Ask Me Anything Contest The Best Questions Win SBD - Dragging You Up With Me Week #7

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How Do You Participate? Simple, Ask Me Anything!

Seriously anything, the best 3 questions win! I will decide based on which questions are the most insightful, intriguing, hardest to answer, or add the most value back to the platform. The deeper the rabbit hole you send me down to give an answer the more likely you are to win.

I will reply to all questions and upvote those that qualify, can’t wait to see what is asked this week!

Best Questions Win SBD


Last Weeks Winners

We had an amazing response on the last contest post with many great questions, some were simple others were very deep and insightful while my personal favourites add value back to the platform with being answered.

  1. 5 SBD - @Sumit71428 Asked about trending listings with bidbot use and whether you can make the trending page organically.
  2. 3 SBD - @AlexAbsolute Asked my thoughts on the negative effects blockchain has had on social media and how to beat correct the situation.
  3. 2 SBD - @Libert Asked how the name Partiko was chosen which is something I have been wondering myself.

For a complete listing of questions and answers please Check My Previous Post Week #6 Here

Thank You Again Everyone

I am proud to host this contest for everyone to participate in the name of blockchain interaction, without all of you and your questions there would be no reason to do so!

Only One Rule!!!

  1. Ask your question using the @Partiko Mobile App all others do not qualify for entry.
  • Upvote & Resteem greatly appreciated for visibility but not mandatory.
  • One question per person, only your first question will be considered.
  • May include finer details for specification of my answer.

The more difficult/insightful/inspirational of a question the better your chances of winning(possibly the longer it will take me to answer also, please be patient) which will be decided 5 days from posting. I will upvote and reply to all qualifying questions as soon as I can and possibly not in order.

Every Friday I will post a DTube video announcing the winners and answering the top 3 questions with shoutouts for those contestants then restarting the weekly contest Saturday with another Partiko post.

Check Out The DTube Video Here

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I love the Partiko Mobile App for two simple reasons, function and appeal. It works as it should with speed and looks great while adding its own level of gamification to interaction through in-app points collection plus redemptions for perks.

This Contest Is Sponsored By Partiko

Thank you for the sponsorship of this contest which gives me the opportunity to promote your wonderful mobile application while simultaneously giving back to the community in the name of blockchain interaction!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Is there something you have been wondering about? This is your chance to get an answer and possibly win just for participating.

Let The Questions Begin!!!

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I’ve read a bit about this but I’m not really clear on the impact it will have so my question..How do you see SMT’s affecting the STEEM blockchain?

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I am very concerned for the well being of the value of Steem with the development of SMT. We have an example to look at, ETH and their tokens and how that has played out.

Here is a link relating to the market plays

Even today we continue to see mass sell offs from the projects and ICOs which relates to a price dump of the main coin also. As these projects need to continue their development and income is necessary they will capitalize on the higher prices thus pushing the price lower, yet if they do not sell they could essentially bankrupt the project.

It will be a great way for funding projects that is for certain and long run should be adding value to the Steem blockchain and ecosystem but at the same time it opens the door for an increase in volatility of Steem itself which could go either way.

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Should I buy steems and convert them to Steempower or should I buy SBD and convert them?

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Personally I believe unless you wish to play the internal market I always buy Steem.

Think of it this way when Steem goes over a dollar the exchange rate for SBD will drop as SBD is meant to be pinned at a dollar USD. So the amount of SBD paid out will increase as the price of Steem rises but the trading value will diminish.

If your thinking about playing the market I would have a look at @agx for a reference of if it’s a good time to buy Steem or Sell in a internal market historical sense.

Currently the chart shows a good time to sell SBD now depending on how you are purchasing I would look at the exchange rate compared to which you are purchasing relative to what it would exchange for in the internal market and take the option which gets the most Steem to then power up.

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Seeing as I literally just won I’d like to ask a question but not be considered for the prize, let someone else get a chance (not that I’m assuming I’ll win btw)

My question is if money and development were no issue, what dapp would you like to see here on the blockchain?

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Aha I think forfeiting your prize deserves a shoutout in the announcement video anyways 😉

This idea comes from @humanearl, I would like to see a mental health support system. May only be possible if money was not an issue running it as a charity in sorts.

