Minnow Steem Power Delegation Contest 002!

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Dolphins and whales need not apply.

After hanging around the @minnowsupport project's help channel in the P.A.L. Discord group, as well as the #help channel in steemit.chat, it is clear that many new minnows are unable to transact on the steem blockchain. This is due to a lack of bandwidth caused by heavy use on the Steem network.

I want to help as much as I can, so, instead of telling every new user to "be patient," I've decided to run a contest for all of you who are currently unable to transact due to their low bandwidth.

The goal of the contest will be to select a few new users who I will delegate Steem Power. This set amount of Steem Power will be enough bandwidth to interact on Steem. I would love to delegate to all new users, but I, unfortunately, do not have that kind of Steem Power.

What is up with the bandwidth?

To learn more about the issue, new users are experiencing please read the first round of this contest.

The Contest

So I want to help three new Steemians by delegating enough Steem Power to them for a weeks time. This delegation will allow them to build up their own Steem Power so they will no longer need my assistance. I will run this contest every so often to give new users the chance to use the Steem platform on their time.

It is a bit of a shame that I need to run this as a contest, but I am not a whale with a crazy amount of Steem Power so I can only do so much. Hopefully, the users I delegate to will be able to earn enough Steem Power in a week or two to where I can run this delegation as close to twice a week as possible.

The Rules:

  1. If you are able, please comment below that you would like to enter. If you are not able to comment (because of bandwidth), please send a private message to jrswab#3431 on Discord or jrswab on steemit.chat.
  2. After forty-eight hours, I will look over the candidates who entered and determine who to delegate Steem Power to.
    -- I will be choosing users who create good content. It is my goal to improve the overall quality of the Steem network as much as possible, so I will not delegate to accounts that show little or no effort to create the best work they can. (Yes, this is subjective.)
  3. If selected, the user must agree to my coaching aimed to help them move their blog to the "next level." Not everyone may need this, so if I want to help you improve, I will let you know.
  4. The selected users must use the 50/50 payout option to exchange the earned SBD the following week into STEEM.
  5. The chosen users have to show a willingness to improve both their content and the Steem ecosystem as a whole.

I wish I could help every new user out, but I am only so "powerful" (that sounds weird). I plan to run this twice a week as long as bandwidth for new users is still an issue, and the first round of users earned Steem Power can support them! This contest is an experiment for both me and the new minnows so we should expect the rules and time frames to change next round.

Thanks For Reading!

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This post has been resteemed from MSP3K courtesy of @jrswab from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ).

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Another great initiative from someone who has a big heart for minnows! I understand how important Steem Power is that's why just 2 days ago, I bought SP delegation from blocktrades! I want to spread positivity and motivation to great authors as much as I can, but I have limited voting power and bandwidth. Having said, I would really love to participate in this contest to be able to acquire higher SP, and also to be mentored by you. Whatever learning and benefit I can get from joining this contest, I will surely put into good use.

I would be honored. I would like to establish my group here in our town. This delegation will go the extra mile.

Great initiative. I don't have a lot of SP as I am a mere redfish but I delegated some to the new people in @steemitfamilyph

I am also always in the look out on who I can delegate some sp from them.

I will tell them that you are running this program.


Thank you!


I think it really is a great initiative for the upliftment of the steemit community. I could surely like some help so that I can do this sort of work on my own. I really appreciate your work dear. I hope I could get the help I really need. Thank you. Cheers @jrswab

This is really helpful. I'll like to enter this contest.

thank you, I suggest @indiaunited which is a group meant to support active Indian steemians but lacks sp. Hope you will consider it

@jrswab, I really do need a coach. I would love to enter

I would like to enter into this contest.
it will be helpful to me and my community.

if so I am ready to play to a higher level,) but I do not know how, because I'm a new person in steemet. please guidance dengat very thank you

I am interested in the delegation as this will make alot of difference.
I also want my blog to be read and exposed, beacause sometimes i wonder what it is that i dont do right. Although i have found help from some good steemians here, i just hope to effect change and plan to pay it forward in the nearest future.

I wiil love to enter and be tutored to becoming a great steemian

I'm interested, I'll like to join the contest.... My blog has very little exposure,i want to grow my blog, I want to get a wider audience, I want my poems to be seen by a large number of people..... And most importantly, I also need a coach, I'm eager to learn more!

i am interested... please😰😰😰😰

I am to stupid to use steemit and get knowledge who it works here. Better I concentrate only at my business.


A one or two week delegation of SP would help me make my vote worth more, so I could help the #freewrite mission to mentor new story writers like myself.


