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This is a daily contest.

100 Dogecoins are given to daily winners.
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Today's Question

What is your best SONG and why do you like it?
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  • If I like more than one comment, prize will be split between them or one winner selected with random.org

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The way Doge is going to the moon you will be turning people into instant Warren Buffet's if you are not careful. Always bear in mind that 1 Doge = 1 Doge. As far as music goes I like to give publicity to obscure but good. Here we go - this is a band called Berd from Mongolia.

My Doge address is DLCtYbLTAvC7qayQP9zdoqUNhAm5fXLg4f

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all done bro. I like rap song bro my favourite song is I am not afraid by Eminem, and he tell the truth its depend on us wether you like it or not but every rap song has its own energy but this one is love


singer : Micheal Jackson
song : they don't really care about for us.

i like this song because sony company did wrong with micheal jackson and they want to destroy him, moral of the song every big fish want to eat small fish, and same logic apply with our life, every second person is a cheater and they want to cheat us and '' they dont really care about for us '' there is lesson in this song for me.

'' i dont wana hurt anyone it was just my personal thought ''

Upvoted , Resteemed, Followed done!


This is a tough one I would have to say David Bowie's Space Oddity It is just a great song. It can take you through all the emotions. It can be fun or thought provoking, it can be listened to no matter what mood you may be in.
My address: DTe8aRHRW2cMZ73VPpadXJmD4KSN3pYQMa


My best song at this moment would be Brave by Sara Bareilles.

I love this song because it speaks to my core, reminding me of a need to speak out, saving myself or someone else. I used to be (and I'm still a bit of) someone who avoid confrontations. What this avoidance does is that many times I keep things inside and as a line in the song says... "kept on the inside, no sunlight, sometimes the shadows win" I get sad, bitter and angry... Inside.

Then, when I battle with myself long enough, I ask myself another line... "I wonder what would happen if you say what you wanna say, and let the words fall out..."

It speaks to me, and I am reminded to face what would have avoided. So I speak out before it gets decayed within me.

It makes me brave.

Dogecoin Wallet: DDu2KW4kimapJ7apUUU24c5dmrQ1k2p6D8

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My best song is "the greatest love of all" by Whitney Houston.
I love the song because it spread the message of love, hope and faith in ones future. It teaches parents to groom their kids to bring the best the kids have in them. That is, to teach the kids self expression and make the believe in themselves. It's really an awesome song.

dogecoin wallet address: DLuVSc79LvB7FWkmDN5W9B4HnQF7h9Mdgq

My favorite song at the moment is "du hast" from a German group called rammstein. It's a song that I love, I like the electric guitar and the drums, and above all listening to it live and being able to listen to people screaming with emotion, makes one's skin crawl.

My Address: DN19R6d1X1q53o9sndrKRaWrs9W99UxBPZ

My favorite song is shine on you crazy diamond - Pink Floyd i like it because i listen every day whem i was a child and i spend like all the day watching the live concert again and again.

My Addres is : DFMyRnjytfKv5nf6bo1fnLj5BDrsSNzedE

my fave song is TAKE ME OUT OF THE DARK by Gary V.

I like this song so much because it uplifts me up when I listen to this song when Im so down..especially the part where it says..IVE NEVER KNOWN A MAN WHO WOULD GIVE HIS LIFE FOR SINNERS LIKE ME..tears cant help but fall. Nobody give up his own life just to save sinners but only Jesus..Because He loves us so much..


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I really dont have a favorite song. I listen to a lot of good song and its hard to choose one ans call it my favourite but i i am to choose one right now its going to be Friends by JCole. In the songs he was talking about one of the issues in the world that people should take more note of but no one seems to b doing that. The curse of drug abuse has eaten deep into the society that it has become a problem.

Singer: Michael Jackson
Song: we are the world

This song passes the message that only us can make our world a better place and one of the ways we can do that is by making the choice to love one another.

Address: DRQ9PismfLXNRLcqDX5nAmrQGPs2F9dCkA