MSP Music & Art Curation Contest Brought To You By Snibby the Cat! // Week 9 // 25 USD Prize!

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MSP Music & Art Curation Contest Brought To You By Snibby the Cat! // Week 9 // 25 USD Prize!

The Msp Music and Art account is used to manually curate artistic posts and it also gives automatic upvotes to those who delegate to it.
This combination creates a balancing act to make sure the voting power isn't being drained.

Snibby the Cat wants to upvote ALL the creative posts on Steemit, but he also has a very tiny brain and doesn't understand that it isn't possible to do so.

Team leader and sheriff, Peanut the Cat, ran the numbers and determined that Snibby should only curate 10 posts a week.

Snibby once again ignored Peanut's demands and upvoted more than 10 submissions.
A kitty wrestling match ensued, but they ended up hugging it out.


Each week, Snibby the Cat will carefully select 10 original, creative posts to curate using the MSP Music and Art account.

He may even upvote more if Peanut isn't watching!

He will also choose his favorite post which will receive 25 USD worth of SBD!


MSP Music & Art Week 8 Winner of 25 USD!

Pušač (Smoker) - Animated Art - misterMiao by @tripdespider

smoking man 3.gif


MSP Music & Art Contest Rules

~Submissions must be in the form of a Steemit link

~Submit your Steemit link here in the comments

~Submissions must be original creative works: music, art, poetry, fiction, photography, etc.

~You don't need to upvote this post, but a resteem would be appreciated so more eyes can see it!

~Snibby the Cat will choose 10 creative posts to be curated using the MSP Music & Art account.

~Snibby the Cat will choose his favorite post and that Steemian will receive 25 USD worth of SBD!

~The Deadline for this week's submissions will be Sunday, April 15th.


Delegate to MSP Music & Art to Help Creative Steemians....and Help Yourself!

Msp Music & Art is an initiative to help creative members of the Steemit community.
The official name of the account is Msp-music.

You can help support even more Steemians by delegating!

When you delegate to Msp-music you will receive automatic upvotes on your posts from the Msp-music account.
If you delegate over 100 SP you will also receive automatic upvotes from the Msp-lovebot account as well!

The delegation/upvote percentages are as follows:

20-50 SP is a 5% vote

51-100 SP is a 10% vote

101-500 SP is a 15% vote

501-1000 SP is a 30% vote

1001-2500 SP is a 35% vote

Anything higher than 5000 SP is a 50% vote

The Msp-Music account currently has 7,388 SP.

The Msp-Lovebot account currently has 17,302 SP.

Click Here to delegate!


Snibby looks forward to seeing/reading/hearing all of your wonderful creative submissions!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Here is my artwork based on a photo of Einstein:

I am glad you loved the smoker Snibby! :)

HELLO STEEMIT COMMUNITY! This is the first time I participate, I hope you like my entry.

Hi, this is my first entry, I hope you like @isaria. I am very grateful to you for this initiative.


This is my entry to the contest, I hope you like it, regards.

Hey Snibby! Prrrrrrrrrr I found your post just in time to enter! I'll send you and Sheriff Peanut some fresh sardines via Airmail!
Here's an instrumental soundscape track of mine called 'Escapism' I hope you can have a catnap whilst your mummy @isaria plays it.


Thanks @isaria for this support it will go a long way here's my application for this week


hola este es mi dibujo,espero que les guste