Quest In The Realms – an interactive Bananafish production! - Episode 27

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Look who’s there, a wandering adventurer looking for the Bananafish treasure! This episode is part of the interactive story/treasure hunt called “Quest In The Realms”. If you landed on this page because you’re trying to solve the mystery, don’t hesitate and keep delving in the story. If you came here through random loitering, what are you waiting for!?



Miles of dense forest surrounds you, the band, Oddy and his thugs.

“I want to take a look at the rainforest,” Tres says mocking you.

“This decision might be the worst you’ve ever made man,” Machete says.

Tio’s look of disappointment proves the rest of the band never agreed with you to walk through the woods.

You are struggling in the ankle high mud that pulls your feet in and requires effort to pull your feet out.

“Yes, these trees are thousands of years old. Real natural phenomenons. We might cut them down to make toilet paper,” Mr. Osmourne laughs as he tries to play the good host.

“I’m just a teenage dirtbag, baby,” Machete sings to raise spirits.

“Not now dude,” you respond hoping Machete will stop singing the song he thinks he’s made up.

“What did you say?” Mr. Osmourne asks.

“Nothing,” you reply.

“Not you, him!” Mr. Osmourne shouts this last word pointing a Machete.

“It’s a new song I’m working on,” Machete answers.

“You did not make up that song bro,” says Tio.

“Sing it again!” Mr. Osmourne screams, and the cheerfulness he’s displayed until now disappears all together.

“I’m just a teenage dirtbag, baby,” Machete sings again.

“Look, we’ve had a long trip Mr. Osmourne, and Machete here got hit on the head or something. We know it’s a song by Wheatus ,” you say trying to calm the situation.

“No, please, call me Oddy,” Mr. Osmourne says, surprising you with another mood swing. “We were all Teenage Dirtbags Mendoza.”

You look around at the somber faces of Oddy and his thugs. Tio looks down at the mud.

“That’s how I feel,” says Machete.

“It’s alright Machete. Tres Culos, Tio Billy, Mendoza . . .” Oddy says now looking you in the eyes. “I’m here to free you all from what civilization wants you to be: a * Teenage Dirtbag* . Follow me, as these brave men have. Join us! Help us reshape humankind!”

“Reshape humankind?” you ask skeptically.

“Yes, our videos have brought you here Tortillas de Pelo, like so many other aspiring punk rock bands.

Only not everyone jams, man. So we have started growing bananas that will help us reach people that eat fruit.”

“That’s a lot of people,” you say.

“Yes, that’s a lot of people. One day the entire world will unite, and we will be at the top of the pyramid. Will you join my army Mendoza?”




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