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Hello guys... Welcome to another episode of Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest. This is the fourth episode of this contest but before we will proceed with it, we need to announce the result of the third episode.

Aim of the contest

  • To increase witness voting consciousness of steemians as well their knowledge of the roles witnesses play in ensuring stable ecosystem.

  • This contest is targeted at ensuring continuous increase in the witness voting engagement rate occasionally published by @lukestokes. This is currently put at 30.


Witness votes delivered since inception

First episode delivered = 270 witness votes

Second episode delivered = 101 witness votes

Third episode delivered = 101 witness votes

Total witness votes delivered since inception

472 witness votes

Announcing winners of 3rd episode

In the third episode, we had a total of 5 entries whose performances are as given below:

@desmoniac polled 153 votes to emerge second runner-up winning 1SBD!

@burlarj polled 170 votes to emerge first runner-up winning 2SBD!!

@eunireal1 polled 182 votes to emerge winner winning 3SBD!!!


Episode #4: the contest

We will be neutral regarding your choice of witnesses to vote. We do not canvass for votes for particular witness. This contest is for you select witnesses and cast your votes for them.

We will only show you how to vote and those you must not vote because they are currently inactive

How to vote for witnesses

  • Before you go voting, click this: Take note of all the witnesses. Those in red colour have been struckthrough. This shows that they are inactive for now. So they should not be among witnesses you will choose. This is only valid for now.

  • Click this link in the page that opens, you will see a list of top 50 witnesses. If your choice witnesses are among the 50, click on the corresponding upvote icon to vote. If they are not among the top 50, scroll down and you will see a box similar to the below image. Type in the name of your choice witness and vote.


The rule of the contest & how to submit your entry

  • You must RESTEEM this contestto reach wider audience.

  • You must vote for at least 20 witnesses (you can vote for the maximum 30 allowed witnesses if you have reasons to).

  • Visit @urusername with your Steemit username). Scroll down and you will see the all the list of all the witnesses you voted for. Screenshot/snapshot it.

  • In not more than 60 words, state the roles witnesses play in sustaining steem blockchain as a reply comment to this contest article; and upload the screenshot/snapshot of your chosen witnesses under your comment.

  • Invite your friends to come and upvote your comment.

  • All your chosen witnesses must be active at the time of choosing them. To find out those that are active, refer to the Part I under How to vote for witnesses above.

  • Voting proxies attract outright disqualification.

This contest comes to an end on Sunday at exactly 3.30pm +1 GMT. Result follows thereafter.

Entry with popular vote wins but participant must have demonstrated to have good grasp of witness concept in steem blockchain.

Donators so far: @sircork

We need your support to continue with this impacting weekly contest

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Hosted by @eurogee for @euronation

@euronation is a team of people with common goals and desires. The team was created with the intention to create awareness around Steem ecosystem, getting new members on board the program, nurturing as well as mentoring towards excellence and helping them to find strong footing in the program. We guide new members on the ethos of Steemit, how they can be creative and come up with amazing ideas and impact the community at large.

The Team Is Made Up Of These Erudite Steemians:

@eurogee @edith4angelseu @smyle @sweetestglo-eu @drigweeu @bob-elr @dray91eu @jeaniepearl @adoore-eu

Join us on Telegram and whatsaap through the below links:



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Witnesses makes our post appear on steem blockchain, for people to see. The communuty elects witnesses to act as the network's block producers and governance body. In excess, if there are no witnesses, there will be no steem.

These are the witnesses i voted for



Sounds good




That's cool




Nice one bro



Witnesses make the blockchain accessible by running web servers...production and support of value criticism is one of the witness' duties. Steem blockchain requires an arrangement of individuals to makes obstructs, the witnesses influences our post to show up on blockchain for individuals to see and all occurs in squares knowns as hubs..
The witnesses i voted for:








This was good


Congratulations... Vote for me as well @doctorvee as witness

  ·  last year (edited)

Steem blockchain requires a set of people to creates blocks, the witnesses makes our post appear on blockchain for people to see and all happens in blocks knowns as nodes..

The witnesses I voted for




production and maintenance of price feedback is one of the witness's responsibilities. This is the second most important aspect of their role as Witnesses as they do this to ensure that STEEM Dollars are always worth 1 US Dollar in STEEM using a 7 day exchange.
They are now also pushing to set an APR that should be an incentive for users to hold their SBDs longer. Currently, the interest rate is 0%.


Witnesses make the blockchain available by running web servers. Their next important role is to represent steem users to Steemit, Inc. Helping ensure any changes made are good for steem and steem users. They should provide support to the entire steemit community through their own initiatives.

✔ resteemed

Witnesses Screenshot_20180409_230115.png

A STEEM witness is a person who operates a witness server (which produces blocks), and publishes a price feed of STEEM/USD to the network which is how STEEM Dollars are always worth 1 US Dollar in STEEM (using the 7 day exchange).
These are the witnesses I voted for:

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow , boss @eurogee and his @euronation, you are really contributing postively to the blockchain. Your earnest desire is to see newbies succeed, this new iniative will also go a long way helping all to appreciate the much witnesses do . Without them we wont have the blockchain. Thanks for honouring them with this contest . May you @eurogee and all active members behind @euronation be honoured. I am @adoore-eu

onek shundor post korchen.ei vabe valo post korben.


I commend your effort @euronation in organizing this witness contest every week.
i always vote for participants and hope to participate with time even as a minnow.
This contest has inspired my morale in the steem community a lot.
Thanks once again @euronation

Um... Awesome

God bless @euronation
God bless you @eurogee
Thanks for the prize I am so happy I got my prize🤗🤗🤗


Lol, you ehh

Oh wow and we are moving forward with the show me your witness contest. 6sbd for grabs. Nice one @eurogee. You care so much about steemit and the block chain. I don't understand why you are yet to be an ambassador.


@zizymena babe lols. Thanks for the Commendations.

I don't understand why you are yet to be an ambassador.

On the contrary, I am now a Steem-Ambassador ✌️

@eurogee of @euronation community


Tanx eurogee, prize well Received

  ·  last year (edited)

Zizymena,I guess you meant why he is not a whale yet. He will get there some day soon

Congratulation to the winners, this is great! Thanks @euronation for this initiative. I think this will also help the newbies, yes of course and as well the Blockchain to grow as expected. Thanks so much. @peakreal1

Thanks to @euronation, the prize has been recieved, i wish the new contestants great success and congrats to my co-winners. it was a great contest...cheers!!!

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Thank you
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Nice witty post thanks

I think this was good.