Cycle Feed: Bicycle Photo Contest #4 – Spin the Pedals and Win Steem

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Welcome to Cyclefeed's Bicycle Photo Challenge brought to you by @mrprofessor and @robmolecule. The best cycling content, concentrated in one place, @cyclefeed.

Hello there, cyclists! The Cycle Feed Team wants to bring something different to reward the awesome cycling community, it is the Bicycle Photo Challenge.

We believe that a good friendship is what makes a community strong, especially when you are out there cycling on the vacuum of the pack. So, with that said, we would like to bring the cycling community and the CF Team closer together with a fun challenge! Not only will it reward, but it'll also encourage you to go out on your bicycle to take the best and most epic photographs. Plus, we'll get to interact and know you better. Isn't that perfect?

Cyclefeed's Bicycle Photo Challenge

This round ends on Wednesday 19th at 11:59 GMT

Have fun and keep the pedals spinning!

Coming up with the winner, the Cycle Feed Team is glad for having you closer to us. It is absolutely epic to interact with you all on the comments and check all those amazing photos.

Since we can't reward all the participants we'd like to send love to all those who participated: @mininthecity, @santigs, @jasiu and @bimjer

The Absolute Winner For This Week


Together with my husband, I was returning home after a small bycicle trip outside the city. Tired but happy, we sat on the slope of a steep hill, enjoyed the evening coolness and watched the sunset... It's great when your loved one shares your passion to cycling:-)

Click Image to Enlarge!

The Bicycle Photo Challenge

The idea is to keep it simple, all you have to do is to go out and enjoy the day on your bike, don't forget to bring a camera! You'll need it.

Then you'll have to amaze the Cycle Feed Team with a photograph, but not any photograph, the theme is BICYCLE. It doesn't need to be a master piece of photography, try to capture the moment and showcase what cycling is. Can be a photo of your bicycle, or the bicycle on some epic locations, or someone riding a bicycle. There's no need to be a fresh photograph, use your creativity and don't pick photos from the web, we'll check that.

How to Submit a Photo

  • Post your bicycle themed photo on the comments down below and add a small comment (one paragraph should be enough). Try to keep it sweet, talk about your bike or the moment.
  • If the photo has been feature in your blog as a post, you can include the link on the comments, it'll grant extra visibility. Keep in mind that you still need the upload the photo on the comments, separately.


  • Only ONE picture per user;
  • Take a Bicycle Themed Photo and share on the comments with a description;
  • Upvote this post;
  • Resteem (Optional);
  • We'll select the best Bicycle Themed Photo and feature on a post next week; 
  • Half of the Steem rewarded on this post will be paid out to the winning photo featured next week;
  • If the amount of Steem turns out to be A LOT, then we'll lock the prize in 2 Steem. Higher prizes will be given if the payout increases.

The Cycle Feed Team hope that you have fun while cycling! Don't forget to bring your camera along to share your epic bicycle themed photos.

Do you like what we do? Please consider giving us an upvote or even a resteem. This will help us pay out higher rewards to the community which encourage even more people to use #cyclefeed.


  1. Follow and upvote @cyclefeed
  2. Follow our curation trail on Steemauto or delegate Steem Power: Check out our tutorial!
  3. Use the tag #cyclefeed in your posts: Check out the requirements!

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With over 500 members already on the Steemit Travellers Discord, it is an excellent place to meet other travelers and chat about traveling! Now you are also presented with the Cycling sub-group, that has been created just for you, the Cyclist. The server is also the place where you can ask all your questions about CycleFeed.

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Wow, that freezes our bones from just looking at it! How can you guys cycle in such environment?


We were not prepared for that situation even we didn't have the idea about bad weather. It was almost minus 7 degree over there but we survived and get back safely. It was memorable ride.

On this beautiful day we are climbing over a 4200m pass on the Tajik's Pamir Highway, battling headwind but still enjoying the views surrounding us.

This image is part of a series from our blog:

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What a view @pushpedal! We can only imagine how it feels to be in such a vast place, great picture.


Thanks. It's pretty amazing being up there. Changing view every turn

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Inspired by this week's winning sunset silhouette, here is a shot I took last week while cycling around a local lake, Bde Maka Ska. We were riding home after enjoying dinner beside Lake Harriet, enjoying the evening views along the Chain of Lakes in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I told my S.O. significant other that I wanted to stop for a sunset photo shoot. He was inspired to take creative pictures of his bike, too.



That is super inspiring @mininthecity! Just looking at the picture causes wanderlust.

IMG_2077  (edytowany).JPG

life is the art of catching moments


And you did! We want to hope on that bike and just hit the road. Epic.


And you did! We want
To hope on that bike and just
Hit the road. Epic.

                 - cyclefeed

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Awesome... I will post my bike photos.

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We are curious to see @offgridlife!

Excellent choice! I love the sunset silhouette shared by the winner @erikaflynn. Resteeming and choosing my photo entry for this week...

Wow! My first try and win:)
Thanks, @cyclefeed. I'll check in my photo archives to find something interesting for the next round


More than deserved @erikaflynn, your photo caused a severe wanderlust on the CF Team.