contest 9 continued

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Hi every steemian! Here i will post continued blogging of the light-weight contest #9, intermediate standings and outcome - inside the original blog ( upvotes and new entries can still happen until Thursday 30 August 14:00 UTC/GMT. Get your entries and collect upvotes while you can!

update: @leeuw just invested 10 STEEM to bid for @smartsteem's vote, not done this before, hoping for like 10% (1 STEEM) ROI in 7 days, @leeuw will use returns for better puzzle payouts of course, will keep you posted! UPDATE: ROI achieved around 35% in terms of STEEM i.e. 3.5 STEEM. UPDATE: however, apparently i believe 25% to be paid to curation means getting more like 10% ROI

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great ... thanks information.

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Hello friend, what good to be informed about the time, I say contest hahaha, I have a lot of fun with your creativity that is great, greetings to you @leeuw


thank you, hope you are doing well, lets have fun and supports each other as steemians are known for

Hello friend, a pleasure to say hello, a clean page to follow this wonderful contest


thanks you!

I definitely like the commitment you have with us and the community. Thanks a lot.

ha ha ha I have had a lot of fun with all the tickets. And I'm glad my snail is slow but sure. A hug friend @leeuw.


thank you for the participating and it looks to me like you have a winning snail 🤣😃🤣😃