Weekly Content Contest-4

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Thank you for participating last week content contest .
Here is next week contest -4:Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 2.18.12 PM.png

Week 3 winners : @taniaislam and @shahadatsagor . Both of them will get equal reward(2 sbd) within 24 hours next . Congratulations to both of them.

NB : Contest prize is increasing based on the popularity of the contest and i intend to increase it further down the line. Happy steeming.


congratulations @taniaislam and @shahadatsagor

Thanks dear!
pleased too much for attending this contest.

Congratulations to the winners. Keep it up.

Congratulations @taniaislam and shahadatsagor. Well done.

Thanks for congratulating!

Congratulations @taniaislam and @shahadatsagor . Love to be participate on this contest, here is my entry : https://steemit.com/@zaku/steemit 😎

Thanks @zaku
best of luck for your entry

Hi @doctalk

Contest Week -4......... is upvoted and resteemed

My link For Contest:


Thank you so much for held this contest @doctalk
This oppotunity for us so helpfull.....

Thanks again for your this helpfull mentality. ...

It was a very amazing feeling when I came to know that I am the winner.
Thanks to @doctalk for arranging such a marvellous contest

Hlw @doctalk thanks for arranging this contest and also thanks to make me the last week's winner.I want to participate in week 4.so here is my entry

Just now I came across such initiative...Steemit surprising me everyday with its variety...THANKS A LOT. Here is my link for participation...


@doctalk amazing opportunity thanks for giving everyone a chance to show there talent.

Here is my entry for week 4


Wow that's great post.
I like this busy.
Thanks for sharing this post.

Thanks for your Contest Episodes. Resteem!!!
Here My Article

Congratulations for winning week 4 contest.

thank you very much!
it will encourage me further to write more good content
thanks again

Congratulations for winning week 4 contest.

Thank you so much.Feeling too much excited.

I want to also join in your contest. Please let me be part of your clan.

It's an excitement to think that I am winner. Thanks a lot bhai for this contest. Congratulation @taniaislam

Congratulation to you too @shahadatsagor
Keep it up your writing!!!

@doctalk Friend,
i #Resteem your post, and here is my article.
Thanks for the contest, it's inspiring me :)


Congratulations to @taniaislam and @shahadatsagor for winning this contest.You two deserved it.

thanks for congratulating @akash789

Congratulations to the winners. @taniaislam and @shahadatsagor. Thanks @doctalk

Congratulations to the winners!

Hello @doctalk I found your contest very interesting because you are helping undervalued content be valued.
Thank you..And here's my entry. Thanks