Win 25 SBD- Logo Making Contest

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Comedy Open Mic is a community dedicated to finding funny content manually and making sure that a good sense of humour earns you upvotes as well as props from the steemit community.


Credit to our Dandy (@dandesign86) for creating this logo for us

This is a competition to find a logo and a banner that represent our voice.

Please follow the guidelines given below:

  1. Create a New Logo Design
    Your Logo Design should be at least 500 x 500 pixels in size
    Your Logo should have a transparent background
    Your Design MUST be in line with our comedy curation mission.

  2. Create a banner for COM Community.

All entries will also get upvotes from the comedy Open Mic account

Contest ends after 7 days.

Go forth and procreate create.

We have no restrictions on ideas, you have a blank canvas.

EXCITING PRIZES in store for the winners

25 sbd for the overall winner
5 sbd for the runner up
1 sbd each for good entries based on the judges choice.

Some important things to keep in mind:
We request you to upvote this post. Resteeming is not mandatory but will help get the word out.
Please submit both the logo and the banner in the comment section.
No limit on the amount of entries.

The judges are:

You can check our account @comedyopenmic and our contest here.

A Big thanks to @dandesign86 and @idikuci for donating the prizes for the contestants.

This post used promotion bots to advertise for more entries.

Here is the original [contest](].


Hi, here is my entry... One question: Does this contest ends with this post or when you find the logo you want? I want to make another entry when I catch some free time soon, so I'm kinda questioning when is the deadline :D

The deadline is in four days

Ah, okay, than this is it :) Have a great day/night

Hi boss hear is my entry

I just gave it to you. Because I added new ones so that's it. If more content comes inshallah you can do betterIMG_20180424_134412.jpg

I really hope that this will work! @dtubedaily, maybe you can resteem it to get some more visibility?

Artakush hides in the bush...

My 4 Designs for the Comedy Open Mic and logo contest by @comedyopenmic

comedy open mic.png

comedy open mic2.png

comedy open mic4.png

comedy open mic3.png

Here is the link to my entry

Hi @diebitch @comedyopenmic, this my flat design logo for you. Hope you like it. ;)







This is original work with license, I will send you all files (also png with transparent background), you can see completely presentation on my post:


this contest is the same as the other polish they have. Or is another.

It is the same

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