Creation burnout is a real thing and has gotten some attention recently because of YouTubers struggling with it. I notice I go through waves of it myself as I imagine any creative mind does. Something like betterhelp but aimed at helping and encouraging creators specifically possibly including creation training with lessons and sponsorship through completion of your allotted courses. History teaches us many of the most creative people struggle with their very creation and having some support tools could make all the difference in the success seen during their journey.

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Ha ok cool deal 😀😀

That sounds like an idea I’d buy into for sure, I think support is needed in all aspects of life even content creation. Look after the ecosystem and it will look after you 😀😀

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Exactly, since day one my journey has been about how to help others while helping myself.... We got any whales out there wanting to fund the idea? I believe we could make it happen! I know of at least one mental health professional on Steemit already and we have humanearl who is always coaching as it is, if we can empower these individuals I believe we can make Steemit a better place for everyone to flourish.

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Well that’s the biggest hurdle the funding, you could totally start a fundition campaign for a idea like this! 😀 maybe ask humanearl to be the face of it all??

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I would love for humanearl to be the face but he is fairly busy, we would require many people to come together for this one.

Honestly for this project having the financial laid with someone understanding what’s ahead of us would be the priority. This wouldn’t be your typical investment related project and being up to the challenge of charity work would be a must at least starting off with.

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Yeah I agree, it could be tougher than normal to organize initially. I guess as it started gathering speed it would become both easier and busier. Definitely something to keep in mind for the future

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Most definitely! Just need to bump into the right person at the right time and everything could simply fall into place like #OneLoveDTube did 💪

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My question is three fold and revolves round the price of Steem.

  • Do you think the price of Steem/SBD can reach last height around December?

  • Do you think the price of Steem should be fixed on influenced as it is on the low at the moment?

  • Is there any need to have two cryptos or would a single crypto in this case Steem would be sufficient for the blockchain?

Thanks in anticipation of your response.

  1. the price will follow btc so yes it will rise again to surpass previous highs but may take much more time as hype has died off for the entire crypto space again.
  2. no I don’t think the Steem price can be influenced much other then further exchange listings thus bringing in more investors, if they decided to peg Steem it would relate to more tokens needing to be created for payouts and current investors would be at a dramatic loss.
  3. sbd I don’t think currently really serves any purpose other then a testing ground for the effects SMT could have on Steem price. As it is having SBD listed in an exchange seems to be a difficult process and we still don’t end up with SBD/Steem trading pairs externally which tells me there are further concerns for the longevity of SBD I am not currently aware of.

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Can every canadian speak french or it just depends on the region?

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Well it’s very region specific, here on the west coast I have met very few that can speak French myself included. If you go to Quebec it is mainly French speaking and on the east coast back to primarily English.

We are supposed to be bilingual but our school systems do not push it very hard so unless growing up you understand the importance of multi language then typically it’s just English that the majority will speak.

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Well I won’t lie, I was already on Steemit when DTube launched or at least got traction. Then I was attracted to DTube seeing large curation votes plus the idea of a decentralized platform as at the time I seen many YouTube channels shut down. I looked into it quickly realizing it had an infinite wealth of crypto and Steem related topics from many of the developers of projects or at least extremely recognized people within Steemit. I discovered many creators I enjoyed watching and started trying to follow them closer.

So I started following @DNews pretty heavily, he encouraged me to start Vlogging and I was pretty well on Steemit to challenge myself so it seeming like the natural next step. I started trying to create videos for upload on DTube. At this point I had yet to realize the impact blogging and vlogging could have in a therapeutic sense, the amount of genuine care and interaction from people was amazing. Many videos later without DTube votes I had realized what creating a video could do for me and started pouring my soul into the creations learning new tricks for each video, purchasing software, eventually I started getting them regularly and I haven’t looked back to much since.

In short the financial caught my attention but it was in the name of the challenge that I started making videos and it’s now my passion for creation and my loyalist nature that keeps me going.

I know you only asked “why did I join DTube” but I figured a whole explanation was necessary to understand the impact DTube has had on me!

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Great impressive bro,thanks express your journey @d00k13

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No problem my friend thank you for participating!

