The Good Vibes Contest - BONUS ROUND

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Another round of this awesome contest closed last night. Thank you so much to everyone who took part! I’m really grateful that so many people gave their time to participate and share some happy memories with us!


Special thanks to @mrprecious for offering to help chose the winners.
I will try to announce the results before the end of the week .
If you would like to read some of the entries and share your opinion, please leave a comment on the Contest Post.

Unfortunately we will be delaying the next round for a while, because I am exhausted! My son is going through an awful sleep regression and I need to catch up on some Zzzz...

But until then, I have a little bonus round:


There will be a special prize for a talented artist who can design the perfect logo for our amazing contest!

Please post it in the comment section bellow!


15 SBD for the winning logo + 5 SBD for the one with the most likes!

Please check out the previous challenges to get to know the contest for your design:

  1. The GOOD VIBES Contest - Round 1: 'My favorite Steemian'

  2. The GOOD VIBES Contest - Round 2: 'I am grateful'

  3. The GOOD VIBES Contest - Round 3: 'The best gift'

Good luck and Happy Steeming!


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Here is my entry


I hope you like the logo design

Cool and mature logo

Glad you admire it

Nice one dear

The logo conveys a lot of good messages to people even from afar. Very thoughtful logo.


good you like it

Cant go away without showing a brother love..... Automatically u gat it.

Lol thanks bro

Hey, great design!

Am glad you like it



Good job

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Wow! This is beautiful
Lovely design

I hope @corina will share the same view with you

Cool professional


Wow ...i love this

burst my brain... E make sense

Wish u the best

I love this design. The colour mixture is perfect. Looking kinda horror😁

This is looking good

Thanks boss

The laptop and font is really nice. Love the colour mixture.. Thumbs up

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi am new here but i decided to input my entry
Hope it catches your eyes

Weldon bro

Thanks bro ✊

Cool stuff anime boss 😏

Lol @stevenson7 my anime partner

Amazing stuff!

Thanks bro i hope the owner considers it too
But yeah thanks

Nice work bro
You deserve some accolades

Lol tell that to @corina

Awesome bruv

Thanks bruh
Let's pray I win lol


Great post ;)

  ·  last year (edited)

I hope that you would like my design..
Here is my entry:

Great. Keep it up

All the best. Iam with you.

Hear is my entry for this contest, I do all my design using mobile only. It's my original design.

I think you like this

all the best !

Good luck to everyone! This is my entry (If needed full resolution just reply me)

Also, a little extra:

Stop spamming this comment wall or i will flag you !

I'm just adding some useful content. I'm so far from spamming. Have a great day @mrprecious.

Here's my entry miss @corina ^_^

The Good Vibes Contest Logo.png

Nice post @ishanvirtue!

Yay! thank you very much miss lily ^_^ <3 love lots

Go go go go go go ishan @steemitachievers are backing you

Yaaaay. Thanks nanay ❤️

very good beybee @ishanvirtue's cute..colorful..It's attractive..beautiful .I hope u win..Good luck 😘

hahahaha. Thank you my gwapang ate cin

Voted. Goodluck po! 😊

thanks mam chille <3 ^_^

Nice one @ishanvirtue!

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Hi sis ❤️ , this is my logo.


This is my entry :
the good vibes contest.png

Nice one


Iconic man.

Here are my submissions for the contest


  ·  last year (edited)

Congratulations, for such pleasing contest, to which I join today, here I leave my participation, I hope it is to your liking.

  ·  last year (edited)

This is my entry into the contest. thanks for the opportunity @corina

the good vibes-01.png

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi.. this is my entry for this contest:


and this is a variation of the same logo, I couldnot decide wich I like the most, so here they are..


Hope you like it!

Hear is my entry


Hi Steemfellows
This is my logo design for the Good Vibes Contest, with a space energy vibe.

My background image is the Crab Nebula by NASA, ESA, J. Hester and A. Loll (Arizona State University) - HubbleSite: gallery, release., Public Domain, Link

Here is my submission, btw awesome contest :)


I like this one


My design, link



Hope you like @corina
See you soon friends!

Good viration logo.png


Here's my cool entry for this logo contest.. I hope y'all love it.

Wow, awesome Corina, I participated in the last two contest but did not win any. I hope I win next time. Can't wait for some good vibe contest 😊😊😊. Be back soon

Posts in a variety of daily postings do a lot of different things in a variety of ways, thanks to all the participants in the bonus rounds, I really am really grateful etc. I want to take different opinions for the proposal to discuss the subject. We delayed for some time because I am tired A little later started again in different languages And all the more remarkable by the post

Aaa.. what?

Here is my entry :)
Comic Style Teacher Appreciation Social Media Post.jpg

Here's my entry


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Wow .wonderful drying.

***This is amazing***

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I'm really not an artist but one could start somewhere. Since money is involved who wont like to make contribution. Here is my entry I wish it could suit your taste and liking 15252684112101625997132.jpg

when again in the open the contest. ??

Happy the follow you

What is this contest all about and when it will start again? I'm curious

This looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun..

I participated in many of your contests. I really like competitions organized by you.

download.pngsignature_3 (1).gif

download (1).png

Thank you for hosting this fun & creative contest!. friend when the contest opens again

Wow! I missed this great contest. So painful.

friend when the contest opens again
Here's my cool entry for this logo contest..

Impresionado por todos sus logros. Felicitaciones. aliriera

  ·  last year (edited)

Good day everyone!! Here is my entry hope you like my simple design!! Goodluck and Goodbless us all!!

xin chào bạn.
to be nam việt nam.
do not support for anh for much.
to you feel your post your good and out of the meaning.

  ·  last year (edited)

Here is my entry.😊

hello friend this is my entry to the contest

logo Goog Vide 2.jpg


Hi am new here but i decided to input my entry

Thank you for hosting this fun & creative contest!

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It would be wonderful to be able to participate in these motivating contests, I congratulate you for that initiative .. I follow you.
I invite you to visit my profile ..


$ (1).pngthis is one


This is my entry for the perfect logo design. Hope you all like it.


Thanks to @corina for the opportunity given to those who didn't have the chance to participate in the contest proper.

That's cool at Corina. Wonderful contest you have here. Hope to participate the next anticipated contest. Much love

I hope I'm not too late in submitting my entries. Here are a few designs, but more variations can be found on my write-up so I'll drop the link as well- more good vibe designs.

I originally had the idea of incorporating the concept of ambigrams.
It shows g, v, c (good vibes contest) whether it's viewed in an upright or upside-down way.


yes copy.jpg

final .jpg

use this logo .png

new gv l.jpg

Hope you enjoy the designs!

Step leaving my positive vote

Here is my entry

Hi this is my entry for the last minute, hope there still time: