TO TELL A TALE of a Picture Contest #11 + 🏆🏆 Winners of Contest #10

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TTT of picture.png

Here is very simple short story writing contest.

And it's really really FUN!

You have to write a very short story post about a given picture. Then resteem and upvote this post. That' all.

🏆🏆 RESULT of CONTEST #10 🏆🏆


@iamthegray - WINNER
@tygertyger - GREAT STORY
@seunnla - GOOD STORY



To Tell a Tale of a Picture Contest #11

"In To Tell The Tale Contest" I invite all steemians to write their stories. A picture, a image or a photograph, I don't know how it connects, I @dpatcher am trying to find the stories which these pictures tell or explore. So your story can be of a person, object or anything that exists in that image (it may be even about a wall or animal,bird etc in the picture).

NEW Rules and guidelines of the contest:

  • Title of every entry must contain "To Tell a Tale # (contest no.)" [Example: Waiting for a wagon - To Tell a Tale #11 ]
  • Only one entry is allowed.
  • Your entry-post must be tagged #dpatcher.
  • Your story must render the idea or concept from the image posted below.
  • Words limit: Minimum- 50 words and Maximum -150 words.

Judging Criteria of Winners:

  • One Winner will be selected on the basis of maximum number of upvotes received on valid post.
  • 1 Great story and 2 Good stories will be selected by @dpatcher & team based on quality of story.


Winner - 50% of total SBD Payout from this post
Great Story - 30% of total SBD Payout
Good story (1) - 10% of total SBD Payout
Good story (2) - 10% of total SBD Payout

How to support contest:

  • UpVote this post
  • Resteem this post
  • If you have some extra SBDs to donate or sponsor this contest, please do so.

Picture for Contest # 11


This picture is property of @dpatcher you are free to use it in you post.

Contest is open for a week.

Good Luck.

Love from-

The Patcher (@dpatcher)

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Thank you :)

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Thanks for the money @dpatcher

It took so long but I'm glad I came first this time


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Payout from last contest was almost nothing (0.1SBD), Still It has been distributed.
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It's the winning that matters not the amount

We are writers

Writing pieces that others enjoy is our own reward



@iamthegray I am fan of your smiling spirit.

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We should use dpatcher as a tag?


Yes Please. Not necessarily first tag but do use #dpatcher tag




I tried to upvote the post but the circle kept spinning over and over, no stopping