You Pick the STEEMIT Monster TATTOO $500 Max Dlive Video

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Trying to figure out something different that no-one else has done here on steemit is like trying to shoot the wings off of a fly at 1,000 yards. 

So, I have decided to let the steemit community pick 1/2 of my next tattoo

I know, I can not just take random suggestions or I'd end up with something crazy that is NSFW

So the contest here is, for you, the steemit community to pick a monster made by @saywha for one of the following users to be tattooed next to my monster. Each monster will be roughly 3x3 inches or bigger depending on the final image. I picked this list as I know most of these users and @saywha makes tasteful monsters that my kids enjoy

There are some rules: Tattoo's are 4eva!

1.) Comment the users name from the below list and say why you picked them

2.) Resteem this post

3.) Post must reach a minimum total of $100 to cover cost of tattoo             Completed

4.) Upvote your favorite choice, vote often

5.) If for some unknown reason this post makes the $250 mark I will add the steem and steemit logo right in the tattoo

6.) If for some reason this post hits $500 ( I can wish) I will DLive the video

The choices to pick from are:

@gotmeens @nelyp @pharesim @tecnosgirl @mikepm74 @kodaxx @personz @fknmayhem @howtostartablog @crypto2day @holoz0r @reneenouveau @acidyo @klye @trumpman @val.halla & @acromott @suesa @m31 @krazykrista @mobbs @drakos @steemitadventure @steemitqa @saywha

Everyone, have fun


I vote for @nelyp because, let's face it, who wouldn't want an unicorn tattoo? I mean, it's simply the best tattoo you can get!

I vote for Unicorn 🦄

that unicorn is asking for ink and it's going to get it.

Whales are specials but you still have a lot of them, unicorns on the other hand do not exist so, they are much much much more specials.

I vote for the unicorn .. I mean, for @nelyp!

I vote for @nelyp 🦄 the unicorn

Thank you! :)

Go @nelyp your supporter here

Votoooo unicornio lo maximooooooo

Thank you! :)

I love shameless selfvoting!

Part of the sharming of the Unicorns XD


Gracias paisano! 😘

hahaha the unicorn I want it too * - * @nelyp

Thank you! :)

I vote for @nelyp, I'd like to see you a tattooed unicorn!!

Cast my vote for you! Long live the purple rounded fluff unicorns! XD

Thank you! :)

I vote for @nelyp, I'd like to see you a tattooed unicorn!!

Thank you! :)

I vote for @nelyp because I love the unicorns, they're the best!!

Thank you! :)

i vote for @nelyp it is best unicorn

I vote for @nelyp because, I love unicorns, and I love their logo <3

OhHhH yes vote for Nelyp! I love her little monster! :) This is so awesome!

Thank you Karen! :)


Thank you!


Thank you!

I also vote for the unicorn.

Thank you! :)

Unicorn nelyp!

Thank you! :)

Vote for my Unicorn Mother!!! , I am your son, adopt me!!!!

Oh thank you son! :)

I vote for the unicorn of love @nelyp 🦄🦄

Thank you! :)

I vote for @nelyp 🦄 the unicorn

Thank you! :)

nely likes tequila

😛 😘

I vote for @nelyp the unicorn

Thank you Lore! :)

I vote for @nelyp 🦄 the unicorn

Thank you! :)

I vote for @nelyp 🦄 the unicorn!

Thank you! :)

I vote for the unicorn .. I mean, for @nelyp!

Thank you! :)

Hola!!! Vengo a decir presente!

Gracias! :)

I vote for the unicorn @nelyp

Thank you! :)

Los unicornios son lo máximo, yo voto por este y por supuesto por @nelyp

Gracias! :)

I vote for @nelyp

Thank you! :)

My vote is for @nelyp's beautiful unicorn

Thank you! :)

voto por @nelyp :unicorn:#9927 el unicornio

Thank you! :)

Unicorns are forever! Voting for @nelyp because 🦄 are going to rule the world!


Oh yeah. Thank you! :)

my voting is for @nelyp the unicorn :D

Thank you! :)

All we need is love, and unicorns are love. I need another reason to vote for @nelyp?

Thank you! :)

I vote for the unicorn mother @nelyp 🌈 🎠🎠🎠

Thank you Andre! :)

i vote for "la unicornia" @nelyp :unicorn:#9927 xd

Thank you! jajajajajaja

I vote for @nelyp because I love monsters!

