Learn And Earn Contest 4

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I have no idea what the name of this flower is, but I fell in love with it at first sight you can say. I will love to say that this is not really a contest but an avenue for us to learn something new and earn from it. Some can easily identify it while a host others may not. In all, I will appreciate everyone who comments meaningfully on the post for their effort in doing some research about the Tree in question.

The rules are below :

  • Identify the English and botanical names of the plant below ( you can include the native name in your language)

  • Resteem this post and Comment your Answer.

  • Write any relevant thing about the Plant In your comment.

  • The Contest ends When The Right Answer Is Provided.

  • Prize is 2SBDs, but I may change my mind if I see some nice entries about the plant. Do a little research. Get creative😀

  • Please back up your answer with a picture evidence from anywhere if possible, I don't know the flower.

HINT: THERE IS NO HINT EXCEPT THAT IT IS TALLER THAN 3metres (10feet), I honestly want to know the plant.


My signout message is:

We Learn Most Times By Asking Questions.



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I forgot to add the English name. The most common seems to be Bangkok Rose but there are many more.


I think you will get the full reward since no much persons came around 😁😀😁.

Congrats @ydraz


Oh, yay. I don't win many things but on @steemit I feel like a winner all the time. I said earlier you don't have to give me the reward if you only have one entry, but seeing that your post did quite well with upvotes and I can use a bit more SBDs, I won't say no after all :) Thank you for a fun contest, and the reward, @emjoe. I hope you keep going and will have lots of people joining in the fun next time!


You are welcome @ydraz. Keep being awesome

@askanything also thinks that it is important to ask question and upvotes questions. You have 2 great Apps to identify plants : plantn@t and Inaturalist.


Wow. Thanks for those Apps suggestions.

I appreciate your coming around

Hi, I just stumbled upon your post. We use these flowers a lot in our island. People make offerings (to god and ancestors) with these flowers. In our language it is called "Nusa Indah" which means beautiful island.
The one that familiar to me is the pink one such as the one in your photo, and there is also the one in white color. We use them both.

And reading @ydraz comment, I just knew its latin name. Thanks.

This was funny. I recognised the plant straight away because I have one in my garden. Thought this was easy but it took me a while to actually find it.
It's called Mussaenda philippica and here's the one in my garden:
![earn and learn contest.JPG]
I guess an interesting thing is that they don't like dry weather very much and lose all the beautiful pink flowers (that's why mine isn't so beautiful at the moment because it's winter/dry season here in Cairns). You should see it in the summer though, amazing...

Find more information on the plantbook.org website



Oops, I don't know why it didn't show the picture. Let me try that again:
earn and learn contest.JPG


Thanks for coming around. I will love to wait and see other entries. May be you are right, but lets wait and see if there are similar entries please :)


No worries, and if you don't get more entries, you don't have to give me the price. It was fun to do :) I'll be waiting for your next Earn and Learn contest, it's a good idea. I found another picture from the one in our garden with a few more blooms but when it's in full bloom, the whole top half is pink :)
Garden pink flowers.jpg