Steemit Contest: Together We Build 4.... Win 10 SBD

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Hello Steemians,

This contest is to help spread the love and to continue to help each other and build here on Steemit. The contest winner will receive $10 SBD. As many of us know, Steemit is a platform that allows us to grow and get stronger with the help from our fellow Steemians here in the Steemit community. So I want to do my part and give back. I am still pretty new here and would love to be able to help someone have an opportunity to continue to build here on Steemit.

The first three contests did good, but we can do better! The better the contest the more we can help each other build. Please read carefully on how to enter. Here is how to enter the contest.

Upvote the contest

Comment on the contest. Your comment must be "PAY IT FORWARD" adding an example (on steemit or in your daily life) of how you will pay it forward is encouraged, but optional. Please at least comment "PAY IT FORWARD" or it will not be counted as an entry. Comments like "nice post" and "great job" etc will not be accepted as an entry.

ReSteems are appreciated :) The more we can get others involved, the more likely the contest will be successful. My hope is the more upvotes, comments, and Resteems the contest gets the more people I/we can help.

Everyone is welcome to join minnows to whales. I personally know (and some of you may know too) how hard it can be sometimes to develop relationships on here and put yourself out there to the world. That is what this contest is all about, its not just about the SBD it's about engaging and building one another here on Steemit as a family. The thought of always paying it forward. This can be a successful contest. Even if you don't win today, you could win the next one and more importantly you are engaging with me and others which also is helpful. So this contest is a win for everyone!

How the Winner Will be Chosen: The winner(s) will be chosen randomly using Random Name Picker. If you are not familiar with it, please refer to my post called "Together We Build Contest Winner Example" Winners will be announced in a separate post that I will call "Together We Build Contest (with the number of the contest) Winner Results"

I love having this opportunity to interact and engage with others on the site. I hope for a successful contest so I can continue to do them and keep giving back to our Steemit community. Hopefully the love will grow and someone will pay it forward in their own special way. For us to be successful, we all must continue to work together.

Please come back and check on me as I will be posting contests often. Spread the word and let's continue to build Steemit. Also, it would be appreciated if my other posts outside of the contest are upvoted, commented, and Resteemed as it will help me be able to potentially offer a larger prize or multiple prizes. The more people who vote on my other posts, the more I can share the love with others. Thank you in advance.

I appreciate all of you, Steemit is only as good as the people who are on it so let's continue to build a strong Steemit community. Best of luck to all of you. Thank you.



Pay it forward!

In honor of my last milestone, I am taking a minnow under my wing. Showing them the ropes, walking them through the path to Steemit success with one on one personal attention for thirty days.

I'm a completely single mother. We lost the boys father when they were tiny so I do not receive child support, nor do I have a family.

Prior to discovering Steemit last summer, I was teetering on homelessness. And we had our car stolen the year before and never been able to replace it... Survival is terribly difficult in America as a single mother, the economy is so down that any resources were taken by the millions who came before me...

One week ago I bought a new car. With my Steemit earnings. I am now the proud owner of a CryptoJeep :) Check out my post last week on how to buy a car with crypto ;)

If I can build organically at Steemit without investing money, and be able to buy a car less than one year later, anyone can!

Pay it forward. Give what you can. There is always someone worse off than you :)

Beautiful story. I remember your post about the Jeep which I thought was awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. If you ever need anything, please know that I am always willing to help in any way I can. Thank you @arbitrarykitten

Thank you so much <3 I'm very appreciative. You are an amazing soul :)

Pay it forward!

For me, steemit is a global social network where many artists can make themselves known, people with talents such as art, which is one of the most beautiful expressions we can find in the world since we can visualize and analyze the message it conveys . And the same way the singers who express themselves with their voice giving another expression to the art of music, writers who strive for each day get better and write good post.
For my part, I am careful about drawing because it feels good to be able to participate in drawing competitions. It is gratifying to know that your effort is worthwhile because many people may like it. I like to sing rap for me is like doing poetry because it is something natural that comes out of me the compose and sing is what I like to do best greetings to all users .

It should be noted that with my commitment to steemit I was able to buy everything for my son who already has a month old I am grateful with steemit


Sharing my love with others ;-)

Wonderful, thank you for sharing.

PAY IT FORWARD- I am in the art community and I have been regularly recruiting local artists over to steemit, and helping them get more votes and promotion by sending in SBD to bid bots for them, or whaleshares/hairshares to help their posts out! I know how hard it is starting out, and how discouraging it can be, so I'm trying to get the newbies motivated early so they can continue adding great content to Steemit! glad to see so many out there helping others

Great! I am happy to see you are bringing others to the Steemit community. The more people we have the stronger the community.

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I am not giving up on Steemit because my posts are not earning, I just want to share great contents and hope for the best. Success does not happen overnight.

Awesome, stay focused and you will do great things here.

yes and follow back dan upvote back @jr11

Pay it farward @jr11
What if i say you have more types of working manual panels other than this type of work to help new comers....

Pay it forward
I am paying it forward by building the #MinnowMilitia along with using trial and error to ensure the best outcome from the steem platform. Once I do this I'll share my knowledge and experience with those who will listen.

Awesome that is a great way to contribute, Thank you for sharing.

PAY IT FORWARD and good luck everyone!

Thank you for joining and best of luck.

Pay it forward. This post has been deemed resteem & upvote worthy by your friendly @eastcoaststeem ran by Steemian @chelsea88

Thank you for joining and best of luck to you.


I'll pay it forward by upvoting more new users and help them get their first earnings on Steemit. I'll only upvote decent content from member who have less than 30 reputation points.

Awesome. That is a great way to help others. Thank you for joining us.

PAY IT FORWARD. the world could use every extra good deed, no matter how small.

Nicely said and thank you.

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