Thank you! :)

I VOTE FOR THE UNICORN bc she its so cute 🦄

Thank you! :)

I vote for you @nelyp

Thank you! :)

I vote for you @nelyp team unicorns :)

Thank you! :)

Omg I love Unicorns, vote for you @nelyp

Thank you! :)

I vote for you bo boo! @nelyp love you my unicorn.

Thank you! <3

I vote for the @nelyp... the unicorn!!

Thank you! :)

i vote for @nelyp, the unicorns win. :)

I vote for @nelyp because it so cute :) and it is looking like my dreams unicorn :)

I vote for the unichorn... I mean,for @nelyp

Hi brother, how are you, I hope you can see my profile and check my publications, they are very interesting and I hope you like them.


Unicorns really are so much more!

Voting for @pharesim, because nobody before ever had a tattoo of me!
Also, the monster is a whale. Why should you get anything smaller than that?

@pharesim you are so good man. I choose my unicorn. Thats you :) Thanks for upvotes bro.

LOL, that sounded like such a sad reply followed by such a logical one!

I love shameless selfvoting!

I looked any you officially pushed this post to the $100 mark and made this a reality for the steemit community.

I am not sure if I should say thank you or ask why you hate me, lol

I'm gonna have to vote for @saywha, we must have this bromance immortalized on your body, forever.

Going with this too but my reasoning is... If you are to have a monster tattoo, why not have one that reminds you of the artist himself? :)

Sounds so gay when you say it.

I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin', but I think you should just get a tattoo of your guys's monsters holding hands.

Is that what you want to see? Two monsters holding hands? This may make for an interesting week of "Tell me what to draw" we have not touched on yet.

I'd be down for that, but only if one of them is wearing a gimp mask with a ball gag and the other one has a riding crop whip. I'm actually going to suggest that for the next one now.

I'd up-vote that! We need to work together more to get the good stuff drawn.

I give it 3-4 weeks max before he bans us from making submissions for it, lol.

What is wrong with Queer? @deadspace

It's a reference to a movie called Orgazmo, a character says that line a lot. It's made by the people who make South Park.

I didn't know you two will take it that far! Lol.

This is steemit, there are no limits!

Yes, embody a part of @saywha in your danger zone.

@deadspace it is an obvious #steemcrush, gosh.

I am voting for @m31 because you got to support the underdogs!

I vote for @nelyp because is ¨la reina¨ of the all unicorns in the world al oeste de Wisconsin aaaabe.

jajajajajajajaja My God @rafarosado I want to be told as well as you to @nelyp ...

Regards ;)

Jajajajajajaja I love Spanglish. Thank you Rafitaaaaa 😘

My vote is for the unicorn @nelyp ...

I like the species in extición, they are beautiful, rare and you have to protect them ...


Thank you! :)

pharesim :D
sorry nelyp .. you're cute but .. he he

Ok, ok... 😛

I vote for @nelyp .
thanks for searing sir.

Thank you! :)

I vote for @nelyp as unicorns rule 😋🙏🦄

Someone that please tell me who is winning ???

I think it's our beautiful Unicorn @nelyp, heeeeee in good time;) Greetings ... Want to see the results: D

I vote for @nelyp 🦄 the unicorn

Well, it´s a tough decision between all, but the unicorn looks better for me. Besides, you will regret every time someone ask you, why the rainbow horn? :) So, my vote goes to @nelyp

Thank you! :)

I vote for @nelyp 🦄 the unicorn

Thank you! :)

I vote for @nelyp 🦄 the unicorn

Thank you! :)

@nelyp Unicorn! Unicorn! Ra ra ra :D Unicorns are beautifuuuul <3

Thank you! :)

I vote for the @nelyp unicorn.

Thank you! :)

Voting for @nely because the unicorns is the best

Thank you! :)

I vote for @nelyp the unicorn :)

mi amiga tiene muy buenos gustos @nelyp el unicornio

Gracias! :)

Voto por unicornio @nelyp =)

Gracias! :)

Wow! I love the unicorns! I vote for @nelyp <3

Thank you! :)

I wanna vote gotmeens because it's badass, but I mean...Bromance 'n stuff, sooo...



Myself @krazykrista obviously :)

I give my vote for @gotmeens as his monster is ADORABLE.

My vote is for @trumpman Everything else just sucks in comparison

Im not even mad you copy pasted someone elses comment hahaha

lol, how could you be?

My vote is for @mobbs

I would have a little piece of miserable in my life daily. @mobbs reminds me of Morrissey with a touch of science mixed in.

Yeah that's about right

Its only appropriate to have @saywha in there. . He has my vote.

I have no idea what 1/2 of these look like. I also just realized if I add the logo's in that this will be almost an entire foot of skin, lol. FML.