Travel writing contest No.7! Win 100 STEEM [Support]

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The best Travelfeed writer will get 100 STEEM!
“Traveling — it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Battuta.
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Who were the winners of "T.W. Contest No.6" and what happened in the last 30 days? Be patient ladies and gentlemen and continue reading until the last sentence! Are you ready for it? Let's start with the list of winners...

Travel writing contest No 7.png


The main prize of the "T.W. Contest No. 6" was 100 STEEM. 2nd to 5th place holders got Steem Power delegations for 6 months: 25 SP for the 2nd, 15 SP for the 3rd, 5 SP for 4th and 5th place! Without further ado, the winner of The travel writing contest No.6 is...

Kim's Quest #27: Mt. Kalatungan traverse Mt. Lumpanag/Wiji! by @ybanezkim26! 100 STEEM!
There is not much to say. It is a colorful and professional looking travel article written by Kim Ybañez. Kim describes himself as a chemical engineer by profession, but a blogger and an adventure seeker by passion. He also invites his readers to join his quests as he visits secluded destinations, climbs mountains, tries new and exotic dishes, and explores his country. The rest of the world will follow since he's still a poor, corporate slave with tons of bills to pay and two siblings to support.

Welcome to the 27th edition of Kim's Quest! This is the third part of my first major climb which was in Mt. Kalatungan (5th Highest Mountain in the Philippines) traverse Mt. Lumpanag (Mt. Wiji or Macaopao Peak). I hope that you will join me as I relive the experience of that very memorable climb... (Read)



Let's travel together - Văcărești Natural Park! by @gabrielatravels! 25 SP delegation!
Gabriela is one of my favorite travel writers in our community. She was also the winner of T. W. Contest No. 5. This time Gabriela invites us to travel together to the Văcărești Natural Park. Make sure you check out her other posts too! P.S. Nice boots! :D

Văcărești Natural Park represents the results of a failed project during the communism when back in 1988 this place started being dug by lots of auto vehicles and workers who were supposed to turn it into a residential complex after the president of Romania at those times (Nicolae Ceaușescu), left hundreds of families without houses and lands trying to create lots of things illegally... (Read)



Havey's Australia & New Zealand Adventure - Journey to Christchurch! by @nickyhavey! 15 SP delegation!
To me "Nicky Havey" is a synonym of the Travelfeed. Why? It's because he is a loyal platform user, he always has a few words to say when the time comes to show some support to other travel writers out there. What is more, I believe he participated in all the #travelfeed T. W. Contests since DAY 1. Check out his article about the Shag Point and some other interesting things... :D

On these organized tours, they do try and cram in as much as possible - the G Adventures trip I went on was no different - and, as you can see from the map below, it was a very long drive to get from where we were in Wedderburn to Christchurch. We had a whistle-stop walking tour when we got there but it wasn't without its education and history around the city that has had its hardships in recent times... (Read)



@Kidsisters travel blog No.1 - Paramaribo, Suriname Zoo! by @kidsisters! 5 SP delegation!
@Kidsisters are the daughters of @Justinparke. He says - "Sharing this one on behalf of our daughters, the youngest Steemians on the blockchain. They've got their own profile now and wanted to do this, and they asked me to sit this one out." Welcome to the @Travelfeed girls! We are blessed to have you here!

Sakana and Srey-Yuu have been very bored lately, and our landlord offered us a free trip to the local zoo here in Paramaribo, Suriname. Sakana and Srey-Yuu went knowing to take pictures with their own camera for a blog post. Unfortunately only a few are usable, so I've given them a few photography tips for the future. It's hard to believe this is still considered the Caribbean when the local wildlife is anacondas, piranhas and capybaras. But that is Suriname, where the Caribbean ends and South America begins... (Read)



Travel Story: Hidden Gems Hitchhiking Tierra del Fuego! by @mrprofessor! - 5 SP delegation!

LISTEN TO ME ALL THE GIRLS AND BOYS OUT THERE!!! I think this is an absolutely amazing travel article written by an absolutely awesome travel writer! What is more, @mrprofessor is a member of the @travelfeed curation team. I always try not to choose winners from the team member's circle, but this time it would be a criminal act!

Disclaimer: The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking and more than 3.000 km cycling. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust. You've been warned!!!

This happened when I was hitchhiking Argentina and Chile in summer 2017. Carrying only the essentials and little money for the journey. I had left Buenos Aires in early January with the main goal to reach Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the Americas. The plan was plain and simple: Work if needed, camp, hitchhike all the way, have loads of fun and let my desire guide the way... (Read)



  1. Write a travel article using platform and post the link in the comment section below. Articles that are older than 7 days may participate too. Each article may participate in the contest only once.
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After 30 days (16th of February) I will personally read every single one of them and choose the one which I like the most. The best travel writer will be rewarded with 100 STEEM! Remember, it is quality rather than quantity that matters. Make sure that every article you post is full of love for life and a pure desire to share your experiences with all the brothers and sisters out there.

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place winners will get Steem Power delegations for half a year. 2nd place winner will get 25 SP, 3rd place - 15 SP, 4th-5th - 5 SP delegated for six long months! You know how they say! Every STEEM counts! Do not hesitate and share your best creation!


100% of Steem Power earned by this post will be delegated to @travelfeed. Your upvotes will help to support the mighty platform and its amazing community. Keep in mind that the only way @travelfeed uses its Steem Power is to manually curate best #travelfeed posts. It is not a secret that is home to some of the best quality content in the whole Steem ecosystem. Smash that UpVote button!

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WHAT IS TRAVELFEED.IO? is a global community of independent travelers, where it’s easy to meet new people and find information, and where bloggers can monetize high-quality posts. One of the reasons why I believe in this project so much is the team behind it. These guys are passionate travelers and travel bloggers themselves. Interested to know who they are? That is great!

For example, Jürgen Horn @for91days has been making a living as a travel blogger for over 10 years and knows the industry in and out. The content is manually curated by @smeralda, @elsaenroute, @mrprofessor, @worldcapture, @lesiopm and @rozku. Discord community is moderated by @wanderlass and Steemitworldmap-curator @livinguktaiwan. The main developer behind this project is Julian Peters @jpphotography. He is a full-stack developer and budget traveler.

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PREGNANCY. My dearest wife is getting HUUUUGE (Just kidding)! :D As some of you already know, @kamile and I are expecting a baby. In about 6 weeks we will become Mom and Dad. Yesterday I told my wife - "I am not a racist, but I hope that my child won't be African or Asian..." :D Her answer was - "I hope so too"...

Kamile started her maternity leave two weeks ago. Since then our apartment became a warehouse of baby care equipment, tiny winey micro clothes, and diapers... :D Lots of them! As a matter of fact, after publishing this post I will start assembling the little second-hand baby bed that we bought yesterday. Interesting times indeed... :D

TRIP TO JORDAN. There are only two good things about "Ryanair" airline: the first one is, they can take you from Lithuania to the Arabian Peninsula (3500km) for 20 Euros, the second one is if you are lucky they will take you there for even less...

Last week my Dad and I had a 7-day "father & son" trip to Jordan. It was my second time in this Arab country so we decided to do some things and see some places outside of the main tourist route. Snow in the desert was a unique experience too. Full video and article comming soon... [A friendly Asian tourist and I :D]



  1. Write a travel article using platform and post the link in the comment section below. Articles which are older than 7 days may participate too. Each article may participate in the contest only once.
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Tautvydas! (Tot)


7 days in Jordan: How to travel if you are poor!?
30 days in Iran: The land of misleading stereotypes
30 days in Nepal: Is it as extraordinary as they say?
30 days in Laos: Visiting the world's most bombed country
All SP earned by this article will be delegated to @travelfeed!


Hey @invisusmundi, always a pleasure participating in the TravelFeed Writing Contests. I have been away from wifi for almost a month and a half, so my replies are quite late, but just wanted to say thanks again from myself and for the @kidsisters. They are still learning how to manage the Steem interface, but they are learning very fast.

Hi, @invisusmundi!

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Hello @invisusmundi, God bless your family and your baby, may he come in all normality and happiness reign.

Thank you very much for this contest, people tell great stories on their travels, writing and posting allows us to share with others the joy and excitement of that moment.

Congratulations to the winners, here I share with you one of my last publications. Thank you!

Hey @soyunasantacruz. :D Nice to have you here! You reminded me of something that I posted on Steemit two years ago. It was called "Cows of the world"!!! :D These creatures are truly magical!

6 lithuanian cow.jpg

Hi @invisusmundi, thanks for sharing your post, what an interesting variety of cows around the world, animals are like us have their races depending on where they are located, besides the environment affects them in their appearance as well as humans.

Some have a lot of hair, long hair, they are hairy because of the cold.

I am making an effort to stop eating meat and become a vegetarian, to respect the life of the animals, like cows, pigs and chicken, but it is difficult to have a roasted meat that is very rich and that the vegetarians forgive me, heheheh

I'm eating meat but in much lower quantities than back in the day. Except beef. I never eat it for a while now. If I have to chose I choose fish. :)

You are just so kind! Thank you so much for the beautiful words and that you consider one of your favourite travel writers! blushing
I'm happy you like the boots haha, because I ruined them after that trip hahaha. Never again wearing my favourite boots on travel days! hahah
Thanks for the prize! I'll participate this time with an older article which was a unique trip for me and made me enjoy a great world of ice! :D

That is great! I will leave the pleasure of reading your post for the evening! :) By the way, Gabriela, when are you coming to Lithuania? ;)

I really hope I will manage to reach Lithuania one day. I've been abroad just a single time and that for 3 days. Unfortunately, I can't afford trips outside my country but I do have hope I'll become a nomad and be able to travel the world one day :)

I see. :) Romania is a relatively big and very colourful country. I'm sure you can travel without leaving the country and still find new topics to write about for ages.

That's right :) But I will never say no to a short journey outside my country so I can discover a new culture :)

Thank you so much for choosing my post, @invisusmundi! This is by far the biggest contest that I won. I'm excited to join the next contest. I'm still allowed to join, right? 😂

I'm still thinking on what would be my entry. Maybe I'll have a special trip just for this.

Hey @ybanezkim26 :D You are welcome to join every single one of my contests!!! :D If you decide to do a special trip it would be even more awesome! :DDD You would be the first one to do this!!!

Niiiiiiiiiice, it was an honour to participate, if you want you can send my prize to a beginner user of your choice.

Thanks for being awesome!

I've already delegated that Steem to you, but if you would like to delegate a few Steem to one of the future winners that would be awesome! :)

Ah man, thanks so much for the kind words and for the 3rd place prize! Congratulations to all the winners as well.

I would like for my delegation to be given back to travelfeed though to help support them support other travel bloggers with a bigger curation trail if that's cool with you man 🙂

So only 6 weeks to go until we call you "The Father" haha! Bet you are really excited about it - amazing!

I'll get a blog written up in the next couple of weeks and drop it in a separate comment!

Party time!

Cool! Looking forward to it! :D What are you going to write about next?

So awesome to see this contest continue, congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you so much for hosting this great challenge and for supporting TravelFeed :) Much appreciated by the travel community of Steem. My pleasure to send some extra curation your way.

@tipu curate

Thank you @phortun! :) I appreciate it! Would you like to join the contest too?

Yeah, I might join too this time :)

That's great! Looking forward to see your content in our contest! :)

Oh, this should give me an incentive to finally go out and do some traveling!

So did you do some traveling already? :D

Yeah, I'll post on travelfeed soon. 😊

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OK man, here is my latest travelfeed post for your contest! Good luck to everyone and looking forward to reading loads of cool travel blogs 😀

Oh, great! Nice to see u here again! :D

Congratulations to all the winner and proud the winner from Philippines,

Congratulations also to the host initiated this great contest for the coming of your baby. God bless @invisusmundi and family!

God bless you too Olivia! :)

Nice to have you here again! :)

Thanks again for generosity and efforts in making this contest happen 😄👍

Great work running this contest! Don't think we've met properly but I did saw you at the TravelFeed curator session ;-)

Here is my latest post about visiting Barcelona on a Shoestring Budget

Yup, I've been there! :D

I haven't made a special trip as promised, but I made a new travel-series that would highlight Cebu, my place, to the international community. I hope this will still qualify.

Ok so here's the first travel post from the series I will be posting. Hehe.

I used it once few months back, but didn't get any support neither any response. Is there any specific requirement for using ?

Nope. There are no specific requirements. :) What was the problem? Why did you need support from the @travelfeed team? :)

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