@jrswab I've seen a lot of minnow contests but this is a definitely a first. I think the biggest problem is even if we get steem, most minnows don't know how to use it to grow their blog (myself included). So the fact that you offer coaching is really cool and can really benefit the community in the long run. Thanks for holding this competition!

I I'd like to enter because I'm experiencing that it's hard to gain more sp.
I am already in as much steem programms as possible but I would love to have some sp to expand my blog, I'm always open to tips!

Bandwidth has been real problem to me from time to time. I want to enter this contest and would like to improve my blogs and at the same time steemit and make it great for everyone.
So please consider me in for this contest.

This sounds like an amazing opportunity! I'd love to participate, especially because the coaching could help me understand many things that I'm still struggling to catch. Thank you for creating this contest!

I would like to enter the contest also. Thanks and i await your feedback

Thanks @jrswab for this contest i would like to enter for the contest

The delegation would be handy, but the coaching would be invaluable! I'm afraid we struggle to get noticed with such a small classical music community here!

kingblack would like to enter for the contest.
thanks for the opportunity @jrswab

Thank you, this sounds like a really good idea!
Count me in:)

great initiative
i am interestd

I would love to enter, and I would love to get coaching to bring my blog to the next level. I hope you will consider me and I will use my power wisely!


Love the enthusiasm! If you want some one on one help than join the Creators' Guild Discord group and we can get more hands on with your work.


I just joined! Thanks for the invite and Ill post up some stuff this evening!

Its a very informative n helpful post for new user..i would like to enter into this contest..im appreciate your work carry on dear sir @jrswab

This is really helpfull

why cant i access to discord P.A.L group??

An encouraging programme sure to help minnows and i would like to enter this contest. Hoping to create more enlightening contents to benefit this community.


I express my interest to join. Thank you very much.

@jrswab I like to be part of this contest.I am just 4 days old and I want someone like you who can give me steam power and tutor to grow here.

Thanks sir @jrswab you talk about bandwidth problem . And then solve the problem many steemians have this isue . You are great human . I wish who need more sp he get. I also have problem who deserve please solve this problem i want start contest.
Thanks for sharing new post.
Stay blessed.
Steem on

I wrote a post to help minnows solve their Steemit bandwidth problem and have already helped several Steemians. For the same reason, I believe, if my post gets some extra exposure, it can outreach more Steemians and will solve their bandwidth problem.If you allow me, I will share the post link here.

Steem On!

Love that you are taking initiative good on you bud.

Hi @jrswab, I'm a brand new minnow here. I'm much exited to join this awesome platform. I hope to start earning my living from here. So,my ultimate goal is to become full-time Steemit blogger in next 2 months. The SP delegation can help speed up my Steemit journey seamlessly.

I want to participate

I would love to enter and becoming a good steemian

I would love to enter into this contest. I really hope @jrswab

Its my pleasure Sir to avail your minnow support through this power delegation because i want to expand my learning about this plantform.I need to read some valuables blogs and articles then I want upvote and extend my point of views about whay I read nut unfortunately I cant do all my flaws because of bandwidth issue.O am limited to all option I have in learni g more about this platform,to share as family and a member of a certain community build up by some mentors.
I hope i could avail as Im longing to have a steem power to avoid bandwidth
Thank you for your generosity @jrswab

I would love to join too. Any help is highly appreciated.

@jrswab i'm very much interested in this contest, but seeing the amount of people who have shown interest so far, i think i've a better chance of getting coached by you. I will message you on the discord channel. Thanks for your selfless contribution into the steemit blockcain, its shows you have a big heart. Happy valentine @jrswab

A great initiative. I would very much like to enter this contest.
I think it would be great to have someone helping me with the hurdles and finer aspects of Steemit!

On our blog you can see how we're trying to contribute to Steemit with our cartoon style artwork.

I'm interested and your coaching would be most appreciated

Thank you for doing this!!

I would like to enter. I hope this is not coming too late

I wish to enter into the contest and will be glad if you could visit my blog to see i write great contents. I sure need your steem delegation and guide

Thanks for the opportunity. I pray i get a slot. I write great contents but am struggling to be known or to find someone who can tutor me. I would be glad if am given a chance.Thanks

You seem like a really great person with the best of intentions! I would love to be involved and participate! I'm relatively new to the steemit platform as I've only been on here a little over a month! So I can definitely use all the pointers and tips that you can possibly give! I'm trying very hard to be successful on here and it's very encouraging to know that there is people on here that are willing to help out small people like myself! Keep up the great work man, you rock!!🤘🤘 image

Hello this is a great opportunity for whoever is selected. Thanks for bringing up such initiative