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Now... I’m thinking what question that I can ask you!!

Once I have question, I’ll hit you up..

Can’t wait! This could get real interesting quick! I love the number play with everything you do btw, power in numbers I believe this also! Yet to practice it to your extent.

Did you know, the only universal language is math and that it’s not something we created but only created the symbolism(1,2,3,4,etc) to represent it? For that fact we have sequences of numbers that can be measured down to the finest measure that still remain prevalent and constant throughout everything we can perceive of this reality, essentially physics proves power in numbers. 💪

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Here we first question to you!

What do think the main seven reasons, why our fellow STEEMians are not doing DTube contents ? I mean not on a daily basis but at least twice a week.

Yes I agree that Math is the universal language!

  1. Steemit is a blogging site and DTube was not part of the original vision, so preference in what they like to create.

  2. Fear, having to perform in front of a camera related to a lack of confidence.

  3. Tools available, many people may not have a camera to use or a computer to upload with. Also the edit software is generally complicated.

  4. Skills, those who are not familiar with video editing will see it as a massive challenge they will first have to overcome.

  5. Time, creating a video I am happy with sharing requires much preparation and effort plus the necessity of having the equipment with me.

  6. Fake Personalities, people cannot hide who they truly are on camera so if they do not believe they can push that narrative of choice then creating a video they would just expose themselves.

  7. Privacy, many of the Steemit users are what I call blank accounts. They are not showcasing themselves instead wish to showcase their creations and ideas without being directly linked to their ideas and creations.

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Thank you so much for giving 7 good reasons.. And I’m like I shouldn’t have ask anything because it’s challenging to response. Haha

I like the 6th most because creating video on a constant basis truly expose STEEMians!

For me, Fake environment and fake people are not good for any community to go forward!!

Thanks again for sharing your valuable answers :)

The challenge is the whole reason I’m doing this, I learn as much in answering as many of the people asking the questions! Sometimes I just need someone to lead my train of thought down the path.

Glad to be of service, it was a very good question and I actually liked how you specified 7 answers adding to the challenge for myself.

I have pondered this myself many times and the creation of the #OneLoveDTube community aims to address many of the complications surrounding DTube and video creation with support and encouragement alongside the guidance to get there!

Thanks again for participating!

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I’ll be asking more questions soon!

Also I’ve been asking questions with LadySteem too:)

Maybe you can be the GentlemanSteem !!!!

I seen that, it’s good to get as many varying views as possible for context of the overall outlook of the platform.

I will look forward for your next round of questioning 🧐

As for the gentlemansteem, I don’t want to steal her thunder or in anyway seem like I wish to copy her idea! There was a situation at one point already and knowing this(don’t wanna get into details) I would only take on the name say Beth invited me to do it herself, just out of respect for her. I hope you understand what I mean but thank you for the vote of confidence, I means a lot to be compared to LadySteem!

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I don't currently have a phone and I can't download partiko! How would you do in this case? I wanted to participate and I already had my question! :(

Well you can still ask the question and I will answer no problems there as I did for Nathan but you will not be eligible for a prize.

You could try bluestacks a Android emulator on pc which then you could load the Partiko app and ask your question to be eligible in the contest.

Being sponsored by Partiko I must keep to the rules for rewarding contestants but I am always willing to answer question and help other Steemians as I can.

PS if you take on the challenge of installing bluestacks I will most definitely give you a shoutout in my announcement video 💪 whether or not you win a SBD prize! Please remember the best questions win SBD but the rest is up to me 😎 maybe I’d be inclined to boost your most recent post 😉

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Perfect! I will follow your instructions and once I download the application I will ask the question! Thank you very much! @d00k13

Awesome 👏 patiently awaiting ☺️

Ps this contest will close in approx 16 hrs, my winners announcement video will be within 24 hours from then and I will relaunch the contest within 24 hours from the announcement video. If you miss the opportunity on this post don’t fret as there will be another started shortly.

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Hi5 ✋ @d00k13


Resteemed and Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks brother!

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Thank you kindly 🤙

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Yay I’m back up 😆

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Contest now closed my next post will be the winners announcement!

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