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This past week I've been blessed with a good cash out on one of my posts. Of course without the community that wouldn't of happened. So I'm paying it forward. 14988708468711064663687.jpg
How can you get in on this you ask?
Well I thought for this first one we could keep it super simple!!!
Upvote and Resteem this post
Put a comment down below, a joke, a story, or anything you creative geniuses can come up with.

And you've entered to win, I will be giving 15 SBD to the winner and 7 SBD for second place.

What happens to the money for this post you ask, well I don't see why we can't keep it going for a round 2!!!!

Contest ends 7/6/2017

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D Crockete with da Steem giveaway.
How bout sendin some Fishy's way?
Some cash to fund my Exodus dis,
and slap JP Richardson (that lil b@*ch)

Upvoted myself because....... I da bomb.

Microphone drop MC Fish out!

It was my first year of secondary school, I was 13 years old.

My year head at the time, Mr. Flannigan, flew into a rage. I can't even remember why anymore. ( I was a cheeky kid)

He screamed at me "Gavin! You have a choice to make here and now."

"You can keep taking the piss, showing up late and spend the next 5 years dossing. You know what, you will still probably do fine on the Leaving Cert."

"But if you really apply yourself then you could do great!"

I went to school 49 days that year.

What's the moral of the story?


Hey Gav, I only just read this.

The words "Fisher you idiot! Get outside" echoed through my English class.

But I done speak English good yeah?

I get your point mate. Still not going to upvote you past my comment though, lol.

Take it easy, speak soon,



I would still give you my last rollo ;)


Whenever a cashier at a grocery store asks me if I want my milk in a bag I reply "No, just leave it in the carton."
laughs all around

This is my comment. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I just joined up but hope to do as well as you :)

I complained because I had no shoes until I saw a girl who had no feet.

I see more and more giveaway the community is really welded.
I even saw a post of a person who was in a difficult situation and asked for some help and the community responded immediately.

**Long live to Steemit !!! **

A joke you ask... here how about this one: politics.

You know who could use that good karma? This guy! lol

A joke:
How many mac users does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
None.. They have to take it to the apple store

A Story:
Once when I was about 6 years old, I tried to steal candy from the store. My mom found out and made me return it and apologize. Thanks mom.

Anything creative:
I made a snowboard design today


Upvoted and followed for a really good entry. @doctorcrypto I'm a competitive bodyboarder. Is there any chance I could grab a copy of that Steemit Logo on the left of the board? I want to get some stickers made for my bodyboard and that looks epic!!!!

My borther is a boarder, he lived over in Whistler for a couple of years he would froth on this!!

I have risked losing this competition to bring more attention to this entry... worth it (especially if I do get that design for my own stickers. lol.

I massive hat tip once again mate, nice work!


Sure thing bud! Here ya go


Thanks doc. I just sent a couple of STEEM to your wallet for helping out. Bloody legend!


Awesome thanks I got it. Post a pic when you get the stickers made. I'd love to see.

I m Asian , my friend is white . One day he came to my house asking for some meow meow and woof woof , I dk how to continue this lol

Hey I'm just voted ur blog if uh also give me thumps up on my blog than I will regular vote for uh on ur blog

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well nice give away guy
My story
I wanna setup my mining rig, im from brasil and restarting job only 4 months ago, in the past year i get no job, and study soo much cryptos, understand much technnically, business etc, but have no money to invest, for example if in 2016 i get soo much money because bitcoin is only 300 U$ when i start with cryptos.
But this is from god, called destiny, because if my boss no dismiss me i never know about bitcoin and cryptos... yes i learn about this if one youtube gaming channel (seriously?) yes its real... idk how... but from a gaming channel with a text... in portuguese.. WINNING BITCOIN ITS A SERIOUS INTERNET METHOD MUST SEE IT... yes all in capslock ahahah, and now i wanna setup one rig for me, my channel is kebradera pumper, i know my english is some bad, but i like interact with other youtubers for example and see meetups online too about roadmaps, daytrade etc...


i think i do one post with my story in crypto like this too, i think is good ahah :)

I taught Facebook was made by smart people, that was until I learned how to write a HTML code.

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u give me 15 steem dolars ? i recent enter on the steemit, what the best way i can use it...
thank you very much.. ( i think you give to me )