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On my last trip to the United States i wanted to see the Grand Canyon in Arizona and what a amazing breathtaking site this was we ever still had some snow up there that hadn't melted away as yet. The Grand Canyon is a steep sided canyon carved out by the Colorado River in Arizona the Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and up to 18 miles wide and reaches to about a one mile depth one awesome place to see once in your life time.



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Thats a beautiful landscape picture ^^ .. the red coulour if the canyon makes it look soo hot and "burning" .. the snow in the frlnt states quite a nice contrast to it .. you really found a nice place for the picture .. as always for your landscapes ;)

Thank you my friend it is one place that i will never forget so much beauty there :)

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Thank you @pixresteemer :)

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Thank you for your support @esteem :)

Beautiful shot !

Thank you @jacey.boldart was certainly a awesome place to visit :)

Great shot.

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Thank you my friend it was so awesome been there and seeing these beautiful Grand Canyon :)

Such a great shot. Went to Vegas once but my travel companion didn't wanted to make the trip to the canyon.

Thank you my friend that is a shame your travel companion made you miss out on sometime really awesome on this planet hopefully you can get there some day :)

You are welcome my friend. We will get there some day, me and my girlfriend both want to see so many places in the world.

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You are right so many beautiful places on this earth and this is one of them hopefully you do make it over there some day :)

That is totally a must see for me one day. Love the shot you got:) Superb:)

You definitely must this is one awesome place on this planet :)

Howdy sir hangin! yes, it's an amazing place for sure but I've never seen it with snow so that's pretty unusual!

We were definitely lucky to be there at that time to see it with snow it certainly made it look spectacular :)