Contest: How many animals?

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Here's a contest in which you must supply an awesome answer to the question of "How many animals?" Not only is it going to be fun, but you can support a great cause in the process!

The person who supplies the best answer in the comments will win 1 SBD. The rest of the proceeds of this post go to support @tarc, an organization that helps homeless animals in Central Appalachia. You can read more about the organization and the needs here.


Q: But what if I want to donate my SBD to @tarc?
A: You can! No one is stopping you. In fact, the number of animals needing food, shelter, and medicine at any given time at TARC is daunting, which means support in the form of SBD, blog post upvotes, PayPal donations or even loose change help to keep those doggies fed and cared for!

Contest rules

  1. Upvote and resteem this post in support of @tarc.
  2. Look at the Deep Dream Generator image below and write a great answer to the question "How many animals?" in the comments.
  3. Turn in your answer by midnight (Central time) June 20th, 2018.

A teensy backstory

Once upon a time, long long ago, I loved to draw. In fact, I loved everything about art. I spent quite a bit of my college career studying to become an artist and an art historian. I also loved the written word, so I self-designed a major titled "Writing and Illustration." I thought perhaps I could combine my two loves by writing and illustrating children's books.

And then reality hit. I wasn't so great as an artist. My life and career then veered off into writing (everything from technical writing to press releases, web content, blogging and article writing), and the artist in me slowly withered on the vine.

I still love color and design. Today, I'm an appreciator.

Perhaps with some tools and a bit of time, I can create some lovely art too. I'm only just starting to dabble with my new toy, Deep Dream Generator. But lookie! I made something.

Scroll down more for the images and information about the contest.


bird-2823767_960_720 (1).jpg
(Source: Pixabay image by jill111)


(Pixabay source image digitally altered with Deep Dream Generator)

How many animals do you see in the second image? How many of them are birds? What other animals do you see? (Hint: If you don't recognize them, why not give them names?)

Have fun with it! Thanks so much for reading, and for supporting this great organization.


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Love the AI interpretation of the image... I'm goning to say Seven(ish)

  1. A two-headed Yellow Breasted Bobble Knocker.
  2. A camouflaged snake, can't tell its species.
  3. A Honey Suckle Vase Warbler
  4. A baby Chameleon
  5. A Green Versace Lipfish
  6. Seahorse
  7. And the main Yellow Warbler

Whew, quite an image that the dream generator came up with.


Ha ha! Great answer, @jasonbu!

A Honeysuckle Vase Warbler

That is priceless!


Yes, you can see it in the upper right hand corner... I'm sure it's a Vase Wabler... nothing on the Versace Lipfish...huh? I giggled to myself on that one. :-)


Ha ha. Yes that is hilarious! Even more so. Thanks for the giggles!

I see 14 in total, excluding the original bird in the image.
Of the 14 are 5 of them birds, plus the main image making it 6.
Then there's a snake in the bottom left, a mole bottom centre, a mouse near the bottom right corner, a butterfly in bottom right corner.
Above the butterfly is a pig.
Above the snake is a fish, a grasshopper, and a snail in that bunching on the twig.
In the top right corner is a jellyfish.


Oh you found more than I did! And you were able to put a name to all of them. Your list is terrific, @anikekirsten!

I need to look at it when I have more time,but I'm sure there are fewer animals in image than in Rhonda's care! Great initiative!


Lol. Yeah, I think that's true.



I upvoted you however I am not taking part in the contest.


Well thank you very much for the upvote! That helps to support the cause.

Thank you so much for doing this, Jayna!!!!


My pleasure!

In addition to the original bird, I see a chicken, another bird, a . . . pitcher bird? A snake, a fish. . . .


Yes it’s amazing how many there are if you keep looking!

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I may be seeing maybe 15 including the original bird. Although I don't think I can name them.

Some are just weird with an eyeball. Or maybe they are all just eyeballs and my eyes are making me think its a thing.
3 of them I think are birds one of them might be wearing a skirt??


Oh, funny! I love that you see a skirt on one of them. Honestly, I think it is very much up to interpretation. It's fun to hear what everyone sees in the image. I have different ideas every time I look at it! Thanks for taking part, @foxyspirit!

Thanks to participants @jasonbu, @foxyspirit, @anikekirsten, and @rhondak. This is my Mini me account. I will post rewards once I can recover my @jayna account! Jason and Anike, you co-win the 1 SBD for hilarity and completeness, respectively. The rest goes to TARC. I will run more contests in support of TARC soon.


Yikes, never mind about us. Take care of getting that account recovered. Send my half of the SBD to TARC. :-)
Best wishes on the account recovery. Hope it's speedy and there is nothing lost.


Ditto this! Send mine to TARC as well. It was fun. Love your answers, Jason. Laughed so hard.


Thank you, @anikekirsten! I will do so, as soon as I can get my hands on the funds. :-)


Okay, will do, @jasonbu! I can't wait to get the $$ to TARC and get another fund-raising post started. If I don't recover my account soon (or God forbid, it just doesn't happen), I'll rebuild using this one. Cross your fingers.


Oh boy, ya work on getting your account back. I hope its not bad :(


Me too, and thank you! I think the main thing is that it takes time. Six days so far and counting... and no word back from the account recovery people.


Do you know what happened with your account? Did you get hacked? It would suck to have to start all over but I know that if its what must be done, we will all help you to climb that mountain again and hopefully in no time ^_^