TO TELL A TALE of a Picture Contest #8 + 🏆🏆 Winners of Contest #7

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TTT of picture.png

Here is very simple short story writing contest.

And it's really really FUN!

You have to write a very short story post about a given picture. Then resteem and upvote this post.
That's all.

🏆🏆 RESULT of CONTEST #7 🏆🏆

@sweetcha - WINNER
@puppetmaster1111 - GREAT STORY
@sultnpapper - GOOD STORY
@authorfriendly - GOOD STORY
I am thankful to all the participants for interesting stories ( #dpatcher).


To Tell a Tale of a Picture Contest #8

"In To Tell The Tale Contest" I invite all steemians to write their stories. A picture, a image or a photograph, I don't know how it connects, I @dpatcher am trying to find the stories which these pictures tell or explore. So your story can be of a person, object or anything that exists in that image (it may be even about a wall or animal,bird etc in the picture).

NEW Rules and guidelines of the contest:

  • Title of every entry must contain "To Tell a Tale # (contest no.)" [Example: Waiting for a wagon - To Tell a Tale #8 ]
  • Only one entry is allowed.
  • Your entry-post must be tagged #dpatcher.
  • Your story must render the idea or concept from the image posted below.
  • Words limit: Minimum- 30 words and Maximum -100 words.

Judging Criteria of Winners:

  • One Winner will be selected on the basis of maximum number of upvotes received on valid post.
  • 1 Great story and 2 Good stories will be selected by @dpatcher & team based on quality of story.


Winner - 50% of total SBD Payout from this post
Great Story - 30% of total SBD Payout
Good story (1) - 10% of total SBD Payout
Good story (2) - 10% of total SBD Payout

How to support contest:

  • UpVote this post
  • Resteem this post
  • If you have some extra SBDs to donate or sponsor this contest, please do so.

Picture for Contest # 8

This picture is property of @dpatcher you are free to use or edit it in your post.

Contest is open for a week.

Good Luck.

Love from-

The Patcher ( @dpatcher)

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wow, interesting

wow, such a sad tale

Dear @dpatcher, thank you for this fun contest!

Here is my official entry, I found you through the @moneyinfant daily list:

Respectfully submitted, @eaglespirit.

Thanks for the mention @eaglespirit

Anytime MI!! Just for you boo boo:

A hug and then this...Great way to get my Sunday started :))

exactly!! see you know whats up ... lay man ahahaha

@moneyinfant has added your contest to the list Steemit Writing Contests: Issue #26. The list is updated on a daily basis and your contest will remain on the list until its expiration - there's nothing you need to do.

The list was created to save writers the excessive amount of time spent searching through the #contest tag for writing contests. Now they can just come to the list each day, see new contests and use their time doing what they love - writing.

If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest List I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

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Ini kontes yang sangat menyenangkan..
Dan saya tidak mau menyianyiakan kontes ini,,terimakasih @dpacher sudah membuka kontes ini semoga anda semakin sukses.

thanx @gorekster

Thank you for selecting my entry as one of your good stories, very much appreciated. I need to start thinking of one for #8.

Your story deserves it. 😀

Thank you.

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I enjoyed interpreting this image. here is my entry

yayyy thank you @dpatcher, I recieve the price more power to your next game, I upvoted, resteem, and shout out to my friends.
Congratulations to all fellow winners.😊

Thanx @sweetcha for your loving support. Let me know if want help me out to select the Great story and 2 good story after the completion of TO TELL A TALE of a Picture Contest #8. But in that case you have to sit out for TTT#7 otherwise you are welcome to enter in the contest again. Let me know.
Cheers- @dpatcher

oh it is such an honor to be part of your contest, if you think that I'm qualified, willing to do so. I'll help you out.😊

ok lets chat at the end of contest

ok my discord username @sweetcha#6664 ping me there😊

Lovely contest idea. I know it's none of my business but choosing the winner based on # upvotes could easily be cheated by anyone using bots. Or it could turn into a personality contest. Imagine if berniesanders joined in. He'd only have to post a few words and he'd win by a landslide every time. Just some food for thought.

Best wishes
Anj x

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes, it is a drawback with upvote. Keeping this in mind, only one winner will be selected on the basis of votes and rest of three winners is selected on the basis of quality of story. Cheers- @dpatcher.

Ah that's good. It balances it out :)

Anj :)