The Old Dog Asks: What Good Thing Are You Doing While on Lock Down? ….Contest!

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We live in Ticino Switzerland right next to the epicentre of the world’s most alarming outbreak of the Covid 19 virus. My business is shut down and I have not had in person human contact with anyone outside my immediate family for several weeks. But you know what? I’m making the best of it!

Let’s get positive. If you are on lock down what good thing are you doing?

Here Are a Few Samples to Get you Going

My house is right on the edge of the woods so I can still go hiking and I’m doing it every day now! That's the lake of Como ant its namesake city in the distance!

Sometimes I head up the mountain behind my house, lay back and meditate. That's good for me in these troubled times!

What Good Thing Are You Doing While on Lock Down?

Here Are The Rules:

● Show me a photo of that describes your activity

● Post your photos in the comment section below

● The photo must be yours NOT one that you find on the internet.

● Maximum of 2 entries per person

● If you make a post promoting the contest I'll try and give it an upvote as well

● There will be at least 5 prizes of 1 Steem each!

● The contest closes in 7 days

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Until next time,

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Let’s Succeed Together!


My business is shut down

But your "blogging-business" continues. That's fine.

Whenever the weather is fine, I go out for walking or biking. Yesterday I made a 70 km trip with a friend of mine, as it was warm and sunny.

To be honest, this picture below was taken last year in spring, but is showing the same region and mood like yesterday:

There was a "gelateria aperta" in Wolfratshausen, so we could buy there cappucchino and cafe doppio.

In 2012 I spent one week at Domaso (Lago di Como) for biking and I enjoyed this almost mediterranian landscape very mmmmmmuch.

Cari saluti e buona giornata, amico mio!


That's great that you can get out in nature and it is great to have a blogging business. I've used some of my "earnings" to increase my position in Bitcoin. I probably should have followed your example and done that a long time ago!

I've been upping my breakfast game by poaching eggs. Poaching an egg just seems to make it fancier.



Great solution and it looks yummy! Well presented!


Hi @kua-knee!! I hope all is going well for you! I must say that at this time of self quarantining, I am trying to enjoy each moment for what it is.

A gift.

Be well and may everyone who reads this continue to practice proper social distancing and handwashing frequently.

Also, good luck to everyone!!

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A bit of clearing the food stock.

A bit of exercise.

... among other things. Full story here:

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