbd (1sbd each!)

See the results of the ART MIX-UP CONTEST | 02 here.

Good luck my artist friends, may your great work continue! <3

(FYI, all images from Unsplash)

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The more interesting!! I'll try again @lilyraabe, hopefully my idea not run out :)

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:

Awesome to see this going and getting fatter! I really need to sit down and participate in one of these :)

YES PLEASE. Would love to see that happen! :)

This is such a cool idea. I will see what I can do :)

Yes please! I would love to see it grow (right along with the prizes!). :)

Hey look, another contest I totally need to enter.

Wanders off laughing, thinking of music to combine with poetry, wishing she still had her video editing set-up.

I don't suppose you'd consider an older work I've done, would you? Or does it need to be created fresh for this contest? 'Cause I have this thing that was a finalist at a film festival, now collecting dust, and it's pretty cool. Dance, film, drumming, poetry, singing, video editing, sound editing, all in one...

That sounds AWESOME! I don’t need it to be “new content” but I need a fresh post, with some fresh perspective on the work, if that makes sense? :)

That I can definitely do. Thank you! :)

These are great ideas, will try and get something together for it. Thanks for this @lilyraabe x

I would love if you participated! Looking forward. :)

Always great Idea made this contest. I don't what I will make to participate. It seem like my Idea is run out.

Thanks for stopping by to support! :)

Yeah of course. I will always support you. I hope it will grow up by the time.

This seems interesting 🧐 I’ll be following.

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh that's interesting : combination of multiple genres!

For your information, I just added your contest to the weekly traditional art contest list:

🏆🏆🏆🎨 Unleash your creativity 12/03-19/03 ! List of ongoing drawing, painting and crafts contests

Awesome, thank you so much for spreading the word, I appreciate it!

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4.49% @pushup from @lilyraabe

Keep it up! This is a really cool idea. Collaboration is the biggest thing I miss about having a theater.

Thanks so much! I’m excited to be doubling up the prizes today! :)

Okay, here it is! Thanks for doing this contest. I loved writing this post and reminiscing about this project, which I'm still so proud of many years later. :)

AWESOME. I’m so excited to check this out! :)

Cool idea for a contest. Should check out @rumplestiltskin. He's trying to start a tag I think. #inspiredby. He takes photos from allies and writes poems about them. He did mine today :)

Oh nice! @Rumplestiltskin, if you have something for this contest would love for you to submit something?

Awesome, so excited to check this out!! Thank you for submitting. :)

Hello @lilyraabe I decided to participate again in you contest. I painted The Fox by using corn husk leaves and watercolors
Here is my entry


Hello @lilyraabe finally I can follow the contest for the second time, this is my entry.


Thank you, and happy weekend!

Been charmed with and very motivated by this type of contests that you realize @lilyraabe Here I leave my contribution in the following link

Great idea for a contest @lilyraabe! One day I'll participate but for now will support :-)

..happened to find this contest only today; would fit perfectly but.. ..don't like to hurry so I'll wait until the next one to participate :) ..thanks for this initiative!

..Ah, I'll try :)
..A sculptor on graphical journeys:

..only upvoting this post somehow didn't work; it's noted that I tried :) I wish you all a good week!