The Steem Creative Curation Show with Shane and Isaria! // Episode 71 this Sunday Night // Submit Your Post for a Chance to be Curated and Promoted During the Show!

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The Steem Creative Curation Show with Shane and Isaria!

Be sure to join me and The Shane (@swelker101) every Sunday on Msp-waves for our weekly shenanigans as we sing horribly for no reason, randomly yell at each other, conduct the airing of grievances, talk about cats, and promote posts by talented, creative Steemians!

We promote as many posts as we can during the show and choose 10 submissions to curate using the @msp-curation and @msp-music accounts!

We also have weekly ridiculous trivia questions where you can win Steem and/or Steem Monsters Booster Packs!

Last Show's Winners!

@amymya - 1 Booster

@soundwavesphoton - 1 Booster

@sunravelme - 1Booster

I'm thankful for everyone who takes the time to submit something each week. All the submissions are fantastic and I can never decide which ones to I make this "Cat" do it.

Artwork by @pechichemena

Submit Your Creative Post for a Chance to be Curated and Promoted During the Show!

You can submit your Steemit link here in the comments.

Please make sure that your submissions are original, creative works (music, art, fiction, poetry, etc).

We will promote as many submissions as we can during the show. Those in the audience chat get priority.

Up to 10 posts will be curated using the MSP-Curation account, and the MSP-Music account!

Curations will take place the day after the show (Monday) so make sure your submission is within the payout time frame!

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, January 6th at 11:00 AM CST.

Here are the posts that we upvoted last week

Snake Hand Illustration "Blue Version" (Process and Result)
by @bharathi22

Life 🌷🌷🌷 by @paradise.ati

Pencil illustration by @mas.paza

Girl & rabbit by @napa

Flowers by @greenleaves

Illustrated Christmas Cannabis
by @gade4rt

Steemit Openmic week 117-Sillon by Adolfo Rivas - Original song @adolforivas42


Please join us for Episode 71 of The Steem Creative Curation Show this Sunday Night 6-7 CST!

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Learn more about PALnet and MSP at:

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Thank you for featuring that majestic piece of artwork of a cat .. it has touched my heart... I will proceed to draw 27 more cats in your honor.. to be delivered in the next weeks... <3 Much love.


Snibby will require 127 pieces of glorious cat artwork.
Thank you for attention to this important matter.❤️

Hello dear @isaria & @swelker101 thank you very much for your support ❤ Here is my entry and Happy New Year 2019!

Hello @isaria, happy new year, I am really glad for being upvoted by you!. Thank you very much!.


Hi, @isaria!

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Yay for creativity on the blockchain! Thanks for all you do to support it. I've got a new song to share with you... hope you enjoy it!

Hello, thank you for your support :)
my entry for today:


This is one of the most beautiful initiatives that exist in steemit.