Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest: A Concept To Drive Up Witness Voting Engagement Among Steemians (Episode #7 Result Updates; Episode #8 — 6SBD Prize Pool; 3 Possible Winners)

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Wow God has been faithful and we are here for episode 8 of the contest in which we will also update you about the results of the just concluded episode 7. **To our sponsors and consistent upvoters in the persons of @lukestokes, @sircork, @surpassinggoogle and numerous others who I will not be able to mention their names, we are grateful🙌🙌🙌. Thanks for supporting this initiative meant to enhance the experiences of steemians and rewarding hardworking witnesses.


Participation in this contest is once; you are not allowed to participate again if you have ever participated before otherwise the essence of this contest is defeated.

Supporters so far

Witnesses @lukestokes [witness name: @lukestokes.mhth], @sircork [witness name: @noblewitness], @surpassinggoogle [witness name: @steemgigs], @teamsteem and @pfunk

Inactive witnesses for episode #8 that you must not vote

Inactive witnesses are any witnesses between 1st to 100th position who are not actively producing blocks at the time of composing the current episode. It does not mean they will remain inactive indefinitely. For this episode, those whom we found to be inactive include:

@wackou @roadscape @bitcoiner @arhag @steempty@datasecuritynode @theprophet0 @witness.svk @kushed @cyrano.witness @au1nethyb1

Please note that voting inactive witnesses attracts outright disqualification since they are not active at the time of composition of this contest.

Contest aims

The primary aims of this contest, amongst other things, are:

To increase witness voting consciousness of steemians as well as their knowledge of the roles witnesses play in ensuring stable ecosystem.

This contest is targeted at ensuring continuous increase in the witness voting engagement rate occasionally published by @lukestokes. This is currently put at 32.88%

Witness votes delivered episode by episode

First episode delivered = 270 witness
Participants: @adoore-eu @ijele @princefizzy @hendeca8 @donaldpete @marpemusic@kidops @yura81
Winners: @adoore-eu @princefizzy and @kidops

Second episode delivered = 101 witness votes
Participants: @gutzygwin @bco @adjes-eu@lilcyphereu
Winners: @adjes-eu and @bco

Third episode delivered = 101 witness votes
Participants: @eunireal1 @bularji @desmoniac @lavanyalakshman @simplicitytech
Winners: @eunireal1 @burlarj and @desmoniac

Fourth episode delivered = 148 witness votes
Participants: @vickyrich @mfctanzim@tayorex @tayorex @barath15 @khusairi @wizardAve @darnhiel
Winners: @vickyrich @mfctanzim and @barath15

Fifth episode delivered = 127 witness votes
Participants: @quality-dev @alanwalker0 @blacktitan @bhavyalakshman @princefizzy @ranjith35 @darnhiel
Winners: @wealthinme @alberteinstein0 @aidenpearce

Sixth episode delivered = 147 witness votes
Participants: @quality-dev @alanwalker0 @blacktitan @bhavyalakshman @princefizzy @ranjith35 @darnhiel
Winners: @quality-dev @blacktitan @alanwalker0

Seventh episode delivered = 84 witness votes
Participants: @project-a @sola3097 @boomi @ttay
Winners: @project-a @sola3097 @ttay

Total witness votes delivered since inception


Total prizes awarded so far

30 sbd; 30steem

Announcing the winners of the #7 episode

In the just concluded #7 episode, we had 4 participants. Of this 4, first and second positions are tied at 42 valid votes by @project-a and @sola3097 while @ttay came third with 38 valid votes

With respect to first and second positions, what I will do now, is to add their prizes and divide it by two and award them. I think that's better. So we have 3sbd plus 2sbd gives 5sbd.5sbd divided by 2 gives 2.5sbd. So @project-a and @sola3097 gets 2.5sbd each while @ttay gets 1sbd!

Episode #8 of the contest

We will be neutral regarding your choice of witnesses to vote. We do not canvass for votes for particular witness. This contest is for you to select witnesses and cast your votes for them.

How to vote for witnesses

Click this link in the page that opens, you will see a list of top 50 witnesses. If your choice witnesses are among the 50, click on the corresponding upvote icon to vote. If they are not among the top 50, scroll down and you will see a box similar to the below image. Type in the name of your choice witness and vote.


The rules of the contest and how to submit your entry

You must RESTEEM this contest to reach wider audience.

You must vote for at least 20 witnesses (you can vote for the maximum 30 allowed witnesses if you have reasons to).

Visit @urusername with your Steemit username). Scroll down and you will see the all the list of all the witnesses you voted for. Screenshot/snapshot it.

In not more than 60 words, state the roles witnesses play in sustaining steem blockchain as a reply comment to this contest article; and upload the screenshot/snapshot of your chosen witnesses under your comment.

Invite your friends to come and upvote your comment.

All your chosen witnesses must be active at the time of choosing them.

Voting proxies attract outright disqualification.

NB: the contest comes to an end next week Sunday


Yours truly,

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Steemit is built on block chain and all decentralized block chain need active set of people to run it, witness makes the block chain accessible by running web servers, this means steemit blockchain requires an arrangement of individuals for it to be able to run successfully .
Witness also give meanings to our posts by influencing it to show on block chains for individuals to see which occurs in hub.


Nice one bro.

You came second in the contest with 67 valid votes. And your 2sbd prize had been sent. Congratulations!!

A steem witness is nothing but a person who operates a server known as a witness server which produces blocks and help publish a price feed of STEEM/USD to the network. Their major role is to produce a block (not miners), maintain a price feed which is how SBD functions, decide whether to handfork or not and help the network function and grow

You came first in the contest with 89 valid votes and your 3sbd prize had been sent. Congratulations!!!

Steem-blockchain requires a set of people to create blocks and uses a consensus mechanism called DPOS. The community elects 'witnesses' to act as the network's block producers and governance body. There're 20full-time witnesses, producing a block every 63-second round. A 21st-position is shared by the backup witnesses, who are scheduled proportionally to the amount of stake-weighted community approval they have.


Witness makes major role in blackchain technology, because they give life to our posts.

Witness are king in blackchain technology, to do their work properly they need our support. For giving our support to them they get more energy to do work properly.

So we must support them for giving our support.

Hear is my support

Your opinion of who witnesses are and the roles the play are wrong. And so you were disqualified. Thanks for participating

Witnesses are generally voted for because they are trusted members of the community, positively contribute to Steem and Steemit in many ways, are qualified and experienced in administration of servers, and are experienced in cryptocurrency networks and software. Witnesses are expected to keep a block-producing Steem node running 24/7/365.25. They are also expected to provide an ongoing price feed of the value of STEEM tokens in U.S. dollars, set the mininum Steem Power deposit to create an account, set the APR% for the Steem Dollar interest rate, and in the future might set additional network variables. Witnesses are also strongly encouraged to run a seed-node to provide the blockchain to syncing clients.

Witnesses are rewarded for these qualities, services, and of course running their node by getting powered up by 1 STEEM for each block they produce. By being paid in Steem Power, witnesses are further incentivized to be committed long-term and also to contribute to Steemit curation.

So pls support them,hear is my support

Aqua Super_20180623_151902.png

You came third in the contest with 66 valid votes and your 1sbd prize has been sent. Congratulations!

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