Logo Contest for Tauchain & Agoras - Calling All Designers!

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Hello Steem community,

We would like to announce a logo (re-design) contest for both Tauchain & Agoras as part of the new website efforts. Here is the original announcement on Bitcointalk by Ohad Asor. Some links will be provided at the end of this post for both inspiration and comprehension.

Submission, Judging, and Contest Prize

  • Submit your designs in the comment / reply section (alternatively, you may also submit it to Reddit)
  • Deadline by 12.00 PM UTC Time (31st March 2018).
  • You may submit as many designs as you like.
  • The winning designs will be deliberated by the Tauchain Agoras community.
  • Winning prize for Tauchain logo: 1,000 AGRS (currently worth ~$1,500)
  • Winning prize for Agoras logo: 1,000 AGRS (currently worth ~$1,500)


  • Designs must be original.
  • Submissions that are later found to be misleading will be forfeited.
  • Method of judging could be altered, but we'll try to alter it as soon as possible, if any.
  • Logos which are only available in low-res raster, or non-editable format will be disqualified.


* Note that the links provided above are only supplementary.
** Feel free to exercise your creativity as we do not want to restrict it.

Please spread the word.
Have fun, and we can't wait for your awesome submissions!

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Been working on this one for some time. Will focus on a dedicated post and the Agoras one later.
Obviously, this logo will be delivered in: Requested files and formats, B/W version, Transparent version etc.

More color options are possible if this isn't likeable.


  • Two rounded corners, one sharp: When you look at the Tau-Symbol, both the left side and the bottom are either crooked or rounded. To bring this feature back, but minor, I rounded the same corners of the triangle. In addition this and the gradient (dark to light) make the triangle point to the upper right, representing upwards trend.
  • Triangle: Representing a similar shape as the T itself.
  • T in Chains: I guess this one speaks for itself.
  • Colors - Gradient Orange: Energy, Stimulation, Activity, Rejuvenation.
  • Colors - Gradient Gold: Respect, Rules, Loyal, Thorough, Faithful and Caring.

Finally made the additional logo for Agoras!


Noted @sjennon! Thank you!


plus: the triangle points at the upper right hand corner, representing an upwards trend. I love it :)


Nice one, haha! I shall add it ;D

Thanks mate!


thanks @sjennon! waiting for your next design :)


really love this @sjennon!


Thank you!


This has a good chance of winning!




Just went over all the designs here and on reddit. Found like only 4 decent ones here and none in reddit. Even their Telegram group didn't have any great ones.
Yours was my fav so far. Until I make mine. ;P

Hello! Here I attach my design proposals for the logos.
For this design I take inspiration from the ancient Greek columns
For this one I wanted to incorporate the Greek symbol of Alpha
And for this others, use technology and informatic as inspiration


Here other proposals:
(Of each I have made 5 variants of colors)
5f5a938a-e71f-421e-9858-6bfa3dd0f258 (1).jpg

In case of winning, I will send you the designs in PNG, JPG and editable format (EPS-PSD) so you can use it in all the different platforms without any problem.


I really love this!


Amazing! Vote for these, perfectly representing the community

I tested my old logos and they did not work in 16x16 px. So, I redid them from scratch.

Hi @kevinwong,

This is my first entry for the logo contest of Tauchain and Agoras. I designed both of them with all of my heart. I hope you are happy for my work. I do believe in what you will think for them. Wish you all the best. Warmest regards from Aceh, Indonesia.



Thank you! Noted, and will keep you posted!


Okey @kevinwong, this is my other entry for your logo contest on Tauchain and Agoras. The ideas were running on my heads, thanks for your attention. Regards.






My entry to tauchain




Hi @kevinwong This is our proposal to improve both Tauchain and Agoras.
this is the publication in steemit Improving Tauchain and Agoras branding


Great job guys, I love clean and expensive aesthetics, it shows that they have bothered and put a lot of effort into the project. Sincerely of all the proposals, this is one of the best.

Hi @kevinwong, here's my logo proposal + process post, here...

180312 tauchain-agoras-01.png
180312 tauchain-agoras-02.png

I'm a little late getting this one in, and will be even later entering my Agoras one, but here's the tauchain one in the mean time.


