To Tell a Tale of a Picture Contest #5 + 🏆🏆 Winners of Contest #4

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Here is very simple story writing contest just for you.

And it's really really FUN!

You have to write a very short story about a given picture. Then resteem and upvote this post. That' all.


Now, It's Time!


@innocentabroad - Winner
@sheriffakin - Good Story


To Tell a Tale of a Picture Contest #5

"In To Tell The Tale Contest" I invite all steemians to write their stories. A picture, a image or a photograph, I don't know how it connects, I @dpatcher am trying to find the stories which these pictures tell or explore. So your story can be of a person, object or anything that exists in that image (it may be even about a wall or animal,bird etc in the picture).

Rules and guidelines of the contest:

  • Your story must render the idea or concept from the image posted below.
  • Words limit: Minimum- 30 words and Maximum -100 words.
  • You must upvote and resteem this post.
  • Contest will be open for a week since the date of posting.

Judging Criteria of Winners:

  • Winner will be selected on the basis of maximum number of upvotes received on their valid entry.
  • And because there were some great stories in TTT#3 worth winning, next time onwards instead of runner-up, another winner (of Great Story) will be chosen by @dpatcher & team based on quality of story.

Rewards for winners:
Total payout in SBD received from this post will be distributed as follows
Winner - 50% of total SBD Payout
Great Story - 25% of total SBD Payout

All winners will receive will be considered for upvote and resteem by @dpatcher and team. *Resteem is subjected to original and quality contents only.

Picture for Contest # 5


Contest is open for a week only.

If you are interested in supporting or sponsoring TTT contest, contact @dpatcher at steemchat.

Be Musical Be Alive...

Love from-

The Patcher (@dpatcher)

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This is how my story begin...

The flute player
There live a man who has no voice to express himself
Who has no sound to tell the truth, who barely hear himself speak, living far from the village left in total silence.
One day he woke up to find a flute at the entrance of his house he picked it up to know what it is, suddenly he blew a litlle air in it to free it off dust, he was so surprised to hear a sound ....a lovely sound... Soon he continued with practice and he was perfect he went to the village square to play, everyone was amazed to hear a lovely tune from a stranger but no one minds as they continue to dance to the lovely tune.

Thank you for the reward... I hope to do better

Thanks @dpatcher, you organized a great contest.
Also congrats to @sheriffakin

The return of the Hero

A day we all waited for, a time to celebrate. Men , women , kids waited all day for the arrival of the hero who represented the country in the last olympic for swimming... he brought home the Gold medal..... All hail the Hero

My name is nosmas,am a young boy who lives a city called Lagos full of crimes and dirty politicians,to the outside am just a writer and student ,but at night i fight criminals and dirty politicians,i am the dark rider. Happy dark rider day

Great idea for a contest @dpatcher! How do I submit my entry btw?

So nice your storry

so nice your storry.

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After hearing his magical flute tones, everything and everyone gets flattered and starts following the master a.k.a PIED PIPER OF INDIAN STREETS

the man in street played his magical flute and to amazement of all people came and joined in the celebration as you can see if you play they will come .

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