Travel writing contest No.4! Win 100 STEEM [Support]

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Give me a couple more days to announce the winner! :D As you can see I am late to do that again. What can I say... Life happens! I'll explain what happened in my next post! Thank you for your patience! :)

The best travel writer will get 100 STEEM!
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu.
All Steem Power earned by this post will be delegated to
2nd place - 25 STEEM, 3rd place - 15 STEEM, 4th-5th - 5 STEEM,
6th-7th - 3K lifestyle tokens delegation for 1 month!

Winners of "T.W. Contest No.3" will be announced at the end of this post!

I am terribly sorry for being late to announce the winner on time! :D Who knew that I will start working as an engineer again. Only this time I am working at Reinforced Concrete factory. Another great thing that happened to us recently was the news that @kamile and I gonna have a baby! :D Another reason to work hard. What is more, I am still saving money to buy as much STEEM as I can. I think I will do it as soon as the price of STEEM will change the direction! These are the main reasons why I had less time for blogging. Anyways, let's get back to business!

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  1. Write a travel article using platform and post the link in the comment section below. Articles which are older than 7 days may participate too. Each article may participate in the contest only once.
  2. Resteem this post.
  3. [Optional] Follow invisusmundi for more cool contests!


After 14 days (13th of October) my wife @kamile and I will personally read every single one of them and choose the one which we like the most. The best travel writer will be rewarded with 100 STEEM! 2nd place winner will get 25 STEEM, 3rd place - 15 STEEM, 4th-5th - 5 STEEM, 6th-7th - 3K lifestyle tokens delegation for 1 month! You know how they say! Every STEEM counts! Do not hesitate and share your best article!


100% of Steem Power earned by this post will be delegated to @travelfeed. Your upvotes will help to support the mighty platform and its amazing community. Keep in mind that the only way @travelfeed uses its Steem Power is to manually curate best-#travelfeed posts. It is not a secret that is home to some of the best quality content in whole Steem ecosystem. Smash that UpVote button!

TravelFeed Location Search

WHAT IS TRAVELFEED.IO? is a global community of independent travelers, where it’s easy to meet new people and find information, and where bloggers can monetize high-quality posts. With full-scale manual curation, makes sure that the best posts get the visibility they deserve, often months or even years after they’ve been published. Content is monetized through the Steem Blockchain where creators get rewarded with cryptocurrency. Since February 2018, the team has curated over 11,000 travel posts on Steem, rewarding over $100,000 to authors using the tag #travelfeed.

One of the reasons why I believe in this project so much is the team behind it. These guys are passionate travelers and travel bloggers themselves. For example, Jürgen Horn @for91days has been making a living as a travel blogger for over 10 years and knows the industry in and out. The content is manually curated by @smeralda and @elsaenroute. Discord community is moderated by @wanderlass and Steemitworldmap-curator @livinguktaiwan. The main developer behind this project is Julian Peters @jpphotography. He is a full-stack developer and budget traveler. is the first dApp based on the Steem blockchain to offer free STEEN account creation and easy login. New users who might be unfamiliar with crypto keys, or the cryptic processes which secure them, won’t even blink an eye through our easy onboarding process we're calling EasySignUp. If you would like to join TravelFeed and don't have a STEEM account yet, go to and click on "Sign Up". The only thing they will ask you to do to finish this process is to confirm your email.


Can't wait to know more about their plans to launch Travelfeed token and reasons to delegate your Steem Power to @travelfeed?
I highly recommend reading Travelfeed's recent update posts:

My personal experience with this platform has been very positive. I managed to write 3 long articles in the first two weeks. Those three posts alone earned me 58.65$ or 240 STEEM (+19.1$ for the curators). Keep in mind I did not use bid bots or any other type of tools. All three articles were upvoted by @travelfeed, @jpphotography, @for91days, and other curators. They were also noticed by @curie, @blocktrades, @ocd, @c-cubed, @mariusfebruary, @tombstone, and other Steemit legends.



The total Prize Pool of "T.W. Contest No. 3" was 150 STEEM. 100 STEEM for the 1st place, 25 STEEM for the 2nd, 15 STEEM for the 3rd, 5 STEEM for 4th and 5th and 1K lifestyle tokens delegation for 1 month for the 6th and 7th places! I am more than happy to announce that the quality of your travel blogs improved A LOT! Without further ado, the winner of The travel writing contest No.3 is...

All the reasons why you should travel to Romania! by @holm! 100 STEEM!

Romania, a country I grew up only hearing only the worst things about whether it would be that it's the cradle of gypsies who would kill you at every turn you would make or that communism still lured in the political landscape ready to strike back. Despite the bad reputation, this country has most certainly bashed away all the presumptions I once had before. This experience is coming from living well over 1 year in this magnificent, culturally rich and beautiful country that you rarely will find elsewhere in the world.... <Read>

I've been to Romania myself and this astonishing article reminded me of all the crazy things that happened over 3 years ago. Back in 2016 @kamile and I decided to hitchhike to Iran. Romania was one of the countries on our way. Our relatives tried to convince us to give up this idea of hitchhiking across Romania. According to them, it was too dangerous. I don't want to be the one who says that "there is no danger at all. Go and try it yourself!" Everything happens everywhere. I am only saying that WE were lucky to meet kind and hospitable Romanians ONLY! It looks like @holm had a similar experience! Well done buddy!



Khmerican Family Abroad | ⌗ ➇ How We Got "Mother Turtled" @justinparke! 25 STEEM!

Well, the strange thing is that somehow, for the 7 years I had already lived in Cambodia, Sreypov and I's paths never crossed. Even though I knew almost every extended family member of hers, I had never physically come face to face 🙈 with Sreypov, sometimes missing each other by minutes in various locations throughout the years. All the time Sreypov was married 👰 I fell in and out of love 💔 about four times, never able to find that special someone... <Read>

@justinparke just can't stop amazing me! His life story is so unique, that it is sometimes hard to believe that it really happened! This time Justin decided to share a story of how he met his lovely Cambodian wife. The style of his writing is so rich and colorful that it is super easy to imagine every single moment mentioned in this article like it was a story of my own...



Fordlândia - the "ghost town" on the Rio Tapajós! by @kris-eklu! 15 STEEM!

While preparing for my Amazon trip, I came across an interesting article about a ghost town on a tributary of the Amazon river. This city is called Fordlândia and was founded in 1927 by the automobile company of Henry Ford. The aim was to produce the raw material for tire production on large rubber (caoutchouc)plantations. However, the project failed for several reasons. The Americans left the city after nearly 20 years and left behind a lot of machinery and also many residential buildings built in the typical American style of that decade. <Read>

For those who don't know, @kris-eklu was the winner of T. W. Contest No. 3. I am super happy to see that he continues creating high-quality content. Keep up the good work man! Hopefully, will succeed to attract more and more travel writers like you!

Ford factory.png


Heptonstall - Cobblestones, Churches and Sylvia Plath's Grave! by @raj808! 5 STEEM!

The village of Heptonstall sits just above Hebdon Bridge in Yorkshire in the UK. Famous as the place of Sylvia Plath's burial, this quaint village has remained virtually unchanged in 200 years. There are no supermarkets cinemas or clubs, and there is only one village shop/post office and two pubs.1 The most recent addition is a cafe where you can get a decent coffee and the quintessential 'fry up' English breakfast. <Read>



Bangkok Dangerous - a temporary relocation experience! by @rayshiuimages! 5 STEEM!

Ok so if you've read some of my previous travel posts, you know that I'm always rushing, more often than not plans don't work out and that something weird/funny/stupid usually happens. This most recent trip is no exception but by far the least planned and most rushed ever! In fact, I don't think it can get any worse than this. Curious? Read on, my friends! <Read>



Glamping @ Tiarasa Escapes || Camping In Style! by @kaerpediem! 1K lifestyle tokens delegation for 1 month!

One day you wake up and realize you have become a city girl. All that cycling around your small town for hours, swimming in rivers catching tadpoles, eating mangoes sitting high up on the tree branch seem to belong to a young girl from another time. Your heart yearns for that carefree, devil may care attitude that was second nature but the city has conditioned you to the convenience of modernity. <Read>



Port Barton, Palawan: The Secret (Paradise) is Out! by @wanderein! 1K lifestyle tokens delegation for 1 month!

Most people would visit either Puerto Princesa or El Nido when in Palawan. No one really knew Port Barton as a tourist destination until in recent years. Port Barton is a small town in San Vicente located on the northwest of Palawan. It is a fishing village that is now thriving in tourism. <Read>



  1. Write a travel article using platform and post the link in the comment section below. Articles which are older than 7 days may participate too. Each article may participate in the contest only once.
  2. Resteem this post.
  3. [Optional] Follow invisusmundi for more cool contests!

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wow this took me a bit off guard.

I appreciate the kind words! I cannot express enough how safe Romania is to travel through and the only thing one might have to watch out for are the bears and the Shepard dogs that try to keep bears away (those are a the real monsters)!

Once again thanks for making these cool contests!

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Indeed, Romania is the country with the most bears from the Southeastern side of Central Europe, but the animals are pretty scared by people especially that right now there is a law accepted for the hunters to kill bears! Which is stupid..

The dogs are more like a danger, especially those which are taking care of sheepfolds.

Congratulations on your prize! A well deserved one :)

Hello invisusmundi , congratulations on the blessing you have just received, may God fill you with wisdom and patience so that you can fulfill the role of father and form a person of good and happy.

related to this contest I just found out that there is this platform, I'm new in steemit and the world of blockchain, but recently published a trip I made in my country Venezuela.

and although I didn't do it from, because I didn't know it existed, I will still leave my link for whoever wants to see it.

Thank you for the opportunity, I will be publishing other post tourism, God bless you.

Congratulations to the winners :D

Thank you very much
This is very encouraging :)

Hi, @invisusmundi!

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My entry Journey Through Jordan (actually part 1 of a few from Jordan)

Awesome man! Thanks a lot for the steem prize. I'm made up 🙂🙂

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Congratulations to all the winners!!!! And WOW .. contest 4?????

Again ... just for the purpose of showing off I want to submit this post:

Dude! Congratulations on the great news with the arrival of a baby invismus, hoping for the best and we'll done on getting the engineer job too! That will help buy up more steem at these awesome prices!

And well done to the winners this time round! Some awesome stories from people I've seen posting articles around the place so kudos to them 🙌

Here's my latest travel post where we have an unusual guest join us for a walk around Lake Te Anau in New Zealand 😁

Thanks man, take it easy now!

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Here is my entry, thanks so much for running this amazing initiative:

Good luck to all participants! :)

Congrats to you and the Mrs. for the expansion of your family! 8-)
Thank you for this series of contests and for the inclusion in #3's top ten. Congrats to all the winners as well.
Let me just stealthily creep in my entry for #4, haha:


I thought for sure I had another win this time, but 1st place is well-deserved.


     #4 I have in the bag already, with what I feel is my best story yet, involving a reggae music video, an interview with a conspiracy theorist, a waterfall, the Cambodian police and an Indian three-wheeler. I humbly submit "𝐈𝐍𝐍𝐀 𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐇 𝐑𝐄𝐆𝐆𝐀𝐄 𝐕𝐈𝐃𝐄𝐎."

𝐊𝐡𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐅𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲 𝐀𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐚𝐝 #❾ 𝙸𝚗𝚗𝚊 𝙵𝚛𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚑 𝚁𝚎𝚐𝚐𝚊𝚎 🎧 𝚅𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚘



@invisusumundi & the @travelfeed team.

I just learned the guy that interviewed me in the video within my post just passed away from dengue fever last week, terrible news.

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Hello everyone! This is my entry for the contest. Thank you for the chance.

Oh I wanted to upvote your post but just realised that it is already matured haha.

All the best for your new job @invisusmundi!

Thank you and your wife for being so deligently going through manually on every single post.

I just started my writing on travel feed haha.

(if you so happened to want to buy steem, I think there's a dolphin who might want to sell some later when the time is right lol)

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So happy to see the first place being won by someone who visited Romania! I feel honoured since I'm from Romania and I'm trying to promote every single corner of it, here on steemit. It's a little exception right now that my posts are related to Barcelona but usually you will not see something else on my profile other than touristic attractions from Romania. :)

So, congratulations @holm :)

Also, I'm glad @invisusmundi and @kamile visited my country as well and had a nice stay over here. And congratulations for your little baby on board! :)

As for this time participating in the amazing contest hosted, here is my entry:

Thanks for the chance and good luck everyone! :D

I've been wanting to take part in the contest and finally, I have a post to submit for the contest :)