The link used in the logo for Tau is to symbolize holding something together ie: a network

The round symbol used for agora is to symbolize a coin ie: currency


Thank you and noted! Will keep you posted.


These are awesome. Great job!

Hello @kevinwong
Thanks for the contest, I'm working on.
Here my first solution for both logos. A detailed post is incoming on my blog. Hope You like it!



Noted with thanks. Will keep you posted!


hello @kevinwong

I 've done it the second entry of tauchain design logo and agoras, hopefully you like it.



Noted with thanks! Will keep you posted.

Hi all. Incredible project!
Here is my contribution. Thanks!

TauchainAgoras Logo v1.jpgTauchain Logo and agoras Logo V2.jpgTauchain Logo v2.1 .jpgTauchain Logo v3 .jpgTauchain Logo and agoras Logo v3.1.jpgTauchain Logo and agoras Logo v3.jpg


Welcome to Steemit, I'm here to give you a vote on your very first comment! Great job engaging with the community!


nice, I really like the top one(s)


An idea i had was that whenever a new product or service gets added under tauchain it gets added to the link of tauchain.


Images best viewed in new tab.

Here is my submission - I explored circles as patterns to represent connectivity, network and economy. Using the Shape within the Tauchain, I was able to represent a network while using the same shapes and dissecting it I was able to represent my interpretation of a knowledge economy. Thanks!

I can provide seperate .png files as well as the .ai file.


My two suggestions (open the images in a new window to see the real size):



I share my proposal https://steemit.com/tauchain/@orelmely/logos-design-tauchain-and-agoras

Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in your wonderful project ...

Blessings to all

Hey, Steemit's friends, thank you.
@kevinwong for doing this competition. This is my first tauchain - agoras logo, I hope you like it.


logo 1 tauchain.png

logo agoras.png

in the link you can see more details

My submission for AGORAS logo

agoras comment'.jpg

These days we have been thinking about how the logo that we have presented in animated format would be and this is one of the results of the tests. What is your opinion? 🙂@kevinwong Tauchain-agoras.gif


very cool - i like it! although I'm not too sure if a glitch effect would be something a blockchain wants association with.. thinking too much bout it haha.

This is my first one entry, tauchain logo




Thank you. Will keep you posted @abunagaya!

hi @kevinwong. This is my entry #2 for the contest:




thank you! noted


Hello here I leave you my first entry with the Tauchain and Agora logos, I hope you like it!


Hello @kevinwong I have two designs for this contest, I hope you like it. Thank you.




This is my idea on Tauchain Logo. Simple, elegant yet have a deep meaning.

Tauchain Logo Entry#3.PNG

Currly Bracket, Bracket and a dot are commonly used symbols in making a computer program. Some with an artistic mind would interpret this as follows; left side is the man, right side is the machine, and bringing them together with the yellow circle symbolizes as logic, forms a like a man raising his arms carrying the world. Yellow circle looks like a golden medal which means the person is rewarded fairly for all his efforts. Some might see this as an hour glass that symbolizes time-stamping.

Tauchain makes it possible for man and machine to communicated with each other with the use of logic, as the word "Internet of Language".

I hope you guys would like this. Peace! :-)

My Proposed For Logo Contest TAUCHAIN







Thank you for your contest @kevinwong

This is my entry for Tauchain, It is a modern an clean "TC" monogram. you can see how its look like in coinmarketcap.

This is my entry for Agoras logo. Modern and Simple logo


Great idea to test your logo like this. If it works in 16x16 px, it's a good logo :)

Here's another Agoras logo :) Thanks!

Agoras Logo_6_C_.jpg

Agoras Logo_6_BdIF bg.jpg

YES. I'll be digging deep into the blockchain matrix for this one... :D

Hello @kevinwong ...
This is my contribution to the TAUCHAIN ​​logo :

This link my post about tauchain logo




Hello @kevingwong, this is my design, and I join the partitions in the contest for the logo tauchain and agoras, simple design, hopefully many who love it.

logo tau.png

Here's my entry for Tauchain.
Will change the color to whatever required if the logo is selected.


