Get Ready! Mathematics × Programming Competition Round 3! 數學 × 程式編寫比賽 (第三回) 你準備好了嗎?

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Mathematics × Programming Competition Round 3

Beginning at GMT 04:00 15/7/2017

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Long time no see! I have been busy over the past weeks so haven't released a new competition for a period of time. Remember to set an alarm to remind yourself for the competition! ;)

If you remember, there is 1 SBD not yet distributed in the previous competition, so it would be accumulated into the prize pool of this competition :p Ya 1 SBD does not really have a great influence, so please upvote and resteem, hopefully can reach the whales! :)


  • The next competition will begin at GMT 04:00 15/7/2017 and last for 24 hours. By that time, a new post containing the question will be published.
  • You are welcome to solve the problem mathematically or programmatically.
  • A link to Google Form will be provided. You are required to submit your numerical answer through that Google Form to avoid cheating. Participants who typed the answer in the comment section would be disqualified.
  • Participants can submit for unlimited number of times, however only the latest answer will be considered.
  • You have to upvote this post AND the question post in order to be eligible for the competition.


  • The final SBD payout of this post would be the prize pool.
  • The first and second participant who gave the correct numerical answer will get 30% and 20% of the prize pool respectively. 5 other participants who provided the correct answer will be randomly drawn regardless of their submission time and each of them will get 10% of the prize pool.
  • Those who resteemed this post or the question post (to be released) will have 400% higher chance to win in the lucky draw!
  • If not all prizes are given out, they will be accumulated for the next competition.
  • @kenchung reserve all the rights to disqualify any suspected cheating players and decide the distribution of prize among the winner(s).

Previous competitions


數學 × 程式編寫比賽 (第三回)

即將於 GMT 04:00 15/7/2017開始!

Photo source:

最近工作有點忙,很久沒有和大家見面了!大家記得設定好鬧鐘提醒自己明天有比賽啦 ;)

如果大家還記得的話,上次比賽我們還有 1 SBD 獎項尚未送出,因此會累積至是次比賽。當然 1 SBD 的影響實在不大,所以希望大家多多支持,全力upvote和resteem,希望各位大鯨能看到並點個讚吧!


  • 比賽將於GMT 04:00 15/7/2017開始,為時24小時,屆時將會出現包含問題的新帖子。
  • 歡迎以數學或編程方式解決問題。
  • 你必須經提供的Google Form提交你的數字答案。嚴禁在回覆公開答案,否則將被取消資格。
  • 參加者可以重覆提交答案,但比賽終結時只會考慮最後提交的答案。
  • 你必須upvote此帖以及問題帖方能參加比賽。


  • 此帖文所獲的SBD獎勵將會用作是次比賽的獎池。
  • 第一及第二名最快給出正確數字答案的參賽者將分別獲得獎池的30%20%。其他提交了正確數字答案的參與者之中將隨機抽出5名,他們每人可獲10%的獎池。
  • Resteem此帖文或問題帖子者將有額外400%的得獎機會!
  • 若有獎金未被發放,將累積至下一次比賽的獎池。
  • 本人保留一切最終權利,包括但不限於取消任何疑似作弊者的資格並決定獲獎者的獎勵分配。



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Great. I hope I could join there :)

ya the question has already been released, have you submitted your answer?

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