If Love Alone Could Feed Them

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Hello from Southwest Virginia!

Spring finally sprung. . .then bounced away like a scared rabbit and left us sweltering in the full heat of summer. We broke out the fans and water hoses and cooled things down a bit, here in June almost exactly a year from our Director’s Steemit debut. Life in the rescue is exponentially better than it was in June of 2017. Bills are paid, dogs are fed and vetted, and we had enough in reserves over the winter to heat the place sufficiently. But now Steem is down and we have a full house. Time to tighten our belts and send up a few flares. We need some help.

None of us here at TARC think that anyone, no matter how prosperous, is obligated to support charity. This is particularly true when a charity isn’t operating in that person’s specific locale. Most of the Steemians who support TARC live in different regions of the country and different parts of the world. Their giving to help the animals in our care is the purest kind of generosity. It awes and humbles us, and often leaves us speechless.

If you’ve been following our account, you know we have faced some stressful circumstances lately. Because of our activism, we’ve been hassled a bit by local officials (read more about this HERE.) Our Director’s blog shared her adventure with a local grandpa who thought wrestling her over a stray dog was appropriate behavior. Read about that little fiasco HERE. And now that crypto is on the skids, ouch! Let’s just say we’ve had better days.

Our new residents were unexpected, but nonetheless welcome. Two are siblings: Xander and Dusty, dumped in the same area as others from their litter who already came through our rescue and moved on. Another pup is from a different litter but dumped in the same area, most likely by the same backyard breeder who was unable to sell their whole inventory. The fourth is the Walker Hound bestowed upon us by Angry Grandpa. And the fifth came to us just a couple days ago—a housedog found wandering through a neighborhood scrounging for scraps in various trash cans. The shelter told us this morning that no one has called to report the sweet baby missing. At least this dog is safe with us no matter what.

Four of the five need to be neutered. The housedog is already “fixed.” The two siblings are up-to-date on core vaccines now and have been dewormed. The hound and the border collie mix puppy have had their initial vaccines and one round of deworming. The housedog needs to complete stray hold before we vaccinate or deworm, but will need these things soon as well. We’re looking at roughly $600 for all of this, plus regular operating expenses that with the current price of Steem, we can’t cover. We can use all the help we can get.

People need not create a hardship for themselves by giving. We do need help, but not at a sacrifice by anyone. Find coins under the sofa cushions? A few extra SBD lying about? That’s what we hope people will send our way. Small amounts add up. Please consider giving us an extra boost right now while Steem prices skulk in the basement. We know crypto will bounce. Right now whatever you can spare would be greatly appreciated. Steem or SBD transfers can go directly to our wallet here on Steemit. We also accept FIAT donations through PayPal, using our PayPal ID rescue@tazewellarc.org .

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Y'all do some amazing things over there, and deal with a lot of shit. I hope Steem starts climbing again, and that you get plenty of support to help those cuties! Sent a little SBD teamgood love, and resteemed this post! Keep breathing, keep laughing. Thank you for what you do. 💖


Thank you, Katrina!

Few things make my heart melt as much as cute little doggies, it's wonderful how much you do to support these animals. I'm from a long family history of dog owners, and many relatives have them - my aunt even runs a dog training academy. I don't have any personally because we have neither the space or time to care for them properly - and that is of course essential they need space to play and be given good walks and plenty of interaction to keep them healthy.

Good luck, I hope many people pitch in and help support your wonderful work.

#thealliance #witness

Wishing all the best and abundance and steem to climb to ease distress in those experiencing it. I am myself facing some tight moments. Hope to be able to help more.

Tiger Woods stuttered as a child and used to talk to his dog until he fell asleep in an effort to get rid of it.

My full upvote is worth around 10 cents. So why does it show up in the top 20? That's sad.
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it is sad....there are people on here with upvotes worth hundreds but this is the micro of the macro so am not surprised at all to see that "world changing crypto" is exactly the same if not more sharky and nasty then the big bad world of fiat....it's the mindset :(


You are so right. The good news? Sharky as it is, it's a better environment than the community these dogs come from. People here aren't just apathetic, they're hostile. It's ridiculous.

About to make a Steemwars post pledged to you. And I know I've seen some awesome Unintended Poetry coming out of @thewritersblock. I am sure some of it will be aimed your way. Sorry my support had dropped off with my family stuff and own canine crises. But I will do what I can.

Also, if anyone has odds and ends of small change on their paypal, this is a great way to donate. When it's already on your paypal account, nothing is lost in fees if you do a friends and family transfer. I once had some extra shipping payment refunded and promptly sent it to TARC.


Bex, you have definitely had your hands full with your own series of calamities. I appreciate everything you do, despite challenges of your own.


At least Shawnee's last blood test shows normal range on whatever they test with Pancreas. Now we just need to figure out how to get weight on her with her low fat diet. She seems to like the food I found pretty well and is eating better.


Glad to hear it. Healthy appetite is good.

I will do a fund-raising post!


Thank you so much, Jayna!


Happy to help! The work you do is so important, and I can’t imagine what it costs to cover the care, feeding, and medical attention you provide to these animals! It must be such a strain to pay for all that.

I have a fun idea for a fund raiser and if it goes well, it could become a regular thing. I’ll run it past you on Discord!


I look forward to talking with you about it!

I love what you do for the animals, and it makes my heart warm, great work :)