Tau SOLO.png


Tau SOLO [E].png

My take on it

  • Since Tauchain is like a super-cool and super-intelligent robot, that's kinda human and kinda AI, I made the logo look like one too!
  • The image is made using the letters of TAU itself, which I find to be pretty cool.
  • Has my trademarked (not really) sunglasses, so it makes it 10 times cooler.
  • Will remove the glasses if it doesn't match the taste. (if it's too cool for ya)
  • Ohad plis select this.

Lol I think this was right at the last min without >2 votes over deadline so it wasn't included! Thanks for the submission though!


oh no
I'd taken the UTC Time into consideration and posted 5 minutes before the deadline though. Didn't know votes were needed to qualify. D:
Damn. It's okay, next time then.
Thanks for checking it out Kevin!

This Two My Entry, agoras logo


This is my second proposal for the TAUCHAIN logo competition

tauchain logo contest 2.jpg

i can provide the corel file, and we can modify the colors or any other part of the design.

all the best!

Hello @kevinwong , I tried to make the logo as simple as possible by adding the geek text inside a hexagonal shape. It is created in Adobe Illustrator and i can provide AI,svg,png and almost every format you want. This is fully customize-able. Hope you will like my design.

agoras and tauchain logo.jpg

the first time i tried to make it. and I do not think it's so bad. :)
thank you @kevinwong for holding a contest, I learned a lot from him



Thank you. Will keep you posted!


Thank you very much @kevinwong, I am very happy to hear it.

For the logo of tau I went with a modification of the greek symbol, the slit in the middle shows disruption but dividing the tau symbol into a hammer, which here symbolizes power and the handle of an umbrella for protection. Power and protection which are the key tenets of blockchain.

For Agoras , it is a simple representation of connectivity through decentralization.
Designs were made on Canva
Maxx brown.png



Maxx brown.png

Hi @kevinwong, this is the entry of my logo, and I am increasingly obsessed give the best logo, for TAUCHAIN and AGORAS, hope this gets my attention, and work on it in order to continue to perform better, greetings from me.

logo tau ago.png

This is my first one entry, tauchain logo.
The letter T and the A attached.

Click to see large

Hi @kevinwong, this is my submission, I'll post it later :)


Hi ... @kevinwong.
This is my first entry for the contest you held. I make it very minimalist, because I think less suitable if the logo design is too crowded.
Hope you like it. Please comment, because will follow other designs from me.

aragos compile.png

tauchain compile.png


hi @kevinwong
This is my third design for your contest. Hope you reply to comment on my design. Thank you.

Agoras logo

Agoras Baru.png

Tauchain Logo

Logo BARU2.png


Hi.. @kevinwong ...
Here is my second design entry for you contest. Are you keep it? Thank you @kevinwong

agoras logo


tauchain logo


Hi, @kevinwong, here's my second proposition. See you next time

logos agoras - tauchain.png

logos vectorizados.jpg

Hello, this is my participation, I hope you like my work!

logos unidos.jpg

Hello Sir @kevinwong, previously thank you for announcing Tauchain and Agoras Logo Contest. This is my contribution to this contest, I hope you and the organizing committee love it.

thank you @kevinwong

a very interesting contest, and I contribute to this contest
Logo Contest for Tauchain and Agoras 2.jpg
Logo Contest for Tauchain and Agoras 1.jpg

Hey, steemit friends, this is my third participation.
I hope you like it.

logo 3 agoras.png



post 1.png

this is my first entry for Tauchain and Agoras logo contests. I designed them both wholeheartedly. I hope you are happy for my work. I believe in what you will think of them. Expect the best for you. Warm greetings from Aceh, Indonesia.


I chose two new colours and a suitable font and created this animation:


Very creative. Kudos!


Thank you, I appreciate it :) I wanted the logos to look like they belong together, I wanted to keep the greek letters but make them more minimalistic and combine them with a chain.


I feel you! I have been struggling with the logos for some time now and only managed to poop out the Taochain one.

Really like what you did to it. You design more often? Best of luck!


Your logo is awesome :) I also designed a logo for the decentmemes contest.


I agree, very creative, good concept!

Saudações, Kevin
look man: AGORAS.jpg

I hope it has helped you.
Have a nice day

Hello @kevinwong,
here Is my entries
Color and Sizes are changeable.
worked Done using adobe illustrator, So can give you AI,PNG,JPEG,SVG's file

This is my contribution to agoras and Tauchain logo. thank you @kevinwong for the call.

Agoras Logos.png

Tauchan Logos.png

Hey!! Tough contest @kevinwong !!
I add my proposals here:


I would like to participate in this contest



This is a great concept. I will let some bad ass designers I know of help create some designs. This should be fun, and I will also create some designs of my own


Please do! Thank you in advance :)

@kevinwong I am not a graphics designer but I just want to say that I appreciate what the Tauchain & Agoras community is doing. I will definitely reach out to some amazing designers I have in my community and I will have them submit their entry.

Much love from us in Africa


Cool, that's very much appreciated @penking :)

Whoa, would love to join but I think there are already enough good entries! :D But maybe I will make one... Maybe.


No harm if you've the time! :)

take part in this event

@kevinwong, do you know if the entries have to be vector graphics, or if they are of a high enough resolution can they be bitmap?


Hey @son-of-satire. Doesn't have to be, just high enough res would be good enough :)


Awesome. I'm not so great with Illustrator. Thanks for letting me know.


saludos amigo @kevinwong aquí le dejo mi participación, espero sea del agrado de todos.

Owk this is really something. Great incentive attached to it. I definitely will be a part of this. Anticipate my entry soon.


all the best!

Hi @kevinwong
This is my third design for your contest.


Agoras Baru.png


Logo BARU2.png

@kevinwong, Logo Contest for Tauchain & Agoras- would be excellent news for logo designers. I know steemians have lot of talent and skills for create. Price is a amazing. You can win 1500 $ valued amount. It's huge. So try to do best your self. Thanks for keep in touch kevin. I resteemed this post for see another.


thanks for the resteem! appreciate it

hi @kevinwong here is one more entry for this contest



thank you



wow , it is looking great...;-)


Awesome designs.

Tauchain represent a simple chain, blockchain. Simple but elegant

Agora means a gathering place so My design represent a top view of four man in a meeting table


Nice work. I really like it. Goodluck 😊




Love the Agoras one!

This is a good prize to have many of us have a go at. Ohad Asor has made the contest so easy for everyone of us to take part in. These contests bring activity on steemit. And the Tauchain Agoras community has played a huge part in making it open for everyone with time to create the best design.
Let me get my submission ready. I believe I will win the $1500.


looking forward!

My design for the Tauchain

logo tau final.png

Greek Alphabet "T"

Hello! Friend, thank you for the initiative of the contest, this is my participation. I hope you like it.

logo TAUCHAIN.jpg
logo agoras.jpg

logo peq.gif

Hi @kevinwong

thanks for Logo Contest Tauchain & Agoras. this is my contribution for the contest.


This is what I have for the contest

Thanks for arrange a contsest.That's greet idea.

hello @kevinwong .
Thanks for contest.
second idea for agoras and tauchan logo from me ..


Here is my entry. I went for more vibrant friendly colors. It also works with a monochrom look as seen. For me the chain segments not only stand for the blockchain. They also associate seperate things coming together and forming something new like the idea behind Tauchain :)
Taochain Agoras Logo 4000.png

Hii @kevinwong
thank you for the contest.
participation of an idea from me.



Wooww....that's looking good idea bro @iqbalpeusangan

Here is my entry.
AGORAS 1.png

tauchain 3.png

For details and more, please visit this link
Logo Design for Tauchain and Agoras

Best regards @kevinwong

A great idea for this contest thanks for sharing Logo will be paste in comment or it will post in our post thanks for this great work i appereciate it


here would be easier :)

Great idea and I will participate! Thank you @kevinwong

Best chance for logo designer hope it will a great contest and most of logo designer participent in it Good thoughts for logo designer I thing its a best chance to shaw your ability of designing for logo designer

Thanks For the Contest Agoras.agoras pos.jpg

Good day Sir! @kevinwong here's my last hour entry
Goodluck to all of the entries!

Description is here! https://steemit.com/artzone/@jeeuuzz/my-entry-to-kevinwong-s-logo-contest-for-tauchain